Apostolic/Prophetic Movement Apostate Trends

Sufficiency, Inspiration, Inerrancy Of Scripture

Wendy Alec (God TV)

The Word Is No Longer Enough

“For the Word alone is yesterday’s manna and even..[prophetic teachers] have seen that it is no longer enough to feed my people.” ‘Journal Of An Unknown Prophet’

Bill Johnson – Bethel Church Redding Cal.

Signs & Wonders Over Scripture

“To Johnson, “the Bible is a closed book.” He writes, “When I treat the Bible as a road map I live as though I can find my way through my own understanding of His book. I believe this perspective of scriptures actually describes living under the law, not living under grace” (p. 93). Johnson’s spin is that the Bible is closed so that we “remain” dependent on the Holy Spirit. “Under Grace I don’t get a road map…I get a tour guide – the Holy Spirit. He directs, reveals and empowers me to be and do what the word says” (v. 93). It is for this reason that we need signs and wonders for “our present understanding of Scripture can only take us so far” (p. 142) ‘When Heaven Invades Earth’

“Those who feel safe because of their intellectual grasp of the Scriptures enjoy a false security. None of us has a full grasp of Scripture, but we all have the Holy Spirit. He is our common denominator who will always lead us into truth. But to follow Him, we must be willing to follow off the map – to go beyond what we know.”

Inspiration and Inerrancy

In his extremely popular book, “The Final Quest”, Rick Joyner postulates four different levels of inspiration ranging from impressions (lowest), to open visions and trance states (highest). In this discussion, Joyner places the epistles of the New Testament at only the second level of inspiration.

Concerning this level Joyner writes, “The next level of inspiration is a conscious sense of the presence of the Lord, or the anointing of the Holy Spirit, which gives special illumination to our minds. This often comes when I am writing, or speaking, and it gives much greater confidence in the importance or accuracy of what I am saying. I believe that this was probably experienced by the apostles as they wrote the New Testament epistles. This will give us great confidence, but it is still a level where we can still be influenced by our prejudices, doctrines, etc.”[10] (emphasis added)

Notice that Joyner, in this alarming statement, has completely undermined the absolute authority of the epistles. While, according to Joyner, we can have greater confidence in them than if they were given by mere impressions, these epistles may still contain information that comes from the apostle’s own prejudices and personal doctrines.

This would mean, at least theoretically, that we as believers now have the task of discerning which parts of the apostolic message are actually the work of God and which are the result of the apostle’s flesh. Technically then, a believer would have the responsibility to set aside those parts of the New Testament that he determines to be from the apostle’s prejudice as opposed to the Word of God. Not only this, but Joyner claims that this level of inspiration frequently occurs for him when he writes and speaks. This would mean that many of Joyner’s words are on parallel with the New Testament itself.

But it gets worse, for Joyner will also claim that he receives much of his information from the two levels of inspiration that are higher than that which the apostles received in penning the epistles. Though Joyner doesn’t draw the obvious conclusion, this would mean that the words of Joyner in works like “The Final Quest” actually possess greater authority than parts of the Bible itself. The result is shocking for if Joyner is correct, we can no longer evaluate his teachings based on the words of scripture but should actually evaluate some of the writings of scripture according to the standard of Joyner’s visions and trances.

How far are Joyner’s comments from the writings of the true apostles, “Knowing this, that no prophecy is of any private interpretation. For prophecy did not originate with man but holy men of God wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit”. (2 Pet. 1:20)

Joyner is not alone in placing his words alongside scripture in authority. In her book, “Heaven is So Real”, supposedly based on actual visits to heaven, Choo Thomas claims the following, “Like John, I had been called to write, and my mission was the same as his—to let people know that the marriage supper of the Lamb has already been prepared, and blessed are those who are invited to be there on the last day.”[11] Elsewhere in the same book she writes, “Every word in this book is true. The words of Jesus have been transcribed exactly as He said them to me.”[12]

Choo Thomas claims the following, “He wants me to serve as living proof of the Bible and His prophecies, because many people do not believe what they read in the Bible, nor do they believe that He is coming soon for His people.”[13] Elsewhere she writes, “He had shown me how desperate many people are to know the truth about heaven, and I realized emphatically that my book would be the means whereby they could really know.”[14]

Examine the words of Thomas closely. Her words will do what the Bible is insufficient to do. Those unconvinced of the truth by the gospel will be convinced by Thomas’s testimony. Those desperate to know the truth about heaven will not find their hunger satisfied in the pages of Holy Scripture but in the writings of Thomas. Sadly, she is not the exception

Perspicuity: the quality of being clear and easy to understand: (orthodox hermeneutics)

“The teachings of the modern apostles and prophets are destroying the churches traditional understanding of the Bible.  They have, in large part, rejected the historical-grammatical form of interpretation and have substituted a prophetic (spiritualized) hermeneutic which allows the Bible to mean whatever the prophet says it means today.  In this way, the Bible is no longer able to fulfill its function as the basis for truth and corrective against error but rather becomes merely the puppet of the apostle/prophet to advance his agenda.

