‘Mixture’-“Who Has Bewitched You?”

“Beginning In The Spirit, Do You End In the Flesh?”

Watching Sean Feucht’s latest ‘let us worship’ event promotion – ‘222’, knowing the apparent ‘convincing’ evidence of any possible work and move of the Spirit of God, my heart ached, also knowing, the tremendous mixture present.

a https://www.eventbrite.com/e/222-letusworship-tickets-246975027957?fbclid=IwAR0be1TCUS87sMzoQ7fUiC3R6h1WRabnJ20G_0fPr29t-5133MaQ6pMrw4Q

He Said To Me, “Mixture”

A long time, committed, former member of IHOPKC’s ‘ForeRunner’ Bible school came to realize:

He (God) said to me, “Mixture.” Though the implications of that word were ominous, hearing it brought instantaneous freedom to the tension in my heart. It was simply the understanding that evil lying spirits from the enemy could be at work in the church and in meetings at the same time, in the same place as true believers were seeking God and experiencing the authentic activity of the Holy Spirit.  It was only the beginning of the years of searching scripture and seeking the pure gospel that would follow, but at the time it set me free. I didn’t even know that I was longing to be free of the load of confusion I was bearing about the Lord.  Now the fog was beginning to lift!

Looking back at myself in the midst of it, I literally could not think straight, as if my mind were in a vice grip. As I said, it never occurred to me, even when I was sick to my stomach, that the manifestations I was witnessing were those of a different spirit. Adding to the confusion was the fact that I was frequently experiencing the real work of the Holy Spirit in my life, because I was a real, born-again believer. I would read the Bible and obey it, I truly worshiped the Lord, and there were many fruits of the Spirit and of righteousness in my life. No one had equipped me with any sort of clear grid by which to separate and untangle the varied fruit in my life from two opposing sources. Until I heard that simple word “mixture,” I never would have known I needed to do so.

Mixture.”  There’s nothing that profound about the idea of both the Lord and the enemy being at work in the same environment. In fact, it’s just about the most obvious idea in the world, as it is the biblical description of our reality until Christ returns. It is the realistic worldview that leads the biblical authors to warn over and over of the deceptive wiles of the devil. It just goes to demonstrate that spiritual vice grip on the mind that reduces thinking to inanity, if not insanity! But like a troll guarding the bridge, the Fear of all Fears (that I would “blaspheme the Holy Spirit” by attributing His work to the devil) would not even let me seriously consider that any of these movements could have originated anywhere but heaven. I didn’t know my mind was held captive to a spirit of fear, but really I was unable to think outside of it. And so, it was as if, in this one area, I had the critical thinking skills of a small child.

a https://scribalwell.wordpress.com/2021/11/23/sean-feucht-fruit-of-wayward-apostolic-prophetic-movement/

a https://bethcavete.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/excerpt-from-book/

Sean Feucht’s ‘Mixture Movement’

I addressed Sean Feucht’s ‘mixture movement’ here: https://scribalwell.wordpress.com/2021/11/23/sean-feucht-fruit-of-wayward-apostolic-prophetic-movement/

How difficult it is to effectively, meaningfully and convincingly communicate, in the face of ‘apparent’ fruit and ‘presence’, what is certainly ‘mixture’, who’s end is not as it’s beginning.

Mixture could be any one of, or numerous destructive beliefs or practices, who’s end is so far removed from any initial genuine truth, as to result in a loss or near loss of eternal life.

If it is burned up, he will suffer loss. He himself will be saved, but only as if through the flames. 1 Cor. 3:15, Jude 1:23

Even as I sit here writing, my mind ponders what could be possibly said, that may in any way peel back the ‘gospel dressed,’ cloak of deceit, to reveal the destructive beliefs and practices paving the broad to destruction.

As mentioned, the link to ‘Sean Feucht’s Wayward Fruit To The Apostolic/Prophetic Movement,’ addresses numerous points of mixture, many of which, mix ‘other than the gospel’, into the pure gospel message. These mixtures can present, represent, misrepresent, the gospel in many different ways, leading to a belief, understanding, response, action upon a false gospel, that does not lead to eternal life, or adds to it, in a way as to lead away from the truth and benefits of the gospel.

