Jeremiah Johnson – Alignment Issues

*The information presented here, may have changed since 1st released, but is indicating very problematic issues, that require evidence of change, if to be disregarded.* I emailed Patricia several years ago regarding my concerns with Kirby De Lanerolle and was informed that my concerns would be communicated, and I heard nothing else. I emailed Jeremiah Johnson several weeks ago regarding his dream with Charlie Shamp and Jeff Jansen, in light of their close association with Kirby. I heard nothing back. These ‘alignments’ are indicators of underlying issues, regardless of outward performance and words spoken.

The facts I have presented here are not to malign, but to align with truth. Outward performance, words spoken, have proven to be an unreliable indicator of truth, and righteousness. Examining roots, facts, doctrine, practice, exp’s; examining ALL THINGS, is required, to determine the truth behind outward performance and words. Words, performance, can convincingly hide much error! I endeavour by examination, to get to the truth behind outward performance and words.

The relationships we have are important, who we are aligned with. This is why I present these facts.


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Because of a recent and widespread outburst of controversy related to the doctrine and ministry style of Patricia King in segments of the body of Christ to which we are related, the undersigned reluctantly and cautiously sense an obligation to release this brief statement of our position.

Particularly over the past two years increasing numbers of Christian leaders with whom we are related have been asking us our opinion of Patricia King and her ministry. Although this would not have been our choice, circumstances converged to the point that we felt compelled to look into the allegations in order to form balanced and accurate opinions. We discussed this with peers representing both sides of the controversy in roundtable settings, through personal conversation with individuals who have dealt with the situation first hand, in consultation with those who have specialized in some of the theological issues raised, listening to her CDs, reading her books, in extensive correspondence through email, by personal contact with Patricia’s spiritual/apostolic covering, and extensively with Patricia herself. We wanted to leave no stones unturned as we matured in our understanding of the situation and as we reached our conclusions.

We do not feel that it is necessary at this point to list in detail the differences that have surfaced. It is sufficient to mention that theologically we have serious concerns with some aspects of Patricia’s doctrine of the dead. In terms of ministry style we cannot accept at face value some of the physical manifestations typical of her meetings as emanating from the Holy Spirit. We feel that a disproportionate number of those who sit under her ministry are in danger of subjecting themselves to a spirit of error.

In light of our findings, we regretfully find it necessary to state that at present we will not be able to endorse Patricia King’s ministry until such a time that she chooses to make appropriate corrections. We want to make it clear that we are not opposing Patricia King as a person, as a servant of God, or as a gifted leader. We have been and will continue to pray that God will work out this unpleasant situation for His glory and for fulfilling every bit of the destiny that He has in mind for Patricia.

C. Peter Wagner, Colorado Springs
Doris M. Wagner, Colorado Springs
Cindy Jacobs, Red Oak TX
Mel Mullen, Red Deer AB, Canada
Dutch Sheets, Colorado Springs
Bill Hamon, Santa Rosa Beach FL
Bob Beckett, Hemet CA

Patricia King, Angel Orbs, Blue flames

ttps:// In folklore, Will-o’-the wisps and other spirits of the dead are said to appear as a blue flame

Image result for blue flame photo
These “exploding” orbs covered us in an anointing

Patricia King talks a lot about Angel Orbs, let’s examine this teaching, according to the Book on Hermetics, [1] “The third and last Book of Magick, or Occult Philosophy; written by Henry Cornelius Agrippa.” “therefore they invented so many Intelligences or Angels; they placed also in the Starry heaven, Angels, who might rule the signs, triplicities, decans, quinaries, degrees and Stars; for although the school of the Peripateticks assigne one onely intelligence to each of the Orbs of the Stars: yet seeing every Star and small part of the heaven hath its proper and different power and influence, it is necessary that it also have his ruling intelligence”

Patricia King: makes the same claim.

Stated, [2] “Two members of our team and I had just finished a prayer session to prepare for our evening meeting at Tim and Cindy McGill’s Four Square Church. As we were praising the Father for the downloads we had received, we heard that there was still more for us. That’s when we noticed the presence of angelic orbs over our heads. How glorious! God is so good!

