Elijah List Lies

On the Elijah List website you will find the following statement:

“The Elijah List has determined to find and to publish the most credible prophetic words possible through ‘tried and tested’ men and women of God and to post them to the entire list so that they may be individually judged by members of the Body of Christ.”

When I first heard about Elijah List, the 5 fold ministry and the ‘prophetic’ were everything to me. I loved the Scriptures, but the latest ‘prophetic word’ was my sustenance for the day, my focus, my spiritual significance, my purpose, direction.

On The Naughty List

One of the very 1st things I did in the beginning of my spiritual detox journey, was to email Steve Shultz to ask him why he was interviewing Paul Young, author of the infamous book, The Shack, since he was a self proclaimed universalist, and heretical author of a New Age packed book. My email was responded to in a pacifying manner. Many in the ‘Prophetic’ camp endorsed ‘The Shack, in the face of much protest over New Age content, and insinuations.

Why I left Elijah List

Around the same time I discovered an article titled, Why I left Elijah List.” That was all I needed to put Elijah List on mynaughty list,’ as it exposed Elijah List concerns deep within the operating system. Here is the eye opening article. *The full article is a very insightful read. a https://truthinreality.com/2013/09/18/my-seven-years-working-for-the-elijah-list-by-kevin-kleint/

One dishonest practice was described this way;

“Occasionally, a contributor would send us a “word” with content that didn’t necessarily jibe with the Elijah List’s “encouraging words only” philosophy. Trying to stick with the “encouragement only” philosophy, Steve would have to write introductions (sometimes 3-4 paragraphs long) to the words and try to “play down” the corrective/repentance-based element of the email. There would usually be an effort to direct people to God’s “softer” side. Occasionally, certain “offending” sentences in the submission would be completely re-worded prior to release. These subtle, and sometimes flagrant, manipulations would usually upset the contributor, especially the more “idealistic” ones.

The last time I checked the Bible, a prophet was told not to regard man’s opinion and give the Word of God…. Undiluted.

It became clear to me that, during this phase, the focus had shifted. Mammon and the Fear of Man had become the “god” of the Elijah List. I say this because, from what I experienced, every effort was made to make more money and to please man. Words were released based upon the popularity of the contributor and the profit to be made from the products they sold — not on the truthfulness or relevance the words held.”

Accuracy Please

To be an inaccurate prophet in the Old Testament was punishable by death. Thankfully, we don’t have to live under that law today, but as a result, many people prophesy inaccurate “prophecies” and are not held responsible if that prophecy doesn’t come to pass. Just go to any prophetic conference, or do a small search through the Elijah List and you will see/hear yearly prophecies of revival and breakthrough in many major cities in the United States and around the world …. this has been going on for years …. and yet, where is it? If even 10% of these prophecies came true, you would’ve heard about it. They also prophesy these things over the Body of Christ as a whole, but we have yet to experience this.

But when a prophet has a continuous bad record, he/she needs to come clean and say “I didn’t hear God” or at least “I made a mistake”. Unfortunately, instead of coming clean, the “prophets” will debate about God’s timing vs our timing …. or, if all else fails, they fall back on the scripture that says “We know in part and prophesy in part”.

Of course we only know and prophesy “in part”, we are not God. But when the prophetic track record is so abysmally low, we really need to stop taking a cheap escape route, humble ourselves and ask if we’re truly hearing from God.

The end result of all prophecy should be God’s people repenting …. turning their hearts back to God. Nowadays, teachings on “third heaven experiences”, “the glory realm” and “breakthrough” are labeled as prophecy. Do you see how even our definition of prophecy has become “man-centered”?

The Practice of Lawlessness

The Bible plainly says in Matthew 7:15-20

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”

Something we must realize about Jesus’ sermons is that they were a continuous thought, they weren’t just random thoughts and separate subjects brought together just to “fill space”. The Word of God was/is God-breathed. The chapter numbers and the sub-headers in your bible translation were put there by man.

Now, there is a reason why God put a warning about false prophets and the good fruit/bad fruit dynamic together in the same subject. It is because false prophets work in such deception, that sometimes the ONLY way you are going to tell a good prophet from a bad prophet is through their fruits.

In fact, in the subsequent verses of Matthew 7:21-23 it says:

“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

Up until a few years ago, I never thought this verse could be possible. How could someone use Jesus’ name to do miracles, prophesy and cast out devils unless God was with Him? But we’re seeing it all over the place now.

Wicked Roots

Fathers” of the Prophetic Movement: It is not my intention to pick on specific people with this next section. I am using Bob Jones and Paul Cain as examples to show that perversion and error has had a firm foothold from the roots of this movement and is being passed on directly to the “younger” generation of prophets and their followers, who revere the “older” prophets unquestioningly, because they’ve been taught to do so. It is SO EASY to just accept what you hear when it comes from a person you admire, but the consequences are great when what you hear is wrong, or worse yet … half right.

