Jeremiah Johnson Implored


This was Jeremiah’s title to his own fb post.

I realize that what I have to say here may be highly offense to some, that misunderstanding may come, that Jeremiah has chosen the course he will run. In all of this my only motivation and purpose is to express concern about associations that are not ‘abiding in the doctrines of Christ,’ ‘going beyond the doctrines of Christ.

“Anyone who runs ahead without remaining in the teaching of Christ does not have God. Whoever remains in His teaching has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you but does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your home or even greet him. Whoever greets such a person shares in his evil deeds.” 2 John 1:9-11

My concern is just as much for the Body of Christ as for Jeremiah. This will likely be the last input I give, for it’s seems quite evident Jeremiah has chosen the path he will take. For the sake of those following, I present these concerns one last time. My concerns are clearly put forth, the associations and issues clearly established. A reminder, Jeremiah invited his ministry to be weighed and tested.

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I was asked my tho’ts on Jeremiah’s fb post from Aug.27/2020, in which he related a dream he felt given to him from the Lord two years into his ministry, where the Lord was correcting him in regards to his approach to prophetic ministry. My response and several other issues are addressed.

I realize Jeremiah has reiterated at different times, the correction he has felt the Lord bring to him, as he now addresses the excesses and error in the prophetic ministry. 

In examining his current ministry, mostly re: dreams, visions, prophesies, and associations, I still observe serious concerns, of which I have addressed, even to Jeremiah himself, personally. 
It seems to be difficult for many to acknowledge these concerns when his ‘platform’ ministry speaks so much about, holiness, the fear of the Lord, repentance, revival, prayer, addressing errors in the prophetic, as above. Nothing would indicate any concerns. But as I said, in his many dreams, visions, prophecies, and associations I have observed and communicated many concerns, available in my blogs.

The ‘mainstream/apostolic/prophetic’ movement, I have shown to be seriously corrupted by the ‘Latter Rain’ movement right from the beginning. Jeremiah’s associations and his spiritual perspectives indicate he is connected to the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic’ movement. So despite the fact that he sounds the alarm against corruption in the ‘prophetic,’ he is still under the influence it’s of waywardness, thro’ aberrant associations, and some perspectives.

I don’t mind saying all of this here, because, as I’ve said, I’ve bro’t these things up to Jeremiah, in emails and here, on his fb page, with no response. His associations alone betray his allegiance to the corrupted ‘prophetic movement.’ Both Jeff Jansen, (Jeff for sure still) and Patricia King have ministry relationship with Kirby De Lanerolle. Jeff and Patrica are key figures in the ‘corrupted prophetic movement. Jeremiah’s references to Bob Jones and others in dreams etc. says so much. There is so much that could be said.

Sadly, what Jeremiah posts on fb, or preaches and prophesies around the country does not negate his connection with and influence by the ‘mainstream/apostolic/prophetic movement, which at this time, for all intents and purposes, is identified with NAR. I don’t concern myself with anything he says or prophesies, or dreams, or encounters in visions. I only responded one more time on his fb page because I was asked.

As hard as this may be to comprehend and accept, in light of all of the ‘good’ that he says, the ‘corrupted mainstream apostolic/ prophetic, NAR connection, bears this out. 

*Jeremiah Johnson Ministries I ask you here, I implore you here, as I will on my fb page as well, to consider the connections I and others have addressed numerous times, and seek the Lord for the truth in these matters. Some of the very errors, and concerns you address, are prevalent in the connections you maintain with the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic’ movement.  This plea was made to Jeremiah on his fb page.

Below are two responses to me on my comment, typical of those in defense of others.

  • A. D.  Hi Darryl,
    I would be very careful how you raise concerns regarding men and women of God who are annointed and called by God himself. Just as in our world system there is corruption everywhere. These true prophetic voices don’t negate that, and this is not a viable reason not to believe what he shares. One believes by what they feel by the Holy Spirit in them, let alone an intimate relationship with God himself. You mentioned Patricia King, Bob Jones, and Jeff Jansen. These are called out men and women of God, including Jeremiah Johnson himself. Your concerns should be brought to God himself, maybe then he and he alone can give you the clarity you are seeking.

    Again, I would be very careful how you raise concerns on men and woman of God who are chosen by him. Above all, seek your answers from the Father himself. I myself appreciate what God is doing through these men and women, let alone the prophetic/apostolic.
  • P. MDaryl Giffin I appreciate you’re taking the time to explain fully your position. I don’t necessarily endorse everything anyone shares but test it. I know that YHVH / Adonai Yeshua are bringing correction as I believe the separation has begun between the wheat/tares and sheep /goats. Too many believers included, are not trusting in God and walking according to His scriptures but instead are relying on govt / big pharma / lying sicence (scientism) or the fake media to govern how they walk out their lives.
  • P. MA. D. In the past Pat King has been off track somewhat but I do believe God is correcting and redirecting her focus from what I’ve seen lately on God TV but it’s always wise to test everything as we’re told to do so.
  • Daryl Giffin A. D“Now I urge you, brothers, to mark/watch out for those who create divisions and obstacles/stumbling blocks/snares that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Turn away from them.” Rom.16:17

    The “touch not God’s anointed and do His prophets no harm,” is totally taken out of context, and is intimidating the Body from speaking up and being Biblically obedient to correct error in the Church. There is corruption in the prophetic movement that needs to be addressed, and even tho’ Jeremiah has addressed some of it, the very errors, and concerns he addresses, are prevalent in the connections he maintains with the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic’ movement. Jeff Jansen has close association with a recognized cultist in Kirby De Lanerolle, and Jeremiah hasn’t addressed it.

