Testing Words-‘Prophetic’ Review

Even ‘Prophetic’ Followers Should See The Errors

The Altar Global (Jeremiah Johnson) · Jan. 15/22

“Dear Leaders,

The greatest hostility to what God is doing NOW, usually comes from those who were on the front lines of what God was doing YESTERDAY. The greatest attacks on any current move of the Holy Spirit, most often comes from those who were part of yesterday’s move of the Spirit. The reason: JEALOUSY! The breach in the relationship between King Saul and young David occurred when David began to receive praise and recognition among the people. How easy it is to honor and bless others, just as long as we are still considered more influential and more loved than they are. Little did David know that the years of opposition that he would face from King Saul because of the anointing on his life would be HIS PASSPORT to an even greater measure of anointing when he reigned as king. Leaders, don’t be surprised if your spiritual passport is stamped full of opposition from those who once led and you even considered spiritual fathers and mothers! The jealousy of older leaders towards you is your insurance policy to stay humble and not grow arrogant.”

Praying for you,-Jeremiah Johnson


My Response

Persecution complex is one of the greatest hindrances to discernment, discerning right from wrong, truth from error. Attributing opposition, or disagreement to a perceived move of God, or something attributed to God, as jealousy, effectively shuts out any truth that may be coming from those with a different perspective. Jealousy is a very small factor in opposition factors.

Shouldn’t rather our “insurance policy to stay humble and not grow arrogant,” simply be to remain humble and not grow arrogant, by listening to older leaders, and considering their observations and concerns, rather than chalking everything up to jealousy, out of assuming we are always right, impervious to error?

“Opposition from those who once led and you even considered spiritual fathers and mothers, ASSUMED AS JEALOUSY of older leaders towards you,” seems to me, to be blatant arrogance, and a certain, clear road block to discerning truth from error.

Jeremiah is saying, most opposition, even from former spiritual mentors & older leaders is motivated from jealousy! I find this mindset quite shocking, and the fact that it’s coming from someone who is supposedly bringing purification, correction and maturity to the prophetic!

Jeremiah is setting himself and his spiritual children up, to have them, in 10-15 years, throw him under the old foggies jealousy bus, when his possible concerns are met with resistant disdain, as their ‘new things’ transcend the limits of his spiritual intuition, and fatherly wisdom and input.

These words are weighed and found wanting!

“The wisdom from above is open to reason/willing to yield to others.” James 3:17

The assumption of jealousy in all opposition is a very dangerous perception to have. Willingness to listen, allows truth to prevail, for God resists the proud, giving grace only to the humble

Persecution complex teaching others that all persecution/opposition is evidence of the truth on one’s side, opposition being evil or carnal, will lead to permanent deception/self deception.

“because they refused the love of the truth, therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false.” 2 Thess. 2:10-11

The Altar Global – (Jeremiah Johnson)

Jan. 15/22

Dear Leaders,

There will be many people in your sphere of influence who are committed to misunderstanding your words and actions. Read that again. In some cases, “radically committed” is more appropriate. You need to accept this reality in order to fulfill your calling. Yes, we all need accountability from those who truly know us on a personal level, but I’ve become convinced over the years that most criticism that we receive from others is actually fueled by the spirit of jealousy. Jealousy often times manifests as fear or resentment of another’s success, speaking against the person, going on a vendetta to hurt their credibility, keeping them from being admired, or actually engaging in a conspiracy to kill their public image. Jealousy is a very powerful and deceptive sin. It will cause you to believe that everyone who has more success and influence than you do is filled with pride and arrogance. The truth is that God uses outward promotion to reveal the inward commotion of people.

As a leader, I hope this revelation concerning the spirit of jealousy can help you filter the criticism and attacks that will come often from those who are committed to misunderstanding you. Having healthy accountability in your life is necessary to help you work through the pain and heartbreak of what I am speaking to today and not lead with bitterness and unforgiveness.

Praying for you,” Jeremiah Johnson


My Response

One’s ‘sphere of influence’ would generally be those one is already in alignment and agreement with, so any meaningful accountability would be only in areas of one’s present position. Limiting accountability to one’s sphere of influence, effectively shuts out truth from other sources.

Stating that “most criticism that we receive from others is actually fueled by the spirit of jealousy,” is a sad, serious, gross, erroneous observation, perhaps fueled by insecure suspicion, itself, and really not significant accountability on an important lager scale.

this revelation concerning the spirit of jealousy…(to) filter the criticism and attacks that will come often from those who are committed to misunderstanding you,” – will breed suspicion and misunderstanding, leaving one captive to their own thinking processes, and perspectives, paving the way for self deception, in an unteachable, elitist, trap.

I trust that most do not really believe that opposition is so often motivated by jealousy?

I pray the dangers of such a mindset be seen for what they are – an indoctrination dilemma!

Variant Word in Dictionary. Stock Image - Image of care, glass: 213877727

Do not despise prophecies, but test all things. Hold fast to what is good.” 1 Thess. 5:20-21

-put to the test, prove, examine; I distinguish by testing,  recognize as genuine after examination, to approve,

“Make every effort to present yourself approved to God, an unashamed workman who accurately handles the word of truth.” 2 Tim. 2:15

-approved after testing, to scrutinize, proven acceptable

Echo Chamber of Indoctrination Dilemma

Jeremiah, deep in his own insecurity, is standing in an echo chamber, tuned only to the voices of his own ‘tribe.’ Outside are all of the raging, persecuting voices of ‘jealous criticism’, even past mentors and older leaders, incapable, (supposedly) of embracing the new revelation, the new way of the ‘spirit,’ an indoctrination dilemma foisted upon the next generation of deceived, deluded, false prophetic.

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