Turning The Jacob Prasch Stone

Jewish? Only By Privileged Citizenship Thro’ Marriage

I don’t always relish turning over stones, and not necessarily because of what I might find, altho’ that has been the case many, if not most of the time. Jacob Prasch seems to have spoken into a needful area in Christian doctrine and beliefs, yet, in stumbling upon information on Jacob the other day, my attention was directed to further research.

Some descriptions used of Jacob Prasch are not necessarily my own. Further tho’t needs to be given.

The first article presented to me, was informing the reader of Jacob’s questionable claim to Jewish status. Much research has borne this out, as his claim apparently, is based upon the fact of his marriage to a Jewish woman, altho’ it seems his comments simply lead people to believe he is a Jew. He has argued this point numerous times, and leaves me with an impression of dishonesty. This issue is only the beginning of concerting information that I felt warranted a public warning, one I relish by no means, seeing as his input into the lives of many seekers of truth has been significant, including myself.

Numerous articles have been written looking into Jacob’s claims of Jewish heritage, which now seems to boil down to the fact of his allowing people to have the impression of Jewish ancestry, when in fact he claimed citizenship thro’ the privilege of marriage, which is still dishonesty.

*Addendum: More recently Jacob acknowledged his ‘citizenship thro’ marriage’, saying that someone put the “ridiculous rumour on the internet”, yet further down we see him propagating this ‘rumour’ himself.

Within this issue and with others as well, a certain volatile, vitriolic, uncoperativness, appears, the exp. of the writers below, a common response from seemingly most inquirers. Jacob seems not to hesitate labeling opponents as apostates and other derogatory terms. Not a good sign!

https://bereansdesk.blogspot.com/2020/08/david-lister-jacob-praschs-hired-gun.html https://closingstages.net/2019/04/21/is-jacob-prasch-a-fake-jew-by-treena-gisborn/

Treena Gisborn in the site above gives details of Prasch’s claims and defense of Jewish ancestry and in the site below we see him claiming that someone put the rumour on the internet.

Prasch’s Kabbalah ‘Metatron’ Is Jesus Christ

Then the concern of Jacob Prasch’s teaching on Metatron and it’s identity as Jesus Christ is introduced. Technical details describe Prach’s reasoning in teaching this, and his reason for teaching it, being to witness to the Jews, who, according to the Book of Zohar (Kabbalahism), believe Metatron to be a type of God, altho’ orthodox Jews do not practice Kabbalahism.


https://closingstages.net/2019/10/14/jacob-prasch-moriel-ministries-the-metatron-heresy-by-treena-gisborn/ More references are given in Treena’s article here.

Altho’ Jacob claims his Metatron teaching is to reach the Jews, Treena points out in the following site, with more details on the texts Prasch uses, that in fact he teaches it in many ‘Gentile’ churches. https://closingstages.net/2019/10/26/jacob-prasch-smoke-and-mirrors-by-treena-gisborn/

Now we have some explanations from Prasch, as to why he draws from Kabbalah and the Zohar, along with responses from others debating this approach, and discussing the Kabbalah. https://closingstages.net/2019/10/20/jacob-prasch-mixing-it-up-with-the-metatron/

One observervation of Prasch’s teaching on Metatron – source – (near bottom) https://bewareofthewolves.blogspot.com/ – see video of Prasch teaching on Metatron

This does not clear it up! Prasch has taught unequivocally that the Metatron is Jesus Christ:

More observation on Jacob’s Metatron teaching https://noahidelaw.com/jacob-prasch-and-his-claim-that-jesus-is-the-metatron/

Book on Kabbalah & Zohar – ‘Kabbalah Secrets Christians Need To Know’ https://www.kabbalahsecretschristiansneedtoknow.com/

Kabbalah Secrets Christians Need to Know

We live in a time when false teachings are infiltrating Christian Theology at a rapid rate. This important book exposes one of the greatest threats to pure Biblical Christianity. Deanne Loper uncovers the deception by giving a detailed description of what Kabbalah is and equips believers to recognize it in its morphed form of Christianity. The evidence shows that the god of today’s Babylonian and kabbalistic Judaism is NOT the God of the Bible and that the current convergence of Christians coming under rabbinic authority will bring them, not to the one true God of the Bible, but to the subservience of the god of Kabbalah – Ein Sof – and to its hierarchy of gods.

