New Apostolic Reformation-Ethereal Ideology Or Apostolic Alignment Reality



Bill Johnson lied about the New Apostolic Reformation


Kris Vollotton Explains Core Value Similarities

Peter Wagoner’s New Apostolic Reformation Agenda

In the link above Kris Vollotton gives the clearest, honest response, in explaining that Bethel, adheres to many of the core values Peter Wagoner and others lay out in describing his observations of the ‘apostolic movement’ and his vision for it. He clarifies, that somethings that have been communicated about the New Apostolic Reformation, he cannot identify with or endorse. Therefore, what others are saying about NAR, disconnects it from Bethel, and they can supposedly, legitimately deny being a part of it, or having heard of that particular version of it.


From their perspective, (Kris Vollotton, Bill Johnson, Dann Farrelly, Michael Brown, Daniel Kolenda), may genuinely, based on Kris’s explanation, not identify with the description others have communicated of NAR, yet Peter Wagoner is very clear about fleshing out the NAR vision, even tho’ the more derogatory description is not how they see themselves.


The apostolic movement, in removing the title NAR, completely fits Peter Wagoner’s vision. Apostolic alignment, and governing authority, are earmarks of the apostolic movement, in and of themselves perfectly fitting the NAR profile.

So complete genuineness seems doubtful, as they are all well aware that their ‘apostolic agendas coincide with Peter Wagoner’s ICA vision and application. Word games is more likely, bordering on lying in some cases, unless it’s blindness to the valid criticisms of it’s detractors.

The real issue is apostolic agenda’s and alignments, which for all intents and purposes is NAR.

Peter Wagoner tried to back peddle, once conflict and resistance arose, declaring that the term New Apostolic Reformation was simply an observation he had made, an ethereal ideology, when in fact it was an obvious apostolic alignment reality.


The bottom line is; Kris Vollotton’s identifying of core value similarities with Peter Wagoner’s New Apostolic Reformation initiatives, places the apostolic movement, as represented by Kris, as squarely in the NAR, and the NAR denials by apostolic leaders, is in reaction to disparaging perspectives of the movement, which they deny, and probably don’t recognize.

There is an apostolic movement in existence, with extremes, denied, not recognized, or distanced from, nevertheless, a movement of aligning apostles with various apostolic agendas, a movement opposed by many, some of which deny apostolic/prophetic existence today, some who question and oppose certain apostolic governing mindsets, some with great concerns over egregious error and deception in the apostolic/prophetic camp.

The NAR term, is perhaps a stumbling block to communicating concerns regarding the apostolic movement, which definitely.

The Church Watch Central web site, drawn upon here, has extensive documentation, revealing the relationships with and known agendas of Peter Wagoner and his ICA and WLI aligning and training initiatives for apostles.


The NAR was Peter Wagoner’s vision for a New Apostolic Reformation, an apostolic alignment reality, not an observed ethereal ideology, whether one questions, denies, or dismisses NAR as the devil’s gift to the critics for their help in His divide-and-conquer plan, in the hands of jealous, powerless cessationists.”

Yes, this is Daniel Kolenda’s response, and he further relays many detractors fears, foolish to the apostolic movement, frighteningly real to many who have come out of the movement and others of critical, scrutinizing thinking.

Daniel Kolenda’s NAR Denial Conspiracy

For years now, they have been painting the charismatic movement as heretical and unorthodox, but thanks to the NAR conspiracy theory, they can now make it seem diabolical and nefarious as well. They took over all of the leftist talking points, added a few of their own, made a few new guilt by association connections—and created a theory designed to divide. They created a picture of Christian leaders dedicated to taking over the world by any means possible and working in the shadows to accomplish their goal. (Daniel Kolenda Charisma Magazine – full article linked at end)


The truth is, the charismatic movement has become quite heretical and unorthodox, the apostolic/prophetic movement exemplifying and amplifying this egregious reality, opposition, correction treated as ‘the enemy,’ using jealous, carnal christians to thwart the next ‘great move of God,’ this movement, impervious to questioning, correction, challenging anything about them.

Much has been written about the NAR phenomena, whether one identifies it as an apostolic movement, or a reformation, demonstrating a ‘loose cannon’, infiltrating, assimilating churches with ‘heaven to earth theology’ and a mixed bag of occult oriented practices and beliefs, righteously defending their ‘new thing’, untouchable by any critics.


In response to Daniel Kolenda, no, off course Peter Wagoner did not invent and cast under his spell, the current apostolic movement, yet it’s origins be nefarious nonetheless. The ‘Latter Rain’ movement arising out of the Sharron Brethern Bible School, in North Battleford Sk, in 1948, gave rise to the apostolic movement, as a study of its history will reveal. Spiritual forces and influences, may conduct far reaching activities within many a church setting, when given the opportunity. The ‘Latter Rain’ movement spread rapidly between 1948-1950, then in the 1950- ’60’s healing revival, on into the charismatic movement in the 60’s-70’s and germinated for a while in Fuller Theological Seminary as well, where Peter Wagoner resided. The mainstream apostolic/prophetic movement today, is rife with ‘Latter Rain’, & Manifest Sons Of God’ heresy.

Check out the Church Watch Central documentation for Peter Wagoner’s New Apostolic Reformation agendas, initiatives, and apostolic alignments, thro’ ICA & WLI.