How can the conclusions be made, that Sean Feucht’s ‘worship movement,’ contains mixture as destructive as described? Again, watching his 222 ‘Let Us Worship’ promo, makes my heart ache, knowing many will be hardened against any criticism, opposition of any kind, not understanding the dire implications of mixture, that have had said of them, “Implications have ramifications that are eternal.”

Spiritual Mixtures

One attendant, observer to Sean’s ‘Let Us Worship’ ‘movement’ event, expressed Sean’s mixture a https://growing4life.net/a-warning-sean-feucht/

HE POINTS PEOPLE TOWARD THE WOLVES. Sean Feucht calls people like Beni and Bill Johnson of Bethel his spiritual parents and Mike Bickle of IHOP his hero. He has ministered alongside other false teachers such as Shawn Bolz, Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle, and Kris Vallotton. If Sean Feucht adhered to Bible Christianity, he would not be pointing his followers toward these blatantly false teachers and movements.

Sean’s Worship To Shift Atmospheres For Revival

HE GETS WORSHIP COMPLETELY WRONG. Sean bases his ideology on worship on passages from 1 Samuel 16:1Amos 9:11, and Acts 15:16. In Samuel, Saul was troubled by a distressing spirit and David was called into Saul’s presence to play his harp. The distressing spirit departed whenever David played. Amos 9:11 is a prophesy about the restoration of the tabernacle of David, when the Messiah will personally reign over the nations upon the Throne of David during the Millennium. Acts 15:16 quotes the the prophecy from Amos. Sean twists the meaning of these passages to fit his own misconstrued idea of worship.

He wrongly assumes from the passage in Samuel that David “changed the atmosphere” over Saul when he played. He recently posted: “I felt this SO STRONG yesterday. The Davidic worshippers were playing…and you could literally feel fear, heaviness and oppression falling off people in that moment!⁣ ⁣Could this be the hour the worshippers and musicians were born for? Is this our hour to write, play, sing and create sounds like David did that changed the atmosphere over Saul? ⁣I SAY ITS ON!”

Sean then reads extra-biblical meaning into the prophecy in Amos and Acts. He claims his worship movement is a direct Biblical fulfillment of the restoration of David’s tabernacle. God “told” Sean that worship will unlock the key to revival in this country. Apparently that revival will come through a kind of restored worship that purportedly occurred in the tabernacle of David.

Beyond the fact that his interpretation of these passages is flat-out wrong, the repercussions of this type of teaching is dangerous and far-reaching. He (and other charismatic leaders like him) believe that worship actually accomplishes something in the spirit world. Rather than worship directed to God simply to express praise, Davidic worship is practiced in order to produce a so-called spiritual effect. It attracts God’s presence and therefore results in manifestations of His power- miracles, healing, and the immediate deliverance from demonic oppression and addictions.

This is NOT worship according to the Bible. God is always present with His children. The Holy Spirit dwells in us. We have no need to pursue His presence. Worship does not unleash some kind of power for miracles and healing and other nonsense. God will heal according to His will. He breaks down the power of sin through the Gospel and transforms lives through the power of His Word, not through some sort of hours long worship service.”


*> Daryl here: Sean’s mistaken, erroneous, ‘prophetic signs’ fascination with portentous, omen reading, dates, numbers etc. is now heavily used this year 2022, as he has superstitiously assigned the number 22 with spiritual significance for years, his 222 ‘Let Us Worship’ event, boldly demonstrating, and declaring his errant, occult omenolgy, sign reading.

He draws upon Isaiah 22:22, as he had done with Amos 9:11 in erroneously applying the reference to the ‘ house of David,’ in Amos and the ‘key of David,’ in Isaiah, to insert his ‘worship theology, described below, as well.

Isaiah 22:22 clearly refers to Eliakim & Shebna (vs.20-22, & 15-19, as well as in 2 Kings 18:18 2 Kings 18:26 2 Kings 18:37, just as they were taken captive to Babylon. 

