Ahab’s Modern 400 Prophets

Bill Hamon & Deceived Prophets Agreement Bill Hamon is one of the few remaining, original 'Latter Rain,' 'Manifest Sons Of God' leaders, heavily propagating 'Dominionism/ Kingdom Now,' claiming to have trained over 10,000 'prophets,' and 500,000 in 'prophetic ministry,' thro' his Christian International School Of Theology and hundreds of extension schools in churches thro' out … Continue reading Ahab’s Modern 400 Prophets

Calvin And American Exceptionalism

Calvinist Assumptions On Formation of American Patriotism  https://newrepublic.com/article/50754/calvin-and-american-exceptionalism Calvin And American Exceptionalism (Birthed In Providential Patriotism)Once an idea is unleashed upon the world, there's no telling where it will lead. That is one lesson to be drawn from studying the astonishing influence of John Calvin's theology on the subsequent history of the world. Born five … Continue reading Calvin And American Exceptionalism

Prophetic Movement – Fueled By Superstition

Human Tendency Toward Superstition Is Strong Superstition goes way beyond black cats, broken mirrors, and Fri. the 13th. The human tendency toward superstition is strong. We can all lean toward spiritualizing objects, behaviors, and beliefs without a concern for the person and will of God. We love our superstitions and the talismans that seem to … Continue reading Prophetic Movement – Fueled By Superstition

‘Emergent’- Post Evangelicalism, Deconsrtuctionism-Emerging Apostasy

Not Christian But A Hybrid New Age Philosophy "Emergent philosophy has invaded nearly every once-safe denomination." http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs018/1102797716062/archive/1104977418343.html?fbclid=IwAR3qmp4XXhK-nJfPqwxafDuroENk9STi0SpPzDXzjT9TfQaiwPDDU9TUQYc This is an older article - 2011, but the 'Emergent Movement', and it's many morphing faces, esp today, (2021) must be understood and recognized as other than 'Christian,' this being of utmost concern, because of it's morphing, shifting … Continue reading ‘Emergent’- Post Evangelicalism, Deconsrtuctionism-Emerging Apostasy

Looking Back On ‘The Return’ 2020

'The Return' - Great Revival, Or Great Deception? An hour and 23 minutes of observations, insights, and summing up of my tho'ts and concerns regarding initiatives and movements over the past few years, coming out extra-Biblical ideologies, appearing as very righteous, even perhaps, Biblical causes. My heart grieves, watching many caught up in these quai-pseudo … Continue reading Looking Back On ‘The Return’ 2020

Identificational Repentance – Is Not Intercession

Repenting For The Sins Of Nations David Stamen, England Abstract: The Transformations movement aims at promoting repentance for national sins to cleanse entire countries. This teaching is tested in the Bible. https://www.bibleguidance.co.za/Engarticles/Nationsin.htm A little lengthy, yet excellent expose dismantling the tool of identificational repentance that endeavours to realize the 'christianization of nations.' Identificational Repentance Before God … Continue reading Identificational Repentance – Is Not Intercession

God’s Perspective On Sin, Repentance, Restoration And Justice

We Gotta Get This Right! "What exactly is God's perspective on sin, repentance, restoration and justice? Consider this! - "Though Jesus died to remove the eternal penalty of justice required for our rebellion, His death was never meant to remove the temporal penalty – or our obligation to seek and serve justice. If we want … Continue reading God’s Perspective On Sin, Repentance, Restoration And Justice

Mason Mudslinging- In The Face Of Censorship

FB Censorship Rec'd Sept. 24, 2021 For May 2020 "No one else can see your post. We have these standards to prevent things like false advertising, fraud and security breaches. Repeatedly violating our Community Standards can cause further account restrictions." So apparently, after combing thro' my old files FB found and decided that writing about … Continue reading Mason Mudslinging- In The Face Of Censorship