Bob Jones and Paul Cain are considered “fathers” or “high level prophets in this movement. They have been on the scene since the 90′s and are quite well-known to the prophetic crowd. If you ask a prophet who their influences are, 95% of the time either Bob Jones or Paul Cain will come out of their mouth.

According to the Olathe Daily News (11/13/91: “Minister removed after confession of sexual misconduct”), Bob Jones confessed to sexual misconduct with a of couple women behind the closed doors of his office. I’ve read and heard a couple different reports as to what exactly went on, but I will not disclose them here as I don’t have a concrete source. The fact that it happened, and was admitted to, should be enough.

Additionally, he has been quoted as saying that God is only allowing a 66% accuracy of the prophetic word.

“If I [God] release the 100% Rhema right now, the accountability would be so awesome and you’d have so much Ananias and Sapphira’s going on the people couldn’t grow.”

(this was quoted on p. 68 “Beware of the New Prophets” by Bill Randles, 1999) 

  God forbid we have any accountability.

Even as early as February 23 of this year (2011), Steve Shultz posted on the Elijah List site

“I was honored years ago when Bob Jones came to my property. There are few prophets that I almost ‘insist’ that when they prophesy, I listen. Bob Jones is one of them. When he prophesies, I really tune in. Now, I don’t post anyone unless I trust them, mind you, but some I trust even more than others. Bob Jones is one such person. He is my friend and a high-level prophet. Tune in!”

From the above quote, you can see that Steve Shultz puts unquestioning faith in what Bob Jones says, because he is perceived by Steve (and the rest of the prophetic crowd) as “high level”.

In the exact same post, Bob Jones teaches error. He says that Elohim means “father of the remnant”. I researched that in the following site (http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Names_of_G-d/Elohim/elohim.html) and did not find that definition anywhere. So I decided to Google it, and guess what I found? In August of 2010, Bob Jones says Eliakim means “father of the remnant”. So which is it?

That may seem like nitpicking, and it may be a small error in the middle of a “bigger picture”, but did anybody bother to check their bible/concordance to see if it actually lines up with the Word? It, literally, only took me 5 minutes to do that research …. certainly someone has 5 minutes? How many other errors like this have we swallowed because we were too busy looking to a man for guidance, and not God? These kinds of “little” errors happen all the time in the prophetic movement and no one bothers hold each other accountable.

I guess we can allow Bob this mistake because, after all, prophets are only correct 66% of the time. Let’s move on.

Paul Cain, probably most famous for his “stadium speech“, is another “high-level prophet” who is highly revered among the prophetic crowd.

When confronted by Rick Joyner and Jack Deere in 2004, Paul Cain confessed to being both a homosexual and an alcoholic. Although restoration was attempted, it was not successful. And in 2007, Mr. Cain declared anyhow that he had been “restored” to ministry and started scheduling conferences. In 2008, Paul publicly said in Lakeland that there were “false rumors” about him and that he had lived a “chaste life.”

Lack of Discernment has a Price

The hard truth is today’s false prophets and their followers boast of great prophetic insights, but actually have little or no discernment at all.

During my 7 years working for the Elijah List (and my 5 years at the Vineyard), I had so many encounters with people influenced by witchcraft (to varying degrees), pornography and the homosexual spirit, and yet NOTHING was said or done about it. As I said before, witches attended these conferences and church services, leaving unconvicted and unsaved. People with homosexual spirits and/or admitted pornography addictions were allowed to give “prophetic words” from the pulpit, unchallenged.

(Check out in the article as well – witchcraft infiltration in the staff)


When you’re involved with the Prophetic Movement, there are so many distractions, half-truths and …. well, junk, that your vision gets foggy and you feel like you’re lost in the middle of a huge forest with no direction as to how to get out. You doubt your ability to hear God’s voice and the Truths and Promises of His Word no longer seem valid or reachable.

Have you had enough of the crazy visions, theories, “warfare”, visitations, psycho-twitches, HO’s and Shabbah’s?


This answer is so simple, it’s easy to discredit it and sweep it under the rug.

Here’s the answer: READ YOUR BIBLE AND PRAY ….. A LOT!!!

Could it be this simple?? YES!!

Transform Your Thinking

Some encouraging words in getting out and walking free -read on in article

*>Daryl here: After leaving the prophetic movement, I soon realized how repetitious most of the prophetic themes were, as year in and year out I heard the same ideas voiced. From the above article, it is evident that Elijah List has always been an unreliable, source of false prophecies.