As is seen in this upcoming 222 event, and described here below, his omen reading, worship theology, mixture, is boldly, publicly, applied and displayed, propagating to hundreds of thousands of youth across America.

What’s at stake aren’t just political and ideological differences but complex and deeply rooted theological commitments that have long been forming Christian identities.


Understanding Feucht’s worship theology

Feucht, who lost a bid for California’s 3rd Congressional District back in March, has reportedly billed the events as a Christian response to a “spirit of fear” and the perceived targeting and silencing of churches through COVID-19-related government ordinances. His efforts have been met with strong praise by some (including Bethel Church in Redding, California, with which he has been affiliated) and deep ire by others.

Why has a Pentecostal-Charismatic worship leader thrown his energies into this political fray?

On the one hand, public worship music gatherings (“concerts,” as some prefer) have become somewhat commonplace at least since Graham Kendrick’s Praise March movement in the late 1980s and early 1990s (“Shine Jesus Shine” was its soundtrack). We’ve grown accustomed to worship leaders wielding an increasingly influential level of celebrity within Christian media networks through megachurch platforms and mega-conferences like Passion.


*>Daryl here: we used to attend ‘Jesus Festivals’ in the late 70’s, attended by thousands, that were held every year, outdoors in campsite settings, with musicians like Larry Norman. These were not considered or called ‘revival,’ but simply things we did as believers back than.


On the other hand, there is something new and distinct happening here. Why is it that Feucht has chosen worship music in particular as the tool with which he rages against what he perceives to be the politically motivated repression of Christian worship in America?

I’m suggesting here that Feucht makes much more sense when you understand his theology of worship, even if you disagree with how he is wielding it. To disregard or fail to acknowledge his theology of worship is to risk misunderstanding what he and his attendees are attempting to accomplish.

Understanding Feucht’s worship theology

To understand why Feucht views worship music as the appropriate response to perceived religious oppression requires that we (all too briefly) unpack a theology of worship that enjoys widespread popularity today.

I’ll simply call it “praise and worship theology” even though it is not monolithic. It emerged out of the Latter Rain Revival movement of the late 1940s and came of age in the late 1970s and 1980s. Many of the large churches and church-based worship music groups have been directly influenced by it: Bethel, Gateway, Hillsong, IHOP and others.

The core of this theology is that praise and worship manifests God’s presence. Liturgical historian Lester Ruth has traced this theology back to a Pentecostal preacher named Reg Layzell in 1946 who popularized the idea that “God inhabits praise,” based on Psalm 22:3, which, in the KJV translation, reads: “But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.”

By the late 1970s, a rich and diverse biblical theology had developed around this and other teachings as they related to a present-day restoration of musical worship modeled after the liturgical patterns instituted in the tabernacle of King David (1 Chronicles 15).

A second, intimately related shift also happened: the theological and functional conflation of the terms “praise” and “worship” with “music.” When Feucht says worship, he doesn’t mean a gathering where Christians pray, read the Bible and hear a sermon. He means a musical event where Christians sing praises to God.

These gatherings are important, then, because praise and worship, as they interpret Psalm 22:3 to mean, are the normal way Christians encounter God’s presence. Depending on your own worship background, this may sound radically new or utterly commonplace.

Worshipping at the seat of power

But what does that theology have to do with Feucht’s nationwide worship music events?

Consider this summary of a teaching by Barry Griffing, a Pentecostal-Charismatic pastor and conference leader. At a large worship conference in 1982, Griffing taught that when ancient Israel restored the practice of praise and worship as modeled in David’s tabernacle, the nation experienced “spiritual, moral and military blessing.” Furthermore, ancient Israel is a type for America and for the Christian church in America. If we, too, restore praise and worship, we can receive those same national blessings today.

This theology hinges on the prophecy quoted in Acts 15:16 (quoting Amos 9:11), that God is restoring David’s tabernacle. At one point during his run for Congress, the verse adorned a political ad that featured Feucht standing atop a pile of rubble (the image has since been deleted).