Among prophetic teachers, doctrines are being invented on an almost weekly basis that have little or no foundation in the Word such as spiritual mapping, heavenly portals, spirit-ties, spiritual inheritances, judicial intercession, soaking and the list goes on and on.  This occurs, despite claims by nearly all the leaders that doctrine should be based on Scripture and not on modern revelation.

Key doctrines of the new movement such as the restoration of the tabernacle of David, enthroning God through worship, spiritual mapping and countless other examples are all based on a poor approach to interpretation.

The Disdain Decline of Doctrine

In addition to the undermining of core doctrines, within the apostolic/prophetic movement there is an overall disdain for doctrine in general.  Doctrine is unimportant.  Doctrine is minimized.  Doctrine is seen as that which divides.  We simply need to follow Christ.  Substantive teachings on the fundamental doctrines of the faith is virtually absent from the works of most of the apostles/prophets.

 What they fail to appreciate is that doctrine is that which is believed to be true.  To say that doctrine is unimportant is tantamount to claiming that truth is unimportant.  While it is certain that some doctrines are more central than others and that the church has been too quick to divide, the answer can not be found in minimizing doctrine altogether.  Surely this is a case of the cure being as bad as the disease.

Additionally, the Christian faith has content.  That is to say that when we affirm, for instance, that believing in Jesus saves, we are also understanding that there is a certain amount of content contained within such a profession.  It is the Jesus of the Bible, the virgin-born, sinless, Son of God, who died and rose again, who saves as opposed to the Jesus of the cults.  Cults and even other world religions may speak of Jesus but the content they attach to the name is different.

Sound doctrine is vital to the health of the individual and the church.  Our relationship with God must be founded upon truth.  It is for this reason that the scriptures place a premium upon doctrine.  Paul writes, “Take heed to yourselves and to the doctrine for in so doing you will save both yourself and them that hear you.” (1 Timothy 4:16) 

Yet today’s teachers consistently downplay the importance of sound doctrine.  Consider a couple of examples from Mike Bickle in discussing prophets in general and William Branham in particular.  First, Bickle writes, “Yes, prophetic people must be clear about major doctrines like the person and work of Christ and the place of the Scriptures.  But on lesser points of doctrine, they might be misinformed.”[17]  This statement doesn’t sound too bad, although it should be pointed out that if one were to consistently apply the standard of proper understanding of the place of scriptures to the modern prophets most of them would be rejected out of hand.  But notice how Bickle equivocates as he discusses William Branham,  “Branham ended up in some doctrinal heresy, although never to the extent of denying Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior or doubting the authority of the Scriptures.  While affirming the deity of Christ, he denied the Trinity.”[18

So apparently to Bickle, the Trinity is one of those lesser doctrines around which a true prophet may be misinformed.  Further study of Branham reveals that Branham taught that God gave His Word in three forms, the Bible, the zodiac and the pyramids.  He taught the serpent-seed doctrine and a host of other heresies.  But none of these issues disqualify him as a true prophet in the eyes of Mike Bickle or other prophetic personalities.

Another example of Bickle’s lack of appreciation for sound doctrine can be seen when he writes, “True Christianity is a dynamic relationship with a living God, and it cannot be reduced to formulas and dry orthodoxy.  We are called to embrace the mystery of God and not to lust after neatly tying up every doctrinal or philosophical loose end that we encounter.”[19]

Here Bickle sets up a false dichotomy.  It is true that we do not want a dry orthodoxy but we should still desire orthodoxy.  It is true that we cannot tie up every loose end but we can know some things for certain.  We are called to a dynamic relationship but this relationship must be based on the truth that God has revealed lest we find ourselves worshiping a God of our own creation.  And given the number of strange practices that Bickle has endorsed in the past such as the Toronto Blessing, one can only wonder how many aberrant things may be covered under the “mystery of God”.