Biggest Distributor of False Prophecies in Cyberspace

compiled by Sandy Simpson, 4/08

a http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/elijahlist.html

“This is a sampling of false prophecies by many false prophets that have been distributed by Elijah List.  I have been collecting Elijah List newsletters for years.  The following are but a tiny fraction of the false prophecies Elijah List has sent out.  Prophesy, that is predictive, is to be judged not only on whether or not the prophecy came true, but on how it depicts the character and testimony of God, and whether or not it teaches what the Bible teaches.  If a Third Wave prophet happens to, on the very off chance, get a prediction right, his prophecy must still be judged as to whether or not it is consistent with the law and the testimony (Is. 8:20).  If it is not it is a lying prophecy, not from the Lord, but from either the delusions of his or her own mind (Jer. 14:14) or from evil (Jer. 23:10) which has it’s origin from the evil one (Jas. 3:15, 1 Jn. 3:8).

Steve Schultz, head of ElijahList, states a very unbiblical premise for the prophecies he sends out to his mailing list of 100,000 plus.

When we post any word at all on The Elijah List website– ANY word some think it’s from God and some think it’s NOT from God. So, that’s the way it’s supposed to work. Over time, you will decide literally for yourself which words you feel are trustworthy for YOU and/or which prophets you feel have the least or best credibility. 

(Steve Shultz: “DEBUGGING THE PROPHETIC–Questions and Answers with Steve Shultz”, The ElijahList, 12/4/07)

First of all, I want you to notice who the prophets listed below have claimed is speaking.  They ALWAYS claim to be speaking what they heard from God.  If the Lord has not spoken, as they claim, then why would there be a question as to their “trustworthiness”, and why would Elijah List be sending these lying messages out?  The fact is that Shultz, the Elijah List, and those who read it believe that ALL those who post prophecies are true prophets/prophetesses REGARDLESS of their telling the truth or spreading lies.  This idea that a prophet can be wrong when they are claiming to have heard from the Lord and still be considered a prophet of God is part of the theology of the New Apostolic Reformation or Third Wave.

The alleged messages from God to these Elijah List prophets are often colored in blue to delineate them from the black color used for regular information.  This, I believe, is intended to be like the red letter text in some Bibles.  It looks to me like this practice shows that they are putting prophecies on the same level as the written Word.

Another practice that is often repeated is to quote from the Old Testament, in particular from Israel taking the land of Canaan, and allegorically apply it to the Gentile Church.  Promises and commands for Israel are teleported to modern times and turned into all kinds of mandates for the Church.  This is what Gary Gilley of Think On These Things had called “fairy tale hermeneutics”.  Most of the emails from Elijah List are full of the misapplication of Old Testament Scripture.  I don’t have time to detail all these instances but wanted to mention this aspect of the false prophecies in order to help the reader to understand that there are many dimensions to the false prophecies and false teachings I am detailing that are not fully covered by this article.

The Elijah List Story

a https://churchwatchcentral.com/2015/06/27/what-is-the-elijah-list-who-is-steve-shultz/

The Amanda Wells Syndrome – Elijah List Lies

The rest of this blog covers in great detail a situation in which an Elijah List prophet Amanda Wells was discovered plagiarizing other prophets ‘words’ and writings, for a number of years, and the way in which Steve Shultz and Elijah List, as well as the many prophets associated with Amanda responded to the revelation of Amanda’s dishonesty and obvious false prophesies perpetrated as her own. Deep underlying issues of self preservation, unBiblical irresponsibility, immoral dishonesty, and demonstration of complete lack of discernment were exposed, as Amanda was proven to be a pathological liar, by the admission of her own family, as information slowly came to light of her life long troublesome psychological, mental state.

The case with Amanda demonstrates the level of disingenuousness of the Elijah List ministry, as well as the many prophets participating, in as much as they were shown to be false or deceived, as well as immorally, unBiblically absolutely dishonest. To expose Amanda would have been to expose the entire prophetic ministry involved with Elijah List, and they all chose to protect themselves by sweeping the issues with Amanda under the carpet, and without addressing her sins publicly and warning the Body of Christ of her severe errors, they silently removed her, and all evidence her writings and prophesies (after numerous years of being informed). Another reason for Elijah list Lies.

purveyors of lies, deceit, deception, being deceived

Much of the Amanda Wells story can be skipped or skimmed for those not requiring extensive details. They are provided for factual evidence of the deliberate, intentional miscarriage of all ethical, Biblical, spiritual, moral behaviour that puts Elijah List and the prophetic ministry in general, in a condemnatory light, as far as proclaiming them purveyors of lies, deceit, deception, being deceived. A corrupt tree, bearing corrupt fruit.