Deception, a mixture of truth and error. Leaven, the whole lump is infested with error. This is very evident with teachings such as this. It brings error into the body of Christ. Thanks Treena Gisborn. https://bewareofthewolves.blogspot.com/2019/10/jacob-prasch-moriel-ministries-metatron.html?fbclid=IwAR3TrGEEnbCw4GAwHlDHC_5nLGPyrMj7uCnPIM_w7LoaVz0fbYbofQwJqfw

Prasch sinks further into false teaching and heresy, recently referring to the Metatron as Jesus Christ on YouTube. Below is one of the most convoluted teachings I have heard from Prasch, probably deliberately so in order to confuse his hearers. {1}The Metatron is described as an angelic being in the Babylonian Talmud, in various other mystical writings and in the apocryphal books of Enoch. In these writings, it is said that after Enoch’s translation (Genesis 5:24), that he was transformed into the angel Metatron. The Greek Meta+Tron translates Beyond+Matrix. The Metatron is referred to as “Lesser YHVH” in a version of the Talmud by the Karite scholar Kirkisani. Jewish myths are condemned in the New Testament – as such Christians should completely avoid such teachings:Therefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith, not devoting themselves to Jewish myths and the commands of people who turn away from the truth. (Titus 1:13-14 cf. 1Timothy 1:42 Timothy 4:4).

Let no one disqualify you, insisting on asceticism and worship of angels, going on in detail about visions, puffed up without reason by his sensuous mind, and not holding fast to the Head, from whom the whole body, nourished and knit together through its joints and ligaments, grows with a growth that is from God. (Colossians 2:18-19).

Compelling Truth’s warning:

“Metatron is at best a legend, and at worst, a deception—there is no reason to believe he exists. The Bible never mentions him, and the descriptions of Metatron in the mystical writings do not agree with the biblical descriptions of angels. The Bible tells us not to pursue ‘godless myths and old wives’ tales’ but to instead train ourselves in godliness (1 Timothy 4:7 NIV). Furthermore, the worship of angels is associated with asceticism and false visions, and is opposed to the worship of Christ (Colossians 2:18-19).” {2}

In fact this is not a new heresy from Prasch after all! He referred to “the Metatrone” as “the Lord Jesus” four times in his book ‘Harpazo’ (2014) (pages 11, 135, 271, 357).

Why Calling Jesus The Metatron is Problematic…


More Kabbalah-Zohar References


KABBALAH INFILTRATING CHRISTIANITY Good background history – scroll past story incidences http://seraphimre.blogspot.com/2015/02/kabbalah-infiltrating-mainstream.html

FALSE PROPHET: Jonathan Cahn – “The Zohar Speaks” http://christianobserver.net/jonathancahnthezoharspeaks/

THE HISTORY OF CHRISTIAN KABBALAHISM – ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Kabbalah

Johnathan Cahn – Ex. Of Mislead Incorporation Of Kabbalistic Ideas Into Christian Beliefs https://watchmenonthepod.com/2020/05/01/oracles-and-mysteries-spoken-from-the-zohar/?fbclid=IwAR0PvpuZhICSqbdh4WiEFHaa9jyvusbOUQ366F6dNUMwwKU23-u4hrOOLYc

The Mystery Of Jonathan Cahn’s Return “The premise of The Oracle is to reveal a hidden timeline in which world events – past, present and future – are concealed in “the law of Jubilees…the mystery of return – where everything returns to the state in which it was at the beginning of the age.”  According to the oracle, the Jubilean mysteries are determining the course of the entire world:  governments, nations, leaders, wars, as well as the church. Consequently, not only must the Jewish people return to their land in the year of Jubilee (as calculated and predetermined by the Zohar), but there must also be a return of the church to its Jewish roots.

Now, 2,000 years later, the church must return, “the two-thousand year-old separation between the church and Israel must come to and end,” based on the law of Jubilees.

Upon hearing that the church, having “lost its radical nature and its revolutionary power” has been in a parallel exile with the Jewish people, the traveler asks the oracle, “So will it involve the whole church…and every Christian?”   The oracle answers, “Not all who are called by those names…but the true, the remnant.” (The Oracle – pgs. 257-258).