Feucht is also embedded in the 24/7 prayer tent movement that draws its mission from this theology of tabernacle restoration (see David’s Tent DC, for example). Not coincidentally, Feucht’s #letusworship campaign itinerary also culminates in Washington, D.C., Sunday (Oct. 25).

This isn’t just a show of political power like any other demonstration in Washington, D.C., it also has spiritual — even “end-times” — significance for those gathered, as they believe praise and worship releases God’s power in the spiritual and physical realms. It’s why Feucht, in good Pentecostal fashion, reports healings and conversions as signs of God’s presence at his events.

Worshipping at the site of conflict

While Feucht insists his worship gatherings are protests against restrictions on church gatherings, his rallies have been held in places like Portland, Oregon; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Kenosha, Wisconsin — sites of prominent BLM protests that often turned into showdowns with police.

These sites are important to Feucht because to him they reveal a spiritual disturbance (not to mention the media attention already focused there). Feucht’s gatherings gain a double-valence concerning who the spiritual enemies are: both governmental leaders who would place restrictions on church gatherings and those protesting racism and police brutality.

For Feucht and his ilk, praise and worship is the weapon for defeating those spiritual/political enemies just as it was for ancient Israel.

In praise and worship theology, this is sometimes called “The Jehoshaphat Principle” — that the worshippers go out ahead of the army to secure its spiritual victory through God’s presence in praise. The songs are anthemic, and the overall tone is joyful and unrelentingly positive — just as they are on Sunday mornings — in the belief that worship changes the emotional atmosphere as it changes the spiritual and political situation.

What About The Gospel – What Kind Of Gospel?

Picking Up Again With Attendee’s Observance a https://growing4life.net/a-warning-sean-feucht/

HIS METHOD OF SHARING THE GOSPEL IS ALL WRONGH. Apparently the gospel is shared at these worship events. That’s good, right? But here’s the thing. God’s Word is clear on the way we are to share the gospel: through the preaching of His word and the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of those He calls. I watched one video of an altar call at his worship event and it was all I could stomach.

It was all emotional manipulation. I saw the leaders on stage singing and shouting and jumping around. They counted to 3 then yelled at the crowd “runnnn! come down, come down, come down!” over and over as swarms of people ran to the altar to be saved or healed or delivered. The leaders shout that these people are being delivered from their oppression and addictive behaviors miraculously and instantaneously. They lead them in a quick and simple salvation prayer. They state that thousands of people are saved at each event. It’s revival! But is it?

True saving faith doesn’t occur as a result of emotional manipulation from people shouting, jumping around, and playing music that makes everyone feel some spiritual high. None of that is from God. It results in most of those people saying a prayer or having some type of spiritual experience and then walking away thinking they’re headed for heaven when in reality they’re still headed straight for hell. Did they repent? Did they realize they’re sinners? Did they hear the full and complete Gospel? Were they reminded (as Jesus, Paul, Peter, and James and so many others reminded people over and over again) that the gospel will cost them? That Jesus didn’t come to fulfill their dreams and make them happy? Before these people go home, are they connected to a church that will disciple them and help them to grow? The answer is no.”


Sean’s Gospel? His Mentor’s Gospel

Sean has acknowledged that Bill Johnson is his mentor, Mike Bickle his hero. Having attended and participated in worship teams at Bethel for years, Bethel’s gospel would be his.

Here is an observation from a former Bethel member of 7 years, and BSSM student. Full testimony in link:



The worst and most horrifying thing in all of this is that there is no gospel being preached at all! It is all about the signs and wonders and the stories of supernatural encounters and experiences. This creates a spiritual frenzy, that promises health, wealth, supernatural encounters and experiences, for anyone who “presses in”. This false portrait of Jesus can suck anyone in who wants to be wealthy and healthy (which is the desire of almost everyone who has not been regenerated by the Holy Spirit), or anyone who is intrigued by the supernatural. (I should mention I don’t doubt at all that there are some people who are deceived in this movement who are truly saved) At the same time it creates a group of people who would deceive themselves and call themselves Christians, and yet are completely oblivious and hostile to the authentic gospel of Jesus Christ.