The Nature of Christ

The Nature of Christ. Modern apostles and prophets show a consistent confusion with regard to the person and work of Christ.  For instance Rick Joyner states, “There is a tendency to continue relating to Him as ‘the Man from Galilee.’  Jesus is not a man.  He was and is Spirit.  He took the form of a servant and became a man for a brief time.”[22]

Joyner’s statement is a complete rejection of the hypostatic union.  Orthodox Christianity has understood for centuries that when the Second Person of the Trinity took to Himself a human nature, this was a permanent union.  Jesus is forever the God-man, fully God and fully man.  Jesus did not come in some sort of rent-a-body that He discarded after the crucifixion.  Either Joyner does not understand this or he is denying it.  Further, Joyner’s statements have serious implications for the doctrine of the bodily resurrection of Jesus for if Jesus is no longer man then in what way did He resurrect?  Additionally, the scriptures link the ongoing work of Christ as intercessor to his humanity.  (see 1 Tim. 2:5, Heb. 7:23-23 among others)


In our brief discussion we have seen that current trends within the Apostolic and Prophetic Movement are undermining the historic Christian faith in regard to the place of Scriptures, the importance of doctrine and the nature of God and Person of Christ.  If space permitted we could document similar issues with regard to the Person of the Holy Spirit, the atonement and the nature of the church.  And we haven’t even mentioned the myriad of false prophecies made in the Name of our Lord.

These are not incidental issues.  The church can no longer be silent.  The new Apostles and Prophets were not speaking in hyperbole when they promised to bring a new understanding of the Christian faith.  If the Church does not begin to respond, the Christianity that is passed on to our children will bear little resemblance to the faith of our fathers.  A.W. Tozer wrote, “The heaviest obligation lying upon the Christian church today is to purify and elevate her concept of God until it is once more worthy of Him.  We do the greatest service to the next generation y passing on to them undimmed and undiminished that noble concept of God which we received from our Hebrew and Christian Fathers of generations past.”  God enable us to “contend earnestly for the faith once for all delivered to the saints.”

a https://arcapologetics.org/the-apostolic-and-prophetic-movement/

Apostolic and Prophetic Insanity: ‘Apostolic and Prophetic Communities Decline into Error and Abuse’

a https://stevecrosby.org/apostolic-2/apostolic-and-prophetic-insanity

If people you loved dearly were engaged in behavior that was destructive to themselves, and others around them, your love would compel you to do an intervention, even if they didn’t like it.

I’ve been a life-long charismatic believer. I am thankful for my heritage, my tribe, if you will. However, as the years have rolled by, my heart has broken as I have watched that heritage drift further and further into self-destructive thinking and practices: intoxicating Gnosticism.

Even the term “charismatic” has been so polluted in popular understanding, that I wish there was an alternative to use.

Commitment to Hard Work of Exegesis & Accurate Handling of Scripture – Derogatorily Labeled

In my tribe of the family of God, it has reached the point that if anyone shows any passion for a disciplined commitment to the hard work of exegesis and an accurate handling of scripture, with Jesus as the ultimate hermeneutic, that person will be called a legalist, a dogmatist, narrow, judgmental, too doctrinal, opinionated, inflexible, hopelessly left-brained, not open to the Spirit, too “Word-focused,”  “a spiritual sheriff,” “old-order,” and other charming labels.

The attitude saturates popular-level social media. I deal with it frequently in interactions with individuals. Theology is considered a problem, a nuisance to be gotten rid of—a “limiting restraint” on the Spirit of God and His “anointing,” man-made chains to be broken in order to free us into the liberty of God’s Spirit (I have actually had “leaders” tell me that–news flash: the Word and the Spirit are not in competition for primacy!)

Having differences in interpretation and application is not the same as disdain, disregard, and diminishing of the scriptures. These interpretive differences need not divide us in our union with Christ and one another.

 If the river of our spirituality has no banks, if the highway of our journey has no guardrails, we should not be surprised if we end up drowned or in the ditch. My apostolic and prophetic tribe is drowning in the ditch.

Lest you think I am fussing about minor points of doctrine, here are some true-story examples of the scale of this problem in my apostolic and prophetic tribe. These are samples from my little corner of the world. You do the extrapolation. Consider the tens of thousands affected by what I share here:

