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Indian Guru Latest Rage Among Charismatic Christians

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is a Hindu-turned-Charismatic Guru who blends his Hindu pujas (religious traditions) with Christian flavoring to create an interesting advertising schtick to those seeking after signs and prophecies. Selvaraj has become the latest rage among America’s charismatics, who are increasingly seeing him as a prophet, or in some cases, Apostle.

Selvaraj has made numerous end times or doomsday prophecies, especially those relating to natural disasters or pestilence, that have reportedly come to pass.

Like all charismatic prophecies, his have only come in the vaguest of terms, and if fulfilled he is heralded as a prophet, and if unfulfilled he is credited with turning the people to repentance and turning back God’s wrath.

Selvaraj is also a necromancer, and claims that Old Testament prophets are actually prophesying through him. He has done this, in particular, with the prophet, Joel. In fact, Selvaraj has claimed that God’s Old Testament Saints will come back down to Earth to help with natural disaster recovery efforts (link, timestamp 10:14).

Here’s a video of Selvaraj talking about his own Heaven tourism in which he appeared at a heavenly council with none other than…Donald Trump.


So, you can see exactly what this guy’s deal is. He supposedly hears directly from God. He’s seen God. He’s seen Heaven; he’s been there. He speaks to the Old Testament prophets and they speak with him and through him. And, he looks like an Indian guru, so Westerners think he must be especially attuned to the supernatural.

Expect to see more and more of this shaman in American charismaticism as time goes on. He is now on our radar.

Sundar Selvaraj-

Reads The Stars-Talks To The Dead

Should a man who reads the stars and communes with the dead be listened to let alone believed?

Sept. 27/2017 + Rev. 12 fulfillment/ astrological alignment – non event – nothing happened – this was a hyper ‘prophetic’ belief among many.

Sadhu ‘encounters’ Abraham in heaven.

Sadhu teaches dead saints are among us, imparting revelation to him, and assisting the saints on earth in the work of the Lord.…/prophet-sadhu…/…

“Joel & dead saints will personally come down to help Christians accomplish God’s work in the Philippines”


“I’ve always been hesitant about Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. As a born-again Christian coming from a church that believes in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I do affirm that God continues to give some people prophetic abilities for His purposes. I also believe, however, that we must always subject prophets to intense scrutiny. As Christians, we can’t just accept what people say and believe them at face value. We must exercise discernment and weigh truth claims against the standard of the Word.

Recently, there was an uproar caused by the irresponsible ABS-CBN reportage about a skin disease that is “unti-unting kumakalat sa Pangasinan” (gradually spreading in Pangasinan). Without any statistics to show for it, the TV network implied that the #MisteryosongSakitSaBandila could be the fulfillment of a prophecy. Obviously, they were referring to Sadhu Selvaraj’s prophecy made in 2013, together with his fellow prophet from India, Bro. Vincent Selvakumar.

Here are some videos of the prophecies:

Many Christians reacted in very affirming ways to the implied connection between #MisteryosongSakitSaBandila and Sadhu Selvaraj’s prophetic declarations. We deserve a MEGA FACEPALM for that.

Mega Facepalm Gif. For your reaction folder needs… How does I get the bbcode

Buti na lang, DOH immediately issued a statement debunking the alleged spread of any plague in Pangasinan. Nawala ang scare, kumalma na ang mga tao.”

Flesh-Eating Disease ‘Prophecy’ Deemed a Hoax by Philippine Department of Health Explanation of Sadhu’s ‘flesh eating disease prophecy’ in site below

“As I have observed from conversations surrounding Sadhu Selvaraj’s prophecies, it is always a dead end: “If they come true, he’s a true prophet. If they don’t come true, it’s because the people repented.” Whatever happens, he’s always right. Although I disagree with that line of reasoning (on the basis of Deuteronomy 18:21-22 and 13:1-4), I will not dispute it for now because it would seem to be an effort in futility to do so.

Thus, this post is not intended to examine his or Bro. Selvakumar’s prophecies bit by bit. Instead, I would like to turn your attention to a doctrine taught by Sadhu Selvaraj which, in my opinion, should be a major reason for all Christians to genuinely reconsider whether or not his prophetic statements are of any value. The doctrine is that dead Biblical prophets or saints can and actually do help Christians achieve God’s purposes on Earth.

I was present in one of his gatherings in Manila a few years ago (I’ve forgotten the exact year) when, much to my surprise, he claimed that the prophet Joel was in our midst, imparting to him revelations he was supposed to tell the people. No, it wasn’t Joel Houston or Joel Osteen or Joel Lamangan. It was the prophet Joel son of Pethuel of the Bible he was talking about. It was the first time I heard someone claim that a Biblical prophet is personally and spiritually coming down from heaven to deliver a message through him.

Apparently, this is a doctrine inseparable from Sadhu Selvaraj’s prophetic claims. In 10:16 of the first video above, he says:

“The armies of God will be stationed in this land. And they will wage war against the enemies of God. The kingdom of God, the angels of God and the saints of God—forget about the Catholic teaching of praying to the saints (I’m not talking about that right now. I’m talking to you about the true ministry of angels and the true ministry of the saints)—they will come down.”