The Plagiarizing Prophet – Amanda Wells

Elijah List Prophets fail to hear from God about Amanda Wells’ continued plagiarism

a https://churchwatchcentral.com/2016/11/02/elijah-list-prophets-fail-to-hear-from-god-about-amanda-wells-continued-plagiarism/

By churchwatcher / November 2, 2016 / Mysti-Chicks Uprising (MCU)New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) / 3 comments

Last year, (2015) we sponsored the “Guess Who? Elijah List Challenge” game where we asked readers to guess which Elijah List “Prophet” was a plagiarist.

The Culprit in the Pulpit turned out to be none other than Amanda Wells.

If you’d like to catch up on how Amanda Wells reacted to being called out you can read these articles here:

Amanda Wells Whinge Binge Part 1

Amanda Wells Whinge Binge Part 2

Around the same time last year, (2015) there were some Concerned Christians who took the time to privately reach out to each and every “prophet” on the Elijah List and let them know about Amanda Wells plagiarizing and pointing them to this website containing the evidence below:

Weeding Out Wells

Can you guess how many of the 126 Prophets on the Elijah list who were contacted privately took the time to respond to these Concerned Christians?

Here’s a hint: 15 is too generous a number.

The final answer is 5That’s right, only 5 people from the 126 Elijah List Prophets who were contacted last year responded. Most of these Elijah List Prophets are self proclaimed entrepreneurs, authors, business operators, etc. They of all people should understand the importance of customer service and promptly responding to concerns.

The 5 Elijah List Prophets who responded to these Concerned Christians are:

Amanda Wells, Lance Wallnau, Johnny Enlow, Lana Vawser, and Theresea Phillips.

That’s it.

And can you guess which of the 5 people listed above was decent enough to take a genuine interest in the message of these Concerned Christians?

The correct answer is 1… ONE!

You didn’t read that incorrectly, only one person took the time to hear out these Concerned Christians.

That’s quite alarming considering the fact that:

1. Plagiarism is illegal
2. There’s legitimate proof that Amanda Wells is a plagiarist
3. Amanda Wells has CONTINUED to plagiarize since last year DESPITE BEING CALLED OUT.

What does Scripture say about those who persist in sin?

19 Do not admit a charge against an elder except on the evidence of two or three witnesses. 20 As for those who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear. (1 Timothy 5:19-20)

For those of you who think that we’re being harsh on all the Elijah List Prophets, we’d urge you to re-read this post that Amanda Wells wrote last year on 10/11/2016:
(Highlight added)

And this is coming from the woman who posts messages like this on her Facebook?

The word “hypocrite” comes to mind…

Anyway, back to the Cupcake post. Wells wrote a bit too much information.

“I posted something back in April and didn’t put the guys name on it……. To then send over 40 messages, texts and emails……. what is that? Hey I deleted it, stuff happens I called a cupcake a muffin.

Without realizing it, she admitted that she knew that over 40 messages had been sent to other Elijah List Members. All of them knew about Amanda Wells plagiarizing and none of them confronted her or rebuked her.

It’s both distressing and disturbing that 126 people who claim to be hearing from God haven’t called out Amanda Wells for engaging in illegal activity. Instead, Amanda Wells has continued to preach and be endorsed by Katherine Ruonala since last year. One can’t help but wonder why this plagiarist is still among the the ranks in the Elijah List and continues to preach behind pulpits.

Are the Elijah List Prophets refusing to call out Amanda Wells’ plagiarism because they’re engaging in similar illegal behaviors?

If this were a different case where Christians were calling out a sexual predator or pedophile among their ranks, would the Elijah List prophets still refuse to call out that fellow prophet’s sins and properly deal with the matter? Would they still ignore their “critics” and allow that sexual predator to continue preaching behind pulpits?

It would be helpful if the Elijah List Prophets answered these questions.

Their silence can easily be seen as them condoning the illegal practices of Amanda Wells.

Weeding Out Wells – Web Site

*Full Coverage Of Amanda Wells Plagiarisms*

a https://weedingoutwells.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/principal-enabler-and-promoter-of-amanda-wells/

Amanda Wells Plagiarizing Story

In November of 2015, Katherine Ruonala, the convener of the Australian Prophetic Council Summit, along with the rest of the 126 Elijah List members, were alerted to Amanda Wells’ plagiarism. Only 5 of the 126 “Prophets” responded privately to the Concerned Christians back in 2015, but NONE of them publicly called out Amanda Wells. 

Elijah List Prophets fail to hear from God about Amanda Wells’ continued plagiarism

Katherine Ruonala Principal Enabler and Promoter of Amanda Wells

Even after Amanda Wells was publicly called out for being a plagiarist in November of 2015, Katherine Ruonala CONTINUED to invite Wells to preach at her church regularly and paved the way for Wells to preach in other churches with which Katherine is connected throughout the world.

