The Profile Of A False Prophet

Understanding The Hows And Whys In discussing issues and concerns in the 'prophetic ministry' a friend recently said, "Now I realize the importance of understanding the hows and whys." For several years I have been researching men, ministries, movements, doctrines and practices, in my quest for truth, having immersed myself in a 'spiritual detox journey,' … Continue reading The Profile Of A False Prophet

‘Christian’ Cults?

In classic Christian ideology, in a 'christian' context, a cult would be a group that has 'christian pretense' yet rejects or violates one or more , usually more, of the foundational tenets of the Christian faith. Several different positions can be seen on what constitutes these foundational doctrines. Here are several definitions of a cult … Continue reading ‘Christian’ Cults?

Magical Kabbalah And Linguistic Mysticism

Kabbalah - Complete Abandonment to Gnostic Mysticism. I researched this topic to present clear evidence of the dangers and non-justifications of Christians pursuing Kabbalism in any way shape or form, including literature such as the Zohar, and the linguistic mysticism, that, unfortunately, is becoming increasingly popular, including numeric, and pictorial applications of the Hebrew script. … Continue reading Magical Kabbalah And Linguistic Mysticism

The Mike Evans (David Wilkerson) ‘Prophecy’ ‘Plague’ Insert

The Mike Evans 'Prophecy' Plague Insert The first week of April this year (2020), a letter was sent out from 'Jerusalem Prayer Team,' Jerusalem, by Mike Evans, a former colleague of David Wilkerson, which quickly circulated thro' social media. One such letter rec'd by the ministry below, was posted on Face Book "Recently I … Continue reading The Mike Evans (David Wilkerson) ‘Prophecy’ ‘Plague’ Insert

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Sundar Selvaraj's Testimony'sTestimony.php Indian Guru Latest Rage Among Charismatic Christians Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is a Hindu-turned-Charismatic Guru who blends his Hindu pujas (religious traditions) with Christian flavoring to create an interesting advertising schtick to those seeking after signs and prophecies. Selvaraj has become the latest rage among America‚Äôs charismatics, who are increasingly seeing … Continue reading Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Christian Folklore And The Stuff Of Legends #6 Charles Finney

Charles Finney's Pelagian 'Gospel' A spiritual detox journey has moved me to be willing to 'leave no stone turn' in my re-examination of my Christian faith and walk, in the process, discovering things lurking in the 'underbelly' of Christian and charismatic history, prominent, popular, prolific, figures not excluded. I have discovered blights, unsettling errors, and … Continue reading Christian Folklore And The Stuff Of Legends #6 Charles Finney

Branham’s ‘Pillars Of Fire’ -Explained-Fradulent ‘Claims’

Folklore Legendiares The following few comments help to demonstrate why 'folklore legends' such as William Branham and others, must continue to be exposed, "marked and avoided," as their influences carry on long past their time. "Jesus Christ has more success thro' William Branham's ministry than He did thro' His own, such was the extent … Continue reading Branham’s ‘Pillars Of Fire’ -Explained-Fradulent ‘Claims’

Christian/Charismatic Folklore And The Stuff Of Legends #4

Marie Woodworth Etter - Manifestations Here's a comment responding to a post I made about Marie Woodworth Etter I always heard good about Etter. I have heard you talk bad about her before. She died before I was born, so tough to make a decision.Spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit, of course, exist today. And … Continue reading Christian/Charismatic Folklore And The Stuff Of Legends #4