“We began to praise and worship Him for this Heavenly Presence. All of a sudden, one of our team (Shirley Ross), heard from the Lord that we were to clap our hands together over our heads where the orbs were. When we did, it was as if the orbs burst open and showered us in Heavenly Glory! Different colored orbs appeared and filled the room over our heads. We clapped and clapped and clapped. Some of the orbs rained down a thick, sweet oil. Others left us feeling tingly and effervescent. The Joy of the Lord was everywhere as we were refreshed, renewed and empowered. These “exploding” orbs covered us in an anointing of His Presence and also helped to deeply seat the inspiration and revelation we had received from Him throughout that day. Thank you Father!

Hermetical writings on Angel Orbs, Cosmic Orbs and Heavenly Orbs

Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote about his experiences of these Orbs in his book “The Coming Race,” (a novel that some theosophists accepted as truth) [3

He states “I Admired the ingenuity and disregard of expense with which my host and his fellow-citixens had contrived to illumine the regions unpenetrated by the rays of the sin, yet I could not conceive how any who had once beheld the orbs of heaven could compare to their lustre the artificial lights invented by the necessities of man.”

“La Clef des Grands Mystères” (The Key to the Great Mysteries) written by Eliphas Levi, interesting that Aleister Crowley took a intrest in Eliphas Levi claiming to be the reincarnation of Eliphas Lévi and offered as evidence the statement that Crowley was born shortly after Lévi died. Lévi states [La Clef des Grands Mystères (The Key to the Great Mysteries), P98],

And while all this tumult was going on at the bottom of the church, the singing of the litanies continued in the choir, {170} as the harmony of the orbs of heaven goes on for ever, careless in our revolations and of our anguish.

Helena Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society. in September 1875, Madame Blavatsky wrote that all religions were both true in their inner teachings and problematic or imperfect in their external conventional manifestations. Her writings connecting esoteric spiritual knowledge with new science may be considered to be the first instance of what is now called New Age thinking. In fact, many researchers feel that much of New Age thought started with Blavatsky.

Author of “ISIS UNVEILED.”

[[Vol. 1, Page 114]] THE SECRET DOCTRINE. For the circle is Sar, and Saros, or cycle, and was the Babylonian god whose circular horizon was the visible symbol of the invisible, while the sun was the ONE Circle from which proceeded the Cosmic orbs, and of which he was considered the leader.

[[Page 673]] In the primitive philosophy of the Hierophants these invisible circles were the prototypic causes and builders of all the heavenly orbs, which were their visible bodies or coverings, and of which they were the souls. It was certainly a universal teaching in antiquity.

[[Page 696]] In order to avoid creating new misconceptions, let it be stated that among the three secret orbs (or star-angels) neither Uranus nor Neptune entered; not only because they were unknown under these names to the ancient Sages, but because they, as all other planets, however many there may be, are the gods and guardians of other septenary chains of globes within our systems.

THE CAULDRON AND THE BLUE FLAME – scroll down for blue flame

The cauldron, as the fifth elemental spirit, symbolizes inspiration, rebirth, illumination and rejuvenation. Use a Fire cauldron with salt-peter to cast a Circle. Use the mists of an air cauldron for an initiation. Burn away hate, prejudice and negative self-images, with a Water cauldron. The Earth cauldron is ideal for indoor Beltane rites.

Worldwide witches and wizards use cauldron to cook their potions. In Africa, they call them “Pots”. However, they are used to practice their witchcraft black arts. I am citing this because you can see certain color flames are created for specific magical results. Notice that “a blue flame burns . . . during the autumn festival.

Using a cauldron, symbol of inspiration and rebirth, has brought new dimensions to both group and solitary work. A cauldron decorates the center of the Circle during Lesser Sabbats. An air cauldron at a spring rite creates a misty, magical quality for the ceremony. In summer, the cauldron will flash and spark. A blue flame burns mysteriously within the Water cauldron during the autumn festival. Throughout Yule, the Earth cauldron burns steadfast and constant. During moon rites, when magick is done, we write the purpose of our working on flash papers and toss them into the burning cauldron while chanting.