Katherine Ruonala continues to knowingly endorse a plagiarist

Glory City Church – 3rd July 2016

Not only that, but Katherine Ruonala endorsed the prophecies of Amanda Wells, some of which were plagiarised [Written Plagiarism – Exhibit 18: Hope in the Lord (from Pat Francis)] and encouraged her to prophecy to the unsuspecting congregants of Glory City Church.

Katherine Ruonala did this despite having irrefutable proof that Wells was a plagiarist and therefore couldn’t be trusted. (Deuteronomy 18:20-22) How did Ruonala in good conscience and as a self proclaimed leader of a church, dismiss the well being of her members so blithely with callous indifference to the spiritual well being of her Church?

In November of 2016, when the Australian Prophetic Council was holding their annual meeting, the Concerned Christians again alerted Katherine Ruonala and the rest of the Elijah List “Prophets” about Wells’ plagiarism.

Elijah List “Prophets” notified AGAIN by Concerned Christians

Katherine Ruonala FINALLY decided to respond. At the bottom of the following article it says, “CWC has received a response from Katherine Ruonala.” 

BREAKING NEWS: Elijah List Prophet Vawser’s prophetic flip-flop over Amanda Wells’ plagiarism

Took Ruonala A Year To Respond To Wells Exposure

It only took one year after Amanda Wells had first been publicly exposed for plagiarism that Katherine Ruonala, lead Pastor of Glory City Church and the Australian Prophetic Council coordinator, finally decided to respond, and even then it was only apparently after Lana Vawser and others took their concerns to Katherine.

A short time later, Amanda Wells removed her Twitter, facebook, and other social media pages, and added a pathetic sounding “apology” onto the About page of her website.

Open Letter to Amanda Wells

Now you see it, now you don’t! (Wells’ disappearing apology act.)

Amanda Wells “apology” is back up

Wells claimed that God told her to go to Katherine Ruonala’s church.


Open Heaven Church Friday 22nd May 2015.

Open Heaven Church in Prestons, New South Wales Address: 23/274-276 Hoxton Park Rd, Prestons NSW 2170

Now the video has since been pulled down.

Despite the inadequate acknowledgement that she had been caught out plagiarizing the work of other individuals, and despite other evidence having come to light that she had made other false claims and claimed to be speaking for God (we know this is not possible because God does NOT lie) Wells maintained on her wellsministries website that she was a member of the Australia Prophetic Council AND that she is an ordained Pastor through Glory City Church. That claim is still made on her website as at the time of the publishing of this article and also is made on the biographies used by those still endorsing this fake prophet in their churches and at their conferences.

So Katherine Ruonala has no problem having and an ordained Pastor in her church who does not fit the Biblical requirements of leadership and had no problem endorsing and promoting her even after she was first notified of the facts. Ruonala has also sent Wells out to other churches in the world from Glory City as a representative of her church. This is not only concerning but disgraceful.

Ruonala is not obedient to the Word of God.

Why Are We Challenging The Elijah List?

a https://churchwatchcentral.com/2016/11/10/why-are-we-challenging-the-elijah-list/

Last year, before the Australian Prophetic Council, we were contacted by a group of Concerned Christians who had created the website “Weeding Out Wellsto expose Amanda Wells’ plagiarism.

Working together with the Concerned Christians, we put Shultz’ prophetic network on display and officially launched the ‘GUESS WHO? ELIJAH LIST CHALLENGE: The Culprit in the Pulpit’ game.


Our plan was to announce who the False Prophet was when the head of the Elijah List (Apostle/Prophet Steve Shultz) would be speaking at Katherine Ruonala’s Australian Prophetic Summit. None of these so-called “Prophets” were able to predict in advance the fraudulent lifestyle of the culprit, who was also a guest speaker at the Australian Prophetic Summit.

Before revealing who the Culprit in the Pulpit winner was from the Elijah List, the Concerned Christians contacted the Culprit (Amanda Wells) privately and called her to repentance.

Discussions with Amanda Wells
Amanda Wells’ Whinge Binge Part 2 – “Cupcakes,” “muffins” and Elijah List fruitcakes

When this did not occur, the Concerned Christians alerted Katherine Ruonala (Amanda’s head pastor/prophet), to this issue. This is what Katherine did: v v v

Ruonala, knowing the issues with Amanda Wells, kept her on the Australian Prophetic Summit speaker list, removed her picture from the promo. advert. and disabled the live video feed until after Wells had spoken. (see link below)

a https://churchwatchcentral.com/2015/11/13/actions-speak-louder-than-words-ruonala-updating-prophetic-summit-before-culprit-in-the-pulpit-was-exposed/

Coincidence? We don’t think so.