Sadhu Selvaraj promises in the video that dead saints will personally come down to help Christians accomplish God’s work in the Philippines. He immediately footnotes that this is not about the Roman Catholic doctrine of praying to the saints. However, it is difficult for me to ignore how strikingly similar this claim is to the Roman Catholic saintly “apparitions” long-disputed by born-again Christians.

As Christians, we do not believe that the spirits of dead people can and should interact with anyone on Earth (Deuteronomy 18:10-12). This is one of the fundamental differences we have with Roman Catholicism. All human beings who lived in Biblical times are now dead. Their spirits are in the afterlife and there is no Biblical indication that any of them can come back to Earth for any divine purpose.

Yes, 1 Samuel 28 tells us of Samuel going back from the dead because of the stubbornness of Saul. During the Transfiguration, we also see Moses and Elijah appearing in the presence of Jesus and some disciples. But these are isolated cases that happened for very narrow and specific purposes. They were in no way commonplace Biblical phenomena, and were never narrated in such a way as to be interpreted as prescribing the intervention of dead saints in the advancing of God’s kingdom.

If we will accept Sadhu Selvaraj’s teaching that the souls of the righteous dead can come back to Earth, we might as well accept the Roman Catholic claims of apparitions of the Blessed Mary. Besides, these alleged Marian apparitions have more documentary proof than Sadhu Selvaraj’s claim that dead holy men are in the business of aiding Christians nowadays.

In order to justify the saintly interventions, Sadhu Selvaraj usually cites Matthew 27 as a Biblical precedent. Again, in the video, he says:

“If you read Matthew 27:50, 51, 52, after the death of the Lord Jesus Christ the graves were opened and the saints of God arose from the dead. And after the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, He appeared to many people in the holy city. The saints of God appeared there and showed themselves there. And they witnessed for the Lord Jesus Christ saying that He is the Messiah. In the same manner the saints of God and the angels of God will station in this land to work with you. What a blessed call that is! What a great and awesome privilege you have received from the Almighty God! But at the same time, if you will fail in your calling, great will be your judgment.”

When Sadhu Selvaraj uses the vague phrase “in the same manner”, what does he actually mean? Does he mean that the graves will be opened? Does he mean that the saints of God will appear and expose themselves to the public? Does he mean that they will also verbally evangelize non-believers? I honestly want to know. Because if I were to believe the Bible, it is now the Holy Spirit’s assigned task to aid believers witness for Christ.

As I end this post, I just want to say that I respect Sadhu Selvaraj and his followers. The fact that I devoted precious time addressing his message is evidence of my respect to his apparent influence to the body of Christ in the Philippines. However, I have genuine questions that need genuine answers. If the points I’ve raised here can be reasonably corrected, please do send me a message and I would be willing to make another blog post endorsing Sadhu Selvaraj.

In the mean time, I remain hesitant to believe his teachings. Sure, God can send angels to help us in any way. But as far as the Bible is concerned, we are complete in Christ (Colossians 2:10). We have no need of angelic apparition or transcendental meditation or astral plane experience to validate our intimacy with God (Colossians 2:18). Nobody needs to be spiritually brought to heaven while in a state of trance just to strengthen his/her relationship with Jesus. We have the Holy Spirit and He is our parakletos (John 14:16)—the one who comes alongside us, our ally, our comforter, our helper. He is more than enough for us!


There’s More

reincarnation and transmigration He believes that the dead can receive Christ/attain salvation after death: With regard to the doctrine of reincarnation and transmigration also, I have conversed with Swedenborg and some other Hindu saints who, after entering into the spiritual world, have accepted the Lord as the only true God and Saviour and also those who have not yet accepted Him. They all say that reincarnation is impossible.”

He believes in universalism A DIVINE SPARK However bad and evil-living a man may be, there is in man’s nature a divine spark … this spark of the divine is never extinguished … If this divine spark or element cannot be destroyed, then we can never be hopeless for any sinner… The Creator Himself will not destroy it (man’s soul)… even though many wander and go astray in the end, they will return to Him in Whose image they have been created; for this is their final destination.” (I don’t have sources for these statements yet, other than here) :…/sadhu…/1591235364344062/…

From Right Wing Watch, earlier this month:
On his television program yesterday, End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker interviewed Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, who has born to a Hindu family but converted to Christianity as a teenager and whom Bakker hails as a modern-day prophet for supposedly having prophesied Hurricane Harvey and the destruction it would cause to the city of Houston.

During the program, Selvaraj told Bakker that during the 2016 election, he was called up to heaven and directly told by Abraham that it has been decided by “the council of the prophets” that Donald Trump would be America’s next president.

Selvaraj was born in 1962; he has a television ministry based in Chennai (Angel TV), and he has apparently been undertaking regular missionary work in Tibet since 1986. As indicated by his use of the title “sadhu”, Selvaraj’s outward appearance is that of a Hindu holy man – he wears a simple orange gown, and he has an impressive white-and-grey beard.