This is the same radical message being promoted by Rabbi Itzhak Shapira, that only a remnant of Christians will return to the earthly kingdom of Israel, *though Shapira takes it to another level with his teaching that Christianity is Biblical Edom and that when Yeshua (a.k.a. Metatron) returns, he will destroy Christianity as an entity!*

Kabbalahism in various forms is hotly contest as a viable source of information, almost perhaps, legitimately acceptable for Christian enlightenment, by some. This is another war raging in the Christian church! One can pursue their own research in this and in the matter of issues with Jacob Prasch.

Jacob Prasch – Hebrew Roots Connection

Nmuerous writings are connecting Jacob Prasch with the Hebrew Roots movement in some way.


“As one peruses the lists of Messengers of Messiah, its affiliates, connections and adherents to those organizations, it becomes apparent which organizations are in agreement with the teachings of Peter Michas and other Hebrew Roots leaders. (tho’ they may disavow Hebrew Roots endorsement)

It is established that Peter Michas, Uri Marcus and Larry Rowland are united in their mission. Uri Marcus promotes the Kabbalistic teachings of his brother, Avi ben Mordechai, by incorporating them into his articles. Larry Rowland of Messengers of Truth, supports and participates in the teaching of Messengers of Messiah as indicated on his “Great Places to Visit on the Web,” as well as the many emails to Peter Michas who publishes his false doctrine. Regarding Messengers of Messiah, Larry Rowland states: “To join the best Hebraic Bible study on the world-wide-web today check out Messengers of Messiah International Ministries and Pastor Peter A. Michas” 22.

Of further interest is Larry Rowland’s link and affirmation of Moriel USA. Mr. Rowland states: “Moriel is the ministry name of UK-based evangelist and teacher, Jacob Prasch. Jacob Prasch and Moriel are Christ-centered, doctrinally sound and warmly deserving of your time and effort.” 23.

Messengers of Messiah web site specifically links to Moriel USA and is closely connected with Ann Rogers of Moriel Ministries. Ann Rogers is the head of the American branch of Moriel, that is, Jacob Prasch’s Moriel, which many deny as having any association with Messengers of Messiah. It has been consistently claimed that Jacob Prasch is not affiliated with other Hebrew Roots groups. On the Moriel website is found the following endorsement:“Moriel and Jacob Prasch are pleased to endorse the following ministries, among others, as Christ-centered, doctrinally sound, and warmly deserving of your prayers and support.”Directly linked is Messengers of Messiah.

[Editor’s note: Numerous pages of Jacob Prasch’s Moriel website have been removed subsequent to this expose, including the preceding page linking Moriel Ministries to Peter Michas’ Messengers of Messiah. However Moriel Ministries Australia displays links to Messengers of Messiah, Larry Rowland’s Messengers of Truth and Uri Marcus’ Nehemiah Trust Fund.]

Some questions must be answered. On the one hand, why would these leaders publicly deny their obvious connections, and on the other hand through their teachings and endorsements, reveal their agreement and common objectives?

Jacob Prasch has publicly renounced association with other Hebrew Roots groups but expressed his belief in the teachings of the Midrash, and the Talmud. He strongly believes that we cannot gain understanding of the Scriptures without the “wisdom of the ancients” (meaning the sages) He stated: “The Talmud tells us there are multiple interpretations… It takes the wisdom of the ancients to really understand these things…not the wisdom of the 16th century, but the wisdom of the first century.” 24.

To understand this statement, we must bear in mind the distinction between the ‘written Torah’ and the ‘oral Torah’. Gershom Scholem explains in “On the Kabbalah and its Symbolism” that the Midrash and all Rabbinic writings are the writings of the sages:…According to the esoteric usage of the Talmudic sources, the written Torah is the text of the Pentateuch. The oral Torah is the sum total of everything that has been said by scholars and sages in explanation of this written corpus, by the talmudic commentators on the Law and all others who have interpreted text. The oral Torah is the tradition of the Congregation of Israel, it performs the necessary role of completing the written Torah and making it more concrete. 25.

The “wisdom of the ancients” refers to the teachings of the sages to whom Peter Michas, Jacob Prasch, Avi ben Mordechai and other Hebrew Roots leaders turn to for their doctrine.