Not only has Ruonala’s behaviour and actions convinced us that she knows she is guilty of harbouring the Culprit in the Pulpit, her silence is deafening over Amanda Wells. We believe Ruonala’s actions and silence are sufficient to conclude that she knows that Amanda Wells is guilty based on her “cover up”.

After the Concerned Christians alerted Amanda Wells and were blocked, they  noticed she started pulling down her articles. They also alerted others that were speaking at the Australian Prophetic Summit just prior to the event. Below is the article that expands on these events and also links to a number of articles that expose Amanda Wells’ plagiarism.

Elijah List Challenge ‘Culprit in the Pulpit’ REVEALED!

Concerned Christians also attempted to alert EVERYONE on the Elijah List to help deal with Amanda Well’s plagiarism. The majority of them ignored the warning.

Elijah List Prophets fail to hear from God about Amanda Wells’ continued plagiarism

However, a few took the time to respond:

Conversations with Johnny Enlow
Conversations with Lana Vawser
Conversations with Lance Wallnau
Conversations with Theresa Phillips

One who DEFENDED Amanda Wells’ plagiarism was Lana Vawser. Amanda Wells continued to proclaim her innocence on social media and attack us for her exposing her theft.

Vawser defends Amanda Well’s plagiarism; attributes lawlessness and the demonic to the Holy Spirit?

Concealed Crimes, Endorsed Publicly

From November 2015 – November 2016 Katherine Ruonala, Amanda Wells Senior Pastrix and Prophetic oversight, ignored Amanda Wells’ plagiarism, concealed her crimes and continued to endorse her publicly from the stage of Glory City Church as a prophet.

Katherine Ruonala continues to knowingly endorse a plagiarist

This past week, however, the Concerned Christians updated the “WeedingOutWells” website.  What did Amanda Wells do in response? Cover up her crimes again:

‘Manda On The Run: Wells attempts to cover-up her theft

However, this past week, we worked with the Concerned Christians and once again contacted all of the Elijah List Prophets to update them on the CONTINUED plagiarism of Amanda Wells.

Elijah List Prophets fail to hear from God about Amanda Wells’ continued plagiarism

Thankfully, both Lana Vawser and Katherine Ruonala informed us that Amanda Wells’ plagiarism is being “investigated.” (At this time we are not publicizing Katherine Ruonala’s messages.)

BREAKING NEWS: Elijah List Prophet Vawser’s prophetic flip-flop over Amanda Wells’ plagiarism

Years Later After Ruonala Acts Shultz Begins Purge

On top of that, when Ruonala contacted the Concerned Christians, Steve Shultz of the Elijah List started ‘weeding out’ Amanda Wells’ prophecies off his Elijah List Website:

BREAKING NEWS: Shultz hits the fan by weeding out Wells from Elijah List

Shultz Endorsement Now Embarrassing Cover-Up

However – now the problem gets more interesting. The person at Weeding Out Wells wanted to remind us of this endorsement given to both Katherine Ruonala and Amanda Wells by Steve Shultz (founder of Elijah List).


Shultz: “I bear witness with the Words from both prophets, Katherine Ruonala and Amanda Wells.” [Source]Now Steve Shultz has pulled “the Words” from “prophet” Amanda Wells.

What does this mean?

Culpable Participants

All of the ‘apostles & prophets’ that were contacted about Amanda Wells plagiarizing, are listed with their pictures in the above link.

BREAKING NEWS: Shultz hits the fan by weeding out Wells from Elijah List

a https://churchwatchcentral.com/2016/11/08/breaking-news-shultz-hits-the-fan-by-weeding-out-wells-from-elijah-list/


A number of incidents have taken place in the last two days (Nov. 8, 2016) in relation to Amanda Wells’ further ‘crimes’ of plagiarism. Not only has Lana Vawser and Katherine Ruonala personally contacted us, Apostle Steve Shultz from the Elijah List has just pulled all the prophecies of Amanda Wells.

We can now report that Lana Vawser has responded to the case of Amanda Wells’ plagiarism.

Just wanted to let you guys know that this issue has been taken to Katherine Ruonala and it is being investigated. Blessings, Lana Vawser”


Investigation A Little Late

Unfortunately it’s a bit late for Katherine to tell Vawser that Amanda Wells is now “being investigated.” We were thorough in alerting Lana Vawser, Katherine Ruonala and head of the Elijah List Network, Steve Shultz, about Amanda Wells plagiarism BEFORE they spoke with her on the Australian Prophetic Summit 2015 platform. At this point we need to remind our readers the timeline as to how things unfolded last year BEFORE all the speakers spoke at the Australian Prophetic Summit 2015 .