A working cauldron should be of cast iron, with a tight-fitting lid, three sturdy legs, and a strong handle. Season your cauldron before using it for the first time. Pour in generous helping of salt and lighter fluid, slosh it up to the rim and wipe dry. For indoor use it MUST have a fireproof base or your workings will summon up yellow-coated salamander spirits from the fire department.

So, here’s the question? Does Patricia King just like blue flames burning in a magical lamp as her business logo or does it signify something more? Does it bring magical powers to her business like most witches believe by burning different colored candles?

Prophet Bob Jones, mentor to Todd Bentley, says he received his spiritual healing gifts via a lightning strike and a blue flame. Since then his hands change color and go ‘all funny’ while they tune in to detect various diseases. Any Christian should automatically realize this is not God or godly but new age mumbo jumbo at best – or blatant lies – or both. “Ex” witch Patricia King of Extreme Prophetic, who ordained Todd Bentley ten years ago, also mentions the blue flame a lot.


‘The blue flame is the hottest and most intense part of a fire, and the color blue is often a prophetic symbol of divine revelation, God’s love, and an open Heaven.’
‘Recently while teaching at Glory School in Dudley, England, with Trevor and Sharon Baker, I had a spiritual encounter regarding the Blue Flame of the Lord. In this encounter, I could feel myself soaring like an eagle, looking upward into the sun while in flight. My eyes were fixed on the sun. Eagles (often a Biblical symbol of the prophetic) in the natural have an extra membrane over their eyes that other birds do not have. This allows them to look directly into the sun without damage to their vision.

As I gazed into the sun, I could feel myself being drawn towards its center, and that is when I saw it–the Blue Flame. It was so beautiful. I could feel its strength that is to be feared and respected, and also I felt its passion. The Lord gave me three points of understanding and application that I would like to share with you.’

The sun and not the Lord? Are you a sun worshipper? Is this your God, Patricia? Gnostic and shamanistic rubbish. The blue flame is all over new age and occult and witchcraft thought. Do a google search if you do not believe me – the blue flame of witchcraft may only have been part of the wider association of the blue flame with the devil and the underworld. I did and found out the following in only a short time –

Blue flame is a ’spirit flame’ and ancient witchcraft and Wicca representing the soul of the Old religion. ‘Italian Witchcraft: The Old Religion of Southern Europe’ says the appearance of a blue flame represents the presence of divinity within the ritual setting. The use of fire as well is also another clue to the witchcraft origins

  • IN HEREDITARY WITCHCRAFT: Secrets of the Old Religion there is a ritual described of conjuring the elementals (earth, air, fire and water) mentally using spirit blades (swords) and spirit flames and blue flames.
  • In Spirit of the Witch: Religion & Spirituality in Contemporary Witchcraft: a beautiful blue flame represents the presence of divinity (but not God, but divinity within).
  • Numerous folk legends tell of witches identified by bursting into blue flame.
  • A High Priest or priestess who describes herself as a witch, druid and mystic muse visualizes a blue flame of protection around her.
  • Elements of Witchcraft: Natural Magick for Teens’ describes casting a circle to the elements by imagining a bright blue flame running along the ground.
  • A person writing on Navajo witchcraft (from Arizona where King lives) writes that warning signs for the presence of a witch at work would include a blue flame

The Book of Shadows rituals have it, and if King’s followers did a spiritual warfare thing with their blue flame they would do exactly as the witches do here:
You feel your own power and energy building, growing…
A pale blue light surrounds you…
It expands out and away from you, forming into blue flame…
Growing, growing, reaching ever outwards…



The blue flame is the hottest and most intense part of a fire, and the color blue is often a prophetic symbol of divine revelation, God’s love, and an open Heaven.
– Patricia King: Embrace the Blue Flame

Blue Flame Phoenix

May we gaze with a renewed focus into the intense fiery love of God? Let’s prepare ourselves to receive revelation into the deep mysteries of God and await authentic encounters with the very atmosphere of Heaven. Let’s embrace the Blue Flame and allow Him to burn strong in our hearts. May we truly be known as those He makes to be His ministers–flames of fire (Psalm 104:4)? Patricia King: Embrace the Blue Flame


Kirby de Lanerolle-Patricia King-Jeremiah Johnson – More on Kirby here.