Clearly apostolic alignment reality – Kris Vollotton – “many core values of NAR

NAR – New Apostolic Reformation alignments. The reality behind NAR.


Church Watch Central Documentation


ICA & WLI Centralized, Legitimized NAR

ICA – (International Coalition Of Apostles)

WLI – (Wagoner Leadership Institute)


“Towards the end of the 1990s…C. Peter Wagner started up his Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI) and International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL) to centralise and spread this New Apostolic Reformation…Wagner was strict in only allowing recognized NAR apostles in WLI and ICAL to teach and minister. Remember that ICAL is about legitimizing the New Apostolic Reformation through their National Coalitions (emphasis added):

“ICAL has an existing standard that needs to be consistently applied to those claiming to be (or called to be) apostles. […] As National Coalitions are established, the leaders who know one another best are the most qualified to apply and evaluate these requirements on a case by case basis. This is why it is vital that existing members of ICAL find ways of creating National Coalitions in nations, regions and cities around the world. The AIM Strategy can help make this happen as we endeavor to bring legitimacy to the NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION.” [Source]…/ical-theaimstrategy.pdf

But this is on the WLI website:“Our faculty is made up of internationally known apostolic leaders.” Source: Faculty, Wagner Leadership Institute,…/Faculty/tabid/2811/Default.aspx, Accessed May 14 2007

The old WLI website had a profile on their founding NARpostle, C. Peter Wagner and had this to say about WLI (emphasis ours):“Established in 1998, the Institute equips men and women for leadership positions in churches and translocal ministries. It is designed especially, but not exclusively, to meet the needs of leaders who have become a part of the NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION.” Source: About C. Peter Wagner, WagnerLeadership.Org,,

Accessed Nov 27, 2017. [Archive] And this is in their 2014 Prospectus (emphasis ours): THE WLI MISSION -WLI trains and equips men and women for leadership positions in local churches and parachurch ministries. It provides an earned training credential for church and ministry leaders. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary skills for effective ministry. It is designed especially, although not exclusively, to meet the needs of leaders who have become a part of the NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION. For literally thousands of these leaders, and others as well, the present educational system designed for Christian ministers is virtually inaccessible.”Source: A New Way To Study and Grow for Christian Leaders,…/uploads/2014/03/Prospectus.pdf. (Accessed Nov 27, 2017.) [Download PDF here] Seeing is believing. While Brown openly confessed he is a member of ICAL, he maligned faithful Christians as liars and conspirators. This is the same man who also taught as an apostle for those of the NAR at WLI. This is the same man who denied the existence of the NAR, denies being an Apostle and deceived the body of Christ by giving the impression he never worked with C. Peter Wagner.Michael Brown on WLI faculty in 2004 (see link for 2004 faculty list) The WLI Catalogue for 2012 advertises Course AP825 titled ‘Developing Structure for Apostolic Ministry’ (pg. 9). The teachers of this course are Randy Clark, Ché Ahn and C. Peter Wagner. This is how they advertise the course (emphasis ours):

Presented by three seasoned apostolic leaders in the Body of Christ today, this conference material is a must for anyone desiring to learn more about God’s purpose and design for apostolic ministry Topics include the history of apostles, their function throughout history, the role they are to play today, characteristics and qualifications of an apostle, different types of apostles and unique expressions of each, and an apostle’s relationship to prophets and those he is called to lead. Other subjects discussed include strategies for creating apostolic teams, characteristics of an apostolic church, the importance of impartation, leaving a legacy, the transference of wealth, marketplace apostles and the “NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION” that we see transpiring in the Body of Christ today.”…/nar-recognize-bill…/…

Yes, And Bill Johnson-‘Top Tier Leader-2017 ____________________________

In ICA’s and WLI’s own words their acknowledged identity, and mandated agenda, is to legitimize the NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION, and Michael Brown has participated in both organizations. Perhaps he never read any of the material provided by ICA and WLI, how else could he say NAR was a conspiracy rumor? This is an absurd scenario to consider. ____________________________________________________________

2+2 Does Not = 4 In Hyper Charismatic World “Clearly Michael Brown and Bill Johnson are playing word games. If this was a false narrative spread by the critics, why was Bill Johnson acknowledged by the leader of the New Apostolic Reformation, C. Peter Wagner, as one of the 3 apostolic pillars of the NAR back in 2008? Why did Bill Johnson work with the head of the NAR in restoring Todd Bentley to ministry? Why is Johnson still part of the Revival Alliance, which Wagner acknowledged is an Apostolic network? Why does Randy Clark acknowledge Bill Johnson as an apostle and call Johnson’s church an “apostolic network” that “has crossed denominational lines in building relationships that enable church leaders to walk in both purity and power? Why does Randy Clark acknowledge himself as an apostle and speaks with, or associates with C. Peter Wagner and Che Ahn, who openly talk about the New Apostolic Reformation? “Who is actually spinning a false narrative?

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Michael Brown On USICA Roster- U.S. Coalition Of Apostle

Whole Series Tracing – Elaborating Wagoner’s ICA & WLI – New Apotolic Reformation Agendas


Daniel Kolenda’s NAR Conspiratorial Denial Daniel Kolenda’s NAR Denial

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