    I’m not seeking clarity, A, I’ve done extensive research and the facts need to be made clear to the Body Of Christ. The whole ‘mainstream/apostolic/prophetic’ movement is corrupted from the beginning thro’ the ‘Latter Rain’ movement, and is under increasing delusion and deception.

    Like I said earlier, it’s not what he shares most of the time that is the problem, but the association with corrupted prophetic, and problems with dreams. visions, prophesies. I have communicated with him about my concerns and rec’d no response.

    My concern is for the many thousands of people succumbing to error and deception, because these issues are not addressed. The only reason I spoke out again here, is because I was asked. I’m not against prophetic ministry. Corrupted roots have produced a corrupted tree.
  • Corrupted roots have produced a corrupted tree.

Patricia King – Implications Of Mentor To Jeremiah

The suggestion that God is correcting and redirecting her focus (Patricia King) led to this quick search.

This section comes from my post and comments about Patricia King.

Cleaning Up The Image? Some Things Will Just Continue To Speak
Patricia King – Continued Involvement

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“Patricia King’s Hermetics Examined…/hermetics-syncretis…


Prophetic Strategies and Warnings for the Next 10 Years

“At the inauguration of the year 2020, Christian prophets unanimously recognized that the Church was not merely entering a new year or season, but an entirely new era. To align with God and His purposes for this New Era, it is vital that every Christian is aware of God’s directives, so they can move in sync with His Spirit in the coming days.”

“In order to navigate the next decade of the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit in history, you need the ten-year prophetic download God has entrusted to Patricia King.” Sid Roth

Seeing Angels with Joshua Mills. 2 Nights of Revival Meetings

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The corrupted ‘mainstream/apostolic/prophetic’ mindset continues. ‘Revival’ to Patricia King, Joshua Mills and ‘mainstream’ gang is ‘seeing angels,’ ‘angel orbs’ and ‘glory dust.’ – Disgust!
‘Mystical prayer,’ ‘time travel’, heaven on demand. Led and leading down the garden path, Journey’s end in God’s hands

Jeremiah Johnson -Spiritual Son To Patricia King

To this I add a troubling tho’t. One of many who considers Patricia King a ‘spiritual mother,’ is Jeremiah Johnson. His ‘rising’ prominence on the ‘prophetic’ scene, particularly as one who is boldly addressing error and sin in the ‘prophetic camp,’ he is looked to as one to ‘rescue’ the ‘prophetic’ from it’s waywardness. Many who have turned aside from the corrupted, ‘mainstream/apostolic/ prophetic’ movement, look to him as an ex. of pure, genuine, authentic, reliable, prophetic ministry, one who is ‘cleansing the prophetic,’ yet numerous connections he has, are clearly established ‘players,’ in the corrupted ‘prophetic movement.’ 

Regardless of what is preached, prophesied, rebuked, or exposed, bad associations taint black.

Image may contain: text

‘Pot Calling The Kettle Black’

I do not discount the issues he has addressed, yet he has clearly assimilated himself into the ‘corrupted mainstream/apostolic/ prophetic’ movement, by his associations, his perspectives, and his failure to see, distinguish and separate himself from the corrupted, ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic’ movement.

His presence and actions are like a ‘false flag’ operation. I do not believe this is intentional. Jeremiah just does not see the spiritual spider web connectivity of the ‘mainstream /apostolic/ prophetic influence over the entire movement. 

His ‘calling the kettle black’ while he himself, tainted with the corruption of associations and perspectives in the ‘prophetic movement’ places him within the ‘movement’ itself, regardless of what he preaches, prophesies, rebukes, or exposes. 

This is most difficult for many to comprehend or acknowledge, because righteousness, holiness, repentance, love for God, spiritual revival harvest, fasting, prayer are constant themes, yet these themes were promulgated by the ‘Latter Rain’ movement from the beginning in the ‘Sharon school’ Northbattleford Sk. in 1948, yet error, elitism, and aberrant carnal spirituality were the over-riding controlling factors that are still prevalent in the movement today. 

False flag “an attack or other hostile action that obscures the identity of the participants carrying out the action while implicating another group or nation as the perpetrator (often used attributively):” 
 “a flag flown to disguise the nationality or affiliation of a vessel, vehicle, or base of operations:”

*I have asked Jeremiah to consider his associations with the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic’ movement, numerous times and rec’d no response. Cultist Kirby De Lanerolle’s relationship with several of Jeremiah’s close associations is something that must be addressed, or the assumption will be made that he has no problems with this, and that he has knowingly fully embraced the ‘corrupted mainstream/apostolic/prophetic’ movement. His ‘cleansing of the prophetic’ will be from a position of corrupting influence from them upon himself, and any *meaningful correction will require confronting his own associations, and the entire ‘mainstream prophetic’ movement. He cannot remain silent toward the ‘movement’ as a whole. 