At Bethel there is no preaching on the Justice and Righteousness of God, and how God can’t let the guilty go unpunished. There is no preaching of the sinfulness of man, and how everyone has violated God’s standard. There is no preaching on the eternal conscious torments of Hell. There is no preaching of Christ and Him crucified. There is no preaching of Christ’s substitutionary death on the cross paying the full penalty of the sins of those He died to forgive, that is penal substitution. There is no preaching of repentance and faith in Jesus’ name as the only basis for which one is justified and declared righteous in the sight of God. Bethel preaches a gospel that is deficient, useless, and powerless to save.

The “gospel” that Bethel does preach is somewhat hard to pin down, since it encompasses the whole package of Manifest Son’s of God and kingdom Theology. To explain further, they would say that God is good all the time (which is true), but what they mean by that is this, sickness and disease is not of God, so be healed. Lack of provision is not of God, so be prosperous. The earth does not look like what it did in the Garden of Eden; so go fix it, by releasing the Kingdom of God. Their “gospel” encompasses fixing and restoring almost everything on this side of eternity to a near state of perfection for Christ second coming, so that when Christ does come back the church can present to Him a near perfected earth. This is the Jesus that they would present to someone who may be lost. That if you believe in this Jesus your life can be restored into right relationship with God. That if you believe in this Jesus you can have good health, restored relationships, and abundance in needs being meant. They teach that if you believe in this Jesus you can have the “good life” now, which is what God wants for you, and you don’t have to live in separation from Him. This false and counterfeit gospel may soothe the appetites of some, but it won’t lead anyone to Christ in the least bit.

HE PREACHES A WRONG VIEW OF REVIVAL & AMERICA. Sean is convinced that revival is coming to the United States. He claims that Donald Trump is the Christian leader that will bring America back to its Christian roots and purpose. He believes in the “7 mountain mandate” – the idea that the church will take over the various realms of the Earth and bring heaven down. Government is one of those realms. And so he’s patriotic and conservative and anti-leftist, anti-woke, and anti-government oppression. He’s attracting lots of people from the right side because of this stance. But he completely ignores what the Bible says about the last days and the return of Christ. It’s not fun to say, friends, but we shouldn’t be expecting some great end time revival or for things to be looking increasingly better. Heaven isn’t coming to Earth. It’s not what the Bible predicts. Can the Lord save souls in a revival during this time? Absolutely. He can do whatever He wants. But it will be with the true Gospel and through His prescribed method. And it will likely never be a revival of the masses because He promises the way is narrow, unpopular, and that there are only few who find it.

I could go on but those are the main reasons I’d warn you stay far away from Sean Feucht and anyone like him. These worship movements aren’t harmless. God isn’t in heaven just waiting for a worship event to manifest His power. They are simply giving people a spiritual experience- one that leaves them feeling good for a moment but leaves them trapped in sin. Stand on His Word, my friends. Compare everyone and everything to its standard. As the christian world gets crazier and crazier, it is truly our only anchor.”

a https://growing4life.net/a-warning-sean-feucht/

Is a massive false movement about to be embraced?

Sean has been prophesying, decreeing, proclaiming, for several years now, that great spiritual awakening, revival, a new Jesus movement is already here. Is a massive false movement about to be embraced?

Sean’s ‘gospel’ is a domionionist, highly politicized ‘gospel. Revisit blog below covering this. https://scribalwell.wordpress.com/2021/11/23/sean-feucht-fruit-of-wayward-apostolic-prophetic-movement/

Returning to Sean’s 222 ‘Let Us Worship’ event, and watching the promo video, I pray the Lord’s warning of mixture, from Himself, will pull back the ‘gospel dressed, cloak of deceit,’ (not intentionally deceitful, but deceived), and Holy Spirit empowered penetration, open spiritual eyes, and understanding, to perceive the intrusion of the enemy with deceiving, misleading, destructive mixture, assisting to truly evaluate, and judge what kind of fruit is really there.

The implications of mixture, have ramifications that are eternal.

Face Book discernment group ‘Exhort & Contend’ covers Sean’s 222 event as well.

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