RABBINIC WRITINGS? A Christian Alternative to the New Testament? https://watch-unto-prayer.org/HRM.html

The Divine Inspiration of Scripture

Peter Michas of Messengers of Messiah Ministries maintains that the original Gospels were written in Hebrew and/or Aramaic, translated into Greek and are therefore unreliable, especially having passed through successive translations to the English New Testament used by English-speaking Christians today. The solution to this problem, according to Michas, is to turn to the Old Testament and Jewish traditions to determine the truth of the New Testament. Peter Michas advocates reliance upon the Jewish Mishnah, Haggadah, Halakah, Talmud and Midrash, along with the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament), as better commentaries on New Testament doctrine than the Greek and English New Testaments themselves, which he claims are inferior translations of the presumed Hebrew/Aramaic originals.

Peter Michas and other Hebraic Roots organizations have connections and conduct seminars with a non-Christian, Jesus-Seminar type of institution called the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research. A book published in 1984 by David Bivin (Director of the JSSR) and Roy Blizzard has formed the basis of much Hebraic Roots’ doctrine.

The Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research, a “consortium of Jewish and Christian scholars,” is non-committal regarding the divinity of Jesus Christ, identifying Him only as being “like other Jewish sages of that time”:

Although Jacob Prasch does not agree with the “Hebrew Source critical arguments espoused by David Bivin and Roy Blizzard,” he believes their material is worth considering and has advertised their seminars in Moriel publications. Moreover, he is generally “in agreement with, or at least sympathetic towards…the Jerusalem School as a whole, (and) other propositions of scholars associated with the School”:

“From an academic position, we must separate someone’s doctrines from their scholarly arguments… This… applies to David Bivin and Roy Blizzard, (who have in any event separated from one another). It is commonly said around Jerusalem that these men are Campbellites, departing from orthodox evangelicalism, and have in common doctrinal roots with the “Church of Christ”, a sect which many see as cultic and having a de facto sacramental soteriology. Whatever their Campbellite inclinations may be, we must only consider their arguments as arguments without reference to their doctrines or ecclesiology...

“I again wish to note I have no objections to the arguments of the Jerusalem School being considered for purely scholarly purposes within an academic format, or being researched and investigated by Christians with an interest in the Jewish roots of their faith. Indeed in our own newsletter we have advertised seminars with David Bivin.

>*”Bivin and Blizzard have infected many leaders of the Hebraic Roots movement with doubt concerning the authenticity of the Greek and English New Testaments and these, in turn, have influenced others to prefer uninspired Hebrew sources as guides to ascertaining Christian doctrine.

Having allowed that the writings of unregenerate scholars, Rabbinical and otherwise, are admissible as sources for understanding the New Testament, Mr. Prasch promotes the use of the Jewish traditional literature such as the Midrash, the Rabbinical commentaries attached the Old Testament text.  Midrash offers lip service to the New Testament requirement of comparing Scripture with Scripture to determine doctrine, however the heavy promotion of Jewish Rabbinical and other spiritual traditions belies any pretensions Jacob Prasch may have to Christian orthodoxy. To further the departure from the orthodox interpretations of Scripture, a straw man is set up — the Protestant Reformers — which Mr. Prasch then knocks down, advising students of Scripture to turn instead to non-believing rabbis for interpretation of the Bible:

Midrash – Mysticism?

The section above introduces Jacob Prasch’s heavy reliance upon, promotion and propagation of the Jewish Midrash, and the pitfalls. The following article gives great detail regarding the Midrash, Jacob Prsach’s views and use of it, and some opposing concerns.

“To further the departure from the orthodox interpretations of Scripture, a straw man is set up — the Protestant Reformers — which Mr. Prasch then knocks down, advising students of Scripture to turn instead to non-believing rabbis for interpretation of the Bible:

“Whilst Jacob Prasch dispenses with Protestant methods of exegesis, he gives partial acceptance to Theosophy, the Kabbalist/Rosicrucian system of discovering and developing the divine powers in man:”

Orthodox Hermeneutics Rejected In Favour Of Midrash

http://www.blessedquietness.com/journal/resource/midrash.htm Very insightful suggested reading

“I declare that this “Midrash” (being one of the latest fads among the exponents of the Hebrew Roots Movement) is just “the camel’s nose”; and as the Bedouin parable goes: if the camel is allowed to stick his nose in the tent, before long, the whole camel will be in the tent. The “camel” in my illustration is the newest attempt at Judaizing Christianity by the exponents of the Hebrew Roots Movement. Richard Engstrom 

The Mystifying Midrash The rules of literal-grammatical interpretation of Scripture are self-evident: Before you start looking for other incidental meanings and applications, you begin by receiving the plain conveyance of the words according to all the normal rules of definition and grammar, which include the universal rhetorical devices of metaphor, allegory, simile, symbol, type, and etc.