Selvaraj says that God asked him to continue the work of Sadhu Sundar Singh, a famous Sikh convert to Christianity who similarly described himself as Christian sadhu at the start of the last century, and who attempted missionary work in Tibet before dying young. (1) One US Evangelical/Neo-Pentecostal book thus compares him to Elisha, the Hebrew Bible prophet who received Elijah’s mantle. (2)

In the US, Selvaraj speaks at annual conferences held at Reverend Ann Ott’s In His Presence Ministries in Houston, Texas, and at Pastor Joe Sweet’s Shekinah Worship Center in Lancaster, California; these events are described as being “hosted by Angel TV” (for 2015 see here and here), and if you happen to live in California it may be useful to know that Selvaraj recently told Jim Bakker that “The Lord has shown me that Lancaster California is one of the places of refuge chosen by God for the last days”. The California conferences also include Neville Johnson, an “End Times” neo-Pentecostal from Queensland, Australia. (3)

Numerous videos of Selvaraj have been uploaded to a YouTube, particularly by a channel called “The Seraphim”. Titles include “The Antichrist Will Politically Rise From Berlin, Germany” (here); “Donald Trump 4 YR Tenure is the Final Grace Period And Warning For America” (here); “Jerusalem Becomes a Burden to All Nations, Gog Magog War” (here, with a bizarre computer generated backdrop); “Israel will build 3rd temple in exchange for land. Prophecy !!!” (here); “Identification of the Beast (Revelation 13) as revealed to Bro. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj” (here); and “URGENT WARNING!!! Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj says Trump Is In Danger 2017” (here). Much of his teaching is based on personal messages received from God, although he also draws on ideas promoted by others – thus he joined in promoting the “Four Blood Moons” phenomenon that was supposed to signal the End-Times in 2015.

Another video is “Pope Francis is the Prophesied False Prophet in Revelation 13”, and the American neo-Pentecostal news service Charisma News has in the last few days run a prominent piece claiming that ” information confirms Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj’s prophecy that Pope Francis is the false prophet from Revelation”. The “information” is presented in a discussion between Jim Bakker and Tom Horn, whose religious writings are full of extravagant and bizarre David Icke-style science-fiction elements.

In particular, Bakker cites the fact that the Pope does not approve of Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; Bakker, of course, is a fervent Christian Zionist who believes that modern Israel is an indication of the Last Days. Bakker and Horn also refer to the new anti-Francis book The Dictator Pope by the pseudonymous Marcantonio Colonna, and to attacks on the “Phariseeism” of Francis by the Catholic author Michael O’Brien (e.g. here). Horn, as discussed previously, believes (or at least claims) that Francis is in fact “Peter the Roman”, the final pope and thus involved in a plan to create an “Alien Serpent-Savior”.

Evangelicals of course have a long history of naming the anti-Christ, but it is nevertheless unusual for a high-profile source to positively state, without any wriggle-room, that a figure supposedly predicted in the Book of Revelation can be positively identified beyond doubt. Charisma News is owned by Steven Strang’s Charisma Media, and in 2005 Strang – author of a recent book on God and Donald Trump, discussed here – was one of Time magazine’s “25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America”.
1. An essay by the late scholar of religion Eric Sharpe posted here explains that “during the 1920s, the attention of Christians in practically every part of the world was seized and gripped by the work, witness and personality of an Indian Christian preacher, Sadhu Sundar Singh.Sharpe also notes his interest in Emmanuel Swedenbourg, and “resemblances between Sundar Singh’s visions (or rather the explanation which he gave to those visions) and some aspects of the teaching of Swedenborg.” He also quotes Singh as having written in 1929 that;
“I have conversed with Swedenborg and some other Hindu saints who, after entering into the spiritual world, have accepted the Lord as the only true God and Saviour…
This quote strays from orthodox Christianity, and as such some Evangelicals suggest that his conversion, which Singh claimed was facilitated by a vision of Jesus, was a demonic deception. The issue was raised in 2009 in relation to the controversial neo-Pentecostal evangelist Todd Bentley (blogged here); Bentley claimed in 2006 to have had “a vision” of Singh.


Title “Sadhu”, Selvaraj’s A Hindu Holy Man 

Sadhu Sundar Singh the earlier Hindu ‘converted’ guru, studied Swedenbourgism, and spoke of the ‘divine spark’ in all of humanity, of which Sundar Selvaraj spoke, as well as numerous other similarities.

It seems there was and is as much Hinduism mixture with both Sundar Singh, and Sundar Selvaraji! Here is a false prophet clear and simple.

This indicates a gross lack of discernment in the Body of Christ, and a penchant for ‘prophecy’ and ‘signs and wonders’ that blinds and numbs the spiritual senses, a proclivity to deception.

But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained their senses to distinguish good from evil. Heb. 5:14

He’s Making Headlines! – What does this say?

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