As I have said, I consider him, at this point, already engaged in the ‘corrupted mainstream movement. I’m just endevouring to point this out to the Body. Jeremiah Johnson is not the rescuer of the ‘prophetic movement,’ neither is he a ‘remnant leader, raising up a new ‘prophetic people,’ unless he “Marks/considers those causing divisions and obstacles/hindrances/stumbling blocks contrary to the teaching that you have learned, and turn away from them.” Rom.16:17 He certainly cannot raise up a new ‘prophetic people,’ if he cannot recognize the corrupted ‘mainstream movement’ that many of his associates represent, it’s influence upon them, and their influence upon it.

Weighing Testing Evaluating

Email addressed to Jeremiah Johnson’s Ministries:

Some of Jeremiah’s dreams.
Daryl Giffin Mon, 30 Mar, 2020, 17:25 – to info.
I don’t know if this is the right avenue to communicate my concerns.I understand that Jeremiah has acknowledged in the past, the danger that Kirby de Lanerolle presents to the Body of Christ, being in great deception re: his ‘breatharianism’ and numerous other heretical beliefs. Knowing this, I wanted to communicate my concerns, regarding Charlie Shamp and Jeff Jansen, in particular, being present in one or more of Jeremiah’s dreams. Charlie and Jeff, are closely associated with Kirby, and I can provide the information if desired. They have both participated with Kirby in conferences and meetings. This association with Kirby is troubling in light of the dreams Jeremiah has had with Charlie and Jeff in them. I prayerfully ask that these concerns be considered. I value integrity and accuracy in prophetic ministry as Jeremiah does, and endeavour to do my part to present that integrity to the Body of Christ. Thank-you for considering. A fellow watchman in the Body. Daryl

Jeremiah acknowledging, requesting the weighing of his ‘prophetic’ input.

“Establishing a solid track record prophetically as well as inviting the body of Christ to judge and weigh our prophecies according to 1 Thess. 5:19-21 and 1 Cor. 14:29 is imperative if we are going to grow in prophetic maturity together on a global level.” Jeremiah Johnson

Again, my response to Jeremiah and my concerns, when asked about his fb post above.

*Jeremiah Johnson Ministries I ask you here, I implore you here, as I will on my fb page as well, to consider the connections I and others have addressed numerous times, and seek the Lord for the truth in these matters. The some of the very errors, and concerns you address, are prevalent in the connections you maintain with the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic’ movement.  This plea was made to Jeremiah on his fb page.

Numerous times I have expressed concerns to Jeremiah on his fb page.

Below I have weighed numerous dreams, visions, ‘prophecies,’ of Jeremiah. I have asked him personally, at his invitation, to consider, these observation and my concerns, voiced by many others as well. Judgement certainly does begin in the house of God. Every house.

Is Jeremiah willing to listen to concerns from peers and other leaders in the Body?


Tracy Cooke with occult influenced, false prophet William Branham’s mantel, impressing Jeremiah Johnson’s ‘revival crowd.’ Sad

I don’t do this to ridicule but to reveal serious issues in the Body of Christ. Tracy Cooke related his ‘mantle rec’ing story’ to Sid Roth. William Branham’s life story is chocked full of occult influences. Here Cooke is ‘leading the charge’ at Jeremiah’s ‘revival meetings’ in May. Many in the ‘prophetic movement’ consider Branham a ‘forerunner prophet,’ emulating the ‘Manifest Sons Of God’ beliefs. All of the heresy and occult activity is denied or excused. (Bizarre Branham Bites and The Occultic Roots of the NAR)

These heretical aberrancies are captivating large portions of the charismatic and prophetic movements, and may soon be the majority. They are definitely not fringe peculiarities. A voice must be heard to make these facts known!

The ‘Latter Rain’ ‘revival’ and movement of 1948, coming out of an aberrant ‘Bible school,’ split the ‘Pentecostal’ movement almost in two, intentionally, aggressively so, as it is once again gaining momentum, with much intentionality, to do the same again, under ‘apostolic’ governing authority.

Yes a voice must be heard, warning the Body of Christ to test all things.

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting, shoes and outdoor

A large gathering of ‘mature’ believers, ‘prophetic school’ graduates, ‘prophetic leaders,’ and prominent figures in the American Church, are sitting here, impressed with Tracy Cooke’s Branham ‘mantle’, operating out of the same spirit, propagating the same lies and deceptions to a generation, imparting the same spiritual pollution to thousands of deceived carriers of spiritual corruption, a generation of young people!

Yes, a voice must be heard! A thousand voices must be heard, to warn of spiritual aberrancy, heresy and apostasy coming upon the church!

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