The proof that Katherine Ruonala KNEW (without proper investigation) that Amanda Wells was guilty of plagiarism based on the fact we contacted her privately, is revealed by what she did leading up to the Australian Prophetic Summit 2015: she changed the speakers and bumped Amanda Wells from their adverts:

(See our archives to learn how we did everything in our power to give Amanda Wells a chance to repent of her sins before exposing them to others who were about to speak with her on the “prophetic” platform.)

We then reported this year that Katherine Ruonala continued to endorse Amanda Wells as a prophet, knowing full well that Wells was guilty of plagiarism.

Katherine Ruonala continues to knowingly endorse a plagiarist

So what investigation is Ruonala conducting?
Has she been stuck on Exhibit 1 on Weeding out Wells for over a year, not knowing how to navigate the site?

However, Katherine Ruonala has indeed contacted us regarding Amanda Wells’ plagiarism. We will not disclose Ruonala’ message. However, coincidentally around the same time Ruonala contacted us, Steve Shultz (head of the Elijah List), weeded out Amanda Wells’ prophecies from his website.

They now no longer exist.

On the Elijah List website you will find the following statement:

“The Elijah List has determined to find and to publish the most credible prophetic words possible through ‘tried and tested’ men and women of God and to post them to the entire list so that they may be individually judged by members of the Body of Christ.” Elijah List Lies

‘Pathological Liar’ Not Discerned By Elijah List (Nor All Of The Prophets!)

a https://churchwatchcentral.com/2016/12/29/rosebrough-calls-out-amanda-wells-cover-up-by-major-nar-leaders-part-1/

 Amanda Wells’ sister ‘Kerry’ has as well, come out of the wood work and has literally put forward a public statement saying, ‘Amanda Wells has got major problems and the things that Amanda has said about her family, her family members and specifically her sister, and other things, these are factually false statements on her part.

Amanda’s Own Family Warning – Prophets Not!

Now Amanda’s own family members are coming forward to tell their story, and to warn the church about Amanda. But there is no equal warning coming from Glory City Church, there’s so equal warning coming from the Elijah List, she’s just whoosh, disappeared. Which basically, you have to ask the question, what is the reason why she is whoosh, disappeared? Well, I think a good way of understanding the reason why she whoosh, disappeared without a sound, without a peep, no explanation, is because it’s obviously demonstrable, she is a pathological liar.

Cover Up To Cover Prophetic Butts!

And being a pathological liar that means ‘they’, who gave their stamp of approval to her, who were in the apostolic upline, if you would. You know, providing apostolic covering for her, that they weren’t really hearing from God. And so, they can’t say, ‘listen, we’ve got a bunch of true prophets here at the Elijah List, but it just so happens we inadvertently let a false prophetess through, and the words that she was saying weren’t really from God, she was just making stuff up’. They can’t do that! And the reason they can’t do that, is because now well Steve Shultz, Katherine Ruonala, Che Ahn Cindy Jacobs, all the people in the apostolic upline that are providing ‘covering’ for them, all their reputations are literally on the line, because if they didn’t have the, well I hate to use the word, clairvoyants, ah ha, they weren’t hearing words of knowledge from the Lord saying, ‘remove the false prophetess from your list, she’s a plagiarizer, God didn’t tell them any of that stuff, no, they had to learn it through the internet.

So this is one of those things where I’m noticing how this is going down, and this is starting to look like a cover up. And the reality is this, and I know this from personal experience, just listen to yesterday’s episode if you don’t know what I’m talking about right? There will always be leaders in the church who lie. There will be those who will say what they need to say in order to get the platform that they want for their own selfish reasons. Whether that reason is well, to be a celebrity, whether it’s money, or power, or sex, yes that often times comes along with it too. There will be people who manipulate others in order to get what they want. And the church must, when situations like that happen, warn people about this and let them know that this person is not on the level, and not who they made themselves out to be and they have to do this, not only because scripture tells us to, but because also the world is watching.

Pathological Liar

Nothing she said represented any kind of biblical truth and that she was clearly always preaching about herself and telling all kinds of absurd stories. And now it turns out that she’s made claims about her own personal life and her credentials, she at one time, several times actually claimed to be a nurse, but never had a nursing licence, how is that possible? Apparently, she has not told the truth about her own education and she’s told flat out lies on social media regarding her family members and things like this.

Sweeping Lying Wolf Presence Under The Rug

And again, this all calls into question the prophetic claims, the claims to the prophetic of those who are in her apostolic upline, those providing covering for her, claiming to be hearing form the Lord. You get what I’m saying here. So this is an interesting story and a developing one at that. And all I can note is that, well, rather than warn the church about a wolf in our mist, somebody who is a liar, whose got some serious problems as a plagiarist and a thief, the folks in the NAR, at least down in Australia and Steve Shultz as well, they have decided that the way they are going to go about this, is to sweep it under the rug. And that is not how you deal with somebody who is a false teacher in the church.”