The historical-grammatical view (by it’s title) implies that a knowledge of the setting in which the words were spoken is necessary to rightly grasp the object and import of the words. In other words, only a first century Jew really knew what Jesus meant. The “grammatical” component of this system infers that figures of speech in the Bible are now detached from their original reference points, and cannot be understood without being retranslated according to the new principle of “dynamic equivalence”. The “grammar” in this system does not refer to the grammar of the language to which the Bible was translated, but to the grammar of the language the translation was made from. Prasch’s Midrashic system is precisely the “historical grammatical” school – for he implies that without an intimate knowledge of first century culture and Hebrew grammar, we cannot fathom the intended meaning of the words and phrases in the Bible.

*It is apparent to me that Jacob Prasch has an agenda, and that agenda is to subtly bring historic Biblical scholarship into disrepute while suggesting that we should acknowledge the inherent superiority of Jewish hermeneutics (and of course, become students of those who teach these things).

If Midrash was presented by Mr. Prasch as nothing more than worthy reading because of the many insightful expositions that can be found there, I would have no objection whatsoever to his recommendation. But, he doesn’t stop there, and actually intimates that unless our principles of interpretation are abandoned in favor of Midrashic principles, that we are in danger of seriously misapprehending what our Bible intends for us to understand. 

There is no doubt that the Reformers were reacting to the Gnosticism and medieval Scholasticism of Roman Catholicism: but their reaction was mainly against simple and generic infidelity to the Bible. The oft quoted Reformation formula “Sola Scriptura – Sola Fide” admits to no need for a Jewish hermeneutic or an historical perspective. Prasch’s intimation that the Reformers’ solution to the errors of those times was that the Bible ought to be read as “literature and history” characterizes those Reformers as impotent fools who had no idea what the problem really was.

The “Humanists” were certainly guilty of Mr. Prasch’s charge, but by inferring that the Reformers were no different than the secular Humanists, this well informed and usually astute scholar is bearing false witness. He knows that the common conception of what a Humanist is today, has little in common with what it meant to be a Humanist in the sixteenth century. By failing to make the distinction between social-political Humanism and contemporary Religious Humanism, Mr. Prasch appears to being playing to the prejudice of his audience in order to make the Reformers appear all the more unreliable and trivial.
Jacob continues to antiquate the usefulness of the Reformers’ influence:

“Using the grammatical-historical method, the Reformers were able to discover truths such as Justification by Faith and the Authority of Scripture. But that is all they could see; they could not go beyond it.”

Prasch uses Luther’s openly confessed consternation (re: book of Revelation)to suggest that Luther’s approach to the Bible, and YOUR’S, have fallen prey to the “Protestant mind” which he openly declares to be a fountain-head of error and short-sightedness.

Bottome Line Issue With Jacob Prasch
Another brick in the wall: Now you are being notified that unless you learn Midrash, you don’t have a gnat’s chance of ever understanding apocalyptic prophecy. Furthermore, He has already informed you that you cannot understand Midrash without being educated in Judaism and Hebrew. So here we are: We need Jacob Prasch to expain all these things to us, since he is the only expert on these matters that we know about. Watch Out! The camel’s nose is already in the tent, and if you look you can see all those camels lining up behind him.

“It takes the wisdom of the ancients to really understand these things-Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast… (Revelation 13:18)-not the wisdom of the 16th century, but the wisdom of the first century.”

And now, Prasch intimates that HE, understands the significance of the number of the beast – but he’s not telling us. And he suggests that unless you study Midrash, you will never know what he knows, and now he lures you to learn midrash so that you can finally understand prophecy rightly.

3 thoughts on “Turning The Jacob Prasch Stone

  1. Anyone checked Prasch’s *undisclosed* university and what his qualifications are. Most ministers would mention this and he takes great care to emphasize his sharp intellect.
    It is only a hunch that with a name like Aloysius, the place of learning is an inconvenient Catholic institution- or even none- like the faux Jewish ancestry.
    The agenda to undermine and overthrow orthodox faith.


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