Grace & TruthMay 22, 2015 · 

Urgent Warning about Kirby De Lanerolle & Patricia King’s meetings in Chennai,Trichy & Bangalore TOMORROW and Sunday!

On behalf of the Grace & Truth Coalition, Chennai we wish to urgently warn/caution you about the upcoming meetings conducted by Srilankan Preacher Kirby De Lanerolle & Patricia King (Canada) to be held at Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy & Bangalore (May 20-23).

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The WOW podcast has over 250,000 downloads to date. They have been hosted and ministered along Prophet Kobus van Rensburg, Patricia King, Prophet Undi Williams and Joshua Mills.

Kirby also spoke about the eastern vs western thought concerning Kundalini, Qi and Pranayama energies and how people are able to tap into their own energy fields to perform miracles.

Exposing The Kirby Cult – WOW -Works of Wonder – Lots on Kirby here.

Grace & TruthNovember 13, 2017 · 


Kirby De Lanerolle, preacher of IMMORTALITY ON EARTH (Everlasting life on Earth) & BREATHARIANISM is the disciple of Late Kobus Van Rensburg (South Africa) who was the pioneer of “Immortality on earth” false doctrine. Ironically Kobus himself died in 2013 of cancer and yet his disciple Kirby in association with Kobus’ son, Kobus Jr and others such as Jesudian Silvester (Father’s House,Chennai, India) propagate this false doctrine.

Kirby and his church are considered as a CULT in Srilanka by most respected mainstream Evangelical & Pentecostal churches, mainly due to his false teachings.

“I can give any person a high frequency vibration consciousness that he would be able to cut down his appetite by 50 to 80 percent! No one in the world can offer this.. There are many breatharians around the world.. but no one can transfer it. This is what we call CHI ..Chinese call it CHI power ..electromagnetic power. The Indians call it PRANA, the Christians call it SPIRIT. .its just the transfer of the SPIRIT or CHI or PRANA….” says Kirby.
“The Lord Jesus Christ Himself did not eat …he’s my most favourite Breatherian.Jesus said ‘man does not live on bread alone but by the vibrations frequencies of God”
says Kirby.


Asian Mirror

Aug.14, 2019

U.S. Minister (J. Lee Grady) Joins Indian, Sri Lankan Ministers In Warning About Kirby De Lanerolle Who Preaches “Un-Bibilical, New-Age Doctrine”

U.S. Minister (J. Lee Grady) Joins Indian, Sri Lankan Ministers In Warning About Kirby De Lanerolle Who Preaches “Un-Bibilical, New-Age Doctrine”

“Some years ago, Kirby claimed that God sent angels to reset his DNA and made his body capable of living without food,” Pastor Poobalan says. “This has now led to the most reckless teaching that is central to WOW Life, the promise of immortality on earth. The followers are now promised that they are the first generation of Christians that will physically live on and not die until Jesus returns in the future.”–on-the-WOW-Life-controversy/1/18938

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is advr_5ab0c74572.jpg

– SEP 13 2019.

Just a few days ago, The National Christian Council of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) shared that they were “deeply concerned and disturbed at the misinterpretations of the Holy Scripture and the propogandation of erroneous teachings based on such misinterpretations by Kirby de Lanerolle”. While strongly condemning his teachings and practices, the NCCSL also labelled WOW church a “cult”.

Patricia King & Jeremiah Johnson

Patricia King ‘spiritual mother’ to Jeremiah Johnson

A Prophetic Meeting with Patricia King webinar with Patricia King & Jeremiah Johnson -‘what God is saying…’

Raise the Dead Conference San Francisco, CA
About this Event – Postponed

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“Raise the Dead” is a national gathering of firebrands from around the USA and world who are hungry for a Third Great Awakening. With explosive preaching and signs, wonders, and miracles to follow, we are expecting a mighty move of God in San Francisco that will shake the nations. Anointed worship with Chris Burns and Lydia Stanley Marrow will be an incredible blessing to all those in attendance. Register your church, leadership team, and passionate worshippers today!

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