More Resources

a https://churchwatchcentral.com/2015/11/10/pen-and-pulpit-weights-in-on-the-culprit-in-the-pulpit-winner-amanda-wells/

Pulpit & Pen has had an opportunity to review the information put forth by Church Watch Central and can 100% verify its authenticity and severity. Amanda Wells has plagiarized over 30 different sources (including, ironically, one on why you shouldn’t plagiarize), and fabricated aspects of her life’s story. Amazingly, Elijah List founder Steve Schultz was given notice of who the culprit in the pulpit was, and he chose not to act or even respond.

Entire Cabal Of False Prophets Didn’t See It Coming

What needs to be noted is not only one particular false prophetess, but one false prophetess among an entire cabal of false prophets and prophetesses who couldn’t see this coming, and at least some who knew, but didn’t care.

Amanda’s Sister Kerri Contradicts Amanda’s Stories

a https://weedingoutwells.wordpress.com/

(scroll down to Amanda Wells’ Sermon? interview with ‘moderator’-Kerri’s comments in red. I pasted Kerri’s comments below for easy reading)

Amanda Wells’ “Sermon”?

Posted on 

TRANSCRIPTION of audio tape from Hub Church, England.  Dated June 10th 2010.


Moderators note:  We passed this part of the audio to Wells’ sister for comment.  Kerri states that:

This is nothing but distortion and lies.  Over the years, Wells has also disgracefully claimed in some appearances that she was born into poverty and that it was SHE who broke the cycle of generational poverty in her family, a claim that was no doubt intended to give her credentials as a self-professed “business coach” a boost. Our family was indeed a middle-class family (the adding of the “very, very” to the description being a bit of poetic licence).  We lived in a street made up of War Service homes and any privileges we enjoyed were due entirely to our father’s application to hard work and non-smoking, non-drinking lifestyle.

I note that she has claimed on this occasion that her brother had an IQ of “almost 140” and yet on other occasions she has claimed various figures up to 170!  The truth is closer on this occasion.  As for claiming that when she was born I was already swimming and being asked to go to the Olympic Games in Mexico is so ludicrous as to have surely alerted anyone who had done their homework on Wells that the stories she tells are to be questioned vigorously.  I had only just begun swimming lessons when Wells was born, and certainly had not being “asked” to go to the Olympic Games!  One is not “asked” to go to the Olympics, incidentally, one is selected!  As for further proof this claim is ludicrous it does well to note that the decision as to the venues which will host Olympics is typically made about 7 years prior to the actual event.  Wells was born in 1955 and Mexico had not even been selected as an Olympic venue at that point.

As for the disgusting accusation that her nickname was “Dumb Old Mand”, there is NO truth in this whatsoever.  Mandy was a much loved and cherished child in the family and was NEVER referred to by any member of the family by such a disparaging term and I have no idea what would possess her to concoct such a story other than to except perhaps gain sympathy from her audience.  

As the youngest in the family Mandy was somewhat spoiled and given special treatment that many youngest in families often enjoy.  Her casting aspersions on others in our family in this way is shameful.  She was by no means a shy or introverted personality and her claim to have never talked is utterly ludicrous.   I have no idea why Wells persisted over the years in reiterating these false stories but to do so in churches and using God’s name is a very serious action I can only hope that she will eventually apologise to all those she has hurt and slandered with these stories and seek forgiveness.  And I am appalled that people in churches would invite anyone to stand and relate such lies accompanied by claims that God told her to tell this story!  I would like to hear from them what they intend to do to attempt to fix some of the damage they have helped to cause.  The stories Wells tell here regarding her marriage and the birth of her first child and his alleged diagnosis should be challenged and evidence required.  Wells’ lies are really out of hand and are of such a serious nature as to require professional attention.  Most of which she talks about never happened.

Elijah List lies fed by erroneous prophetic movement

The Amanda Wells syndrome, it’s actions upon Elijah List and all participating prophets, the true colours it bro’t out in the prophetic camp, the depth of deception, and total absence of discernment, paints an accurate picture of the apostolic/prophetic movement in general, as portrayed thro’ the actions and existence of Elijah List. The apostolic movement, (New Apostolic Reformation), with all of the hot button discussion, is fairly well represented by Elijah List, considering the number of participants in Elijah List, who hold to apostolic/prophetic ministry today. The abysmal response to Amanda Wells plagiarizing, lack of discernment of not only it, but the presence of pathological lying, and the eventual cover-up and lack of warning the Body of Christ, are symptomatic of this spiritual aberration in much of the apostolic movement, and Body of Christ at large. In the least in reveals Elijah List lies, fed by an erroneous prophetic movement, not a genuine act of God.

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