Mocking Exegesis – More Anointing Not Scholars

  • I once saw a very well known “apostle,” a leader of a world-wide “network,” a member of the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA), get up in front of an adoring throng of gullible young people and say: “I know that what I am about to say is not what the scriptures mean from the passage I will be using, but the Spirit has told me to teach it this way . . .” He proceeded to mock disciplined exegesis, scholarship, and theologians and went on to fill the notebooks and minds of those impressionable young people with pure fantasy mush from his supposed “apostolic and prophetic” revelation.” This man heads a world-wide network/association.
  •  Another person from the ICA that I knew personally taught that theology gets in the way of the anointing and we need to get rid of it. (I was in the meeting where he shared that). He said that what we needed was more anointing, not more scholars. I have since come to realize that it was his deep insecurity talking.
  • I had another so-called apostle tell me that he never studies the scripture prior to preaching. He said that too much study gets in the way of the “flow of the anointing and revelation.” Then, semi-chagrined, he said that he just hopes after he is done that he can find something in the scripture to back up what he just taught. He was not trying to be funny. He was serious. This man also oversaw a worldwide network/association.
  • I once had a conversation with another apostle, going over the scriptures with him. He didn’t like what I was bringing, but admitted it was correct and said: “When you have a large and successful ministry like I do, then I will consider changing what I teach, until then I am going to keep on doing what I am doing.
  • I had a conversation with an apostolic and prophetic evangelist  who was bashing theology and said that too much emphasis on “doctrine” gets in the way of the revelation of the cosmic-Christ in each of us.

Revival Meetings”-Astral Projection, Portals, Frequencies, Vibrations – No Scripture No Jesus!

I was in a meeting where a “prophet” worked the crowd and preached for 90 minutes without ever mentioning Jesus or the scripture. what he presented was full-on, new age, astral projection, portals, frequencies, and vibrations. He openly and publicly mocked those who would question him. Here’s the kicker: He was invited to stay for weeks as a headliner for “revival meetings” because he was so “anointed.” It was doubly sad as the crowd was made up largely of young and impressionable new converts who were swallowing everything this “prophet” had to say. I was so grieved in this meeting I got up and left and cried and prayed in the parking lot, where I met two others doing the same. But three out of 300+ in attendance is not very encouraging.

This Is Happening In ‘Apostolic/Prophetic’ Churches!

I was in another meeting at a church overseen by a young apostolic-pastor where the youth in this church were being instructed by their youth-leader in techniques of astral projection. He was teaching them how, as a group, to leave their bodies (en masse), go into astral planes, talk to the dead, and come back and give “testimonies” of their conversation with dead people. This church thought they were having “revival” among their young people. These young people were paraded on Sunday morning with their testimony of talking to Martin Luther, Abraham Lincoln, and more. Of course the leadership could pull up some obscure Old Testament proof text, poorly exegeted, to “justify” what they were doing. Necromancy for Jesus. There’s a winner for you.

Friends,  I wish I could say these are are all the examples I have. They are not. I could go on and on. I accrue more every week. Apostolic and prophetic insanity abounds.

It would be easy to over look this matter if spiritual novices were the source of the problem–babes who didn’t know any better. That’s not the case. I hear and see these sorts of things on a regular basis coming from so-called apostles, prophets, and other leaders and influencers with high profile media and multinational ministries.

It has reached the point that being thought or considered “apostolic” or “prophetic” and having a “successful ministry” apparently means teaching or believing anything you want, with utter disregard for a disciplined posture before the scriptures.

‘Mainstream Apostolic/Prophetic’ Apostate Trends!

* > Daryl here: As the Scripture indicates below, giving heed to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons can result in departing from the faith! – apostasy! Here we are given evidence of ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic’ apostate trends!

But the Spirit expressly states that in later times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons. 1 Tim. 4:1

What is the remedy?

Stop the nonsense in apostolic and prophetic communities.  Develop some courage. Stand up to these authority figures. Say something. Stop supporting these folks with your time, talents, and treasure. Don’t be complicit in their ways. Quit making excuses for them. Stop being blinded by financial and numeric success. Abandon Christian celebrity-ism. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied or intimidated into silence by them. Ask embarrassing questions. Tell the emperor he has no clothes.

Return . . . home . . . to Christ and Him crucified. We will always find a safe welcome there.

The True Gospel And The False

a https://www.cfcindia.com/article/the-true-gospel-and-the-false

Many know that “Christ died for our sins” (1 Cor.15:3). But many do not know that the Bible says that Christ also died “that we should no longer live for ourselves but for Him” (2 Cor.5:15).

A more Scriptural way of categorizing Christians therefore would be as follows: “Those who live for themselves” and “Those who live for Christ”; or “Those who seek their own” and “Those who seek the things of Christ” or “Those who seek earthly things first” and “Those who seek the kingdom of God first”; or “Those who love money” and “Those who love God”. (Jesus said it was impossible to love both –Lk.16:13)

But I have never heard of such a categorization being used. This categorization deals with the Christian’s inner life and private walk with God, whereas the methods mentioned earlier deal with the external details of his life. Yet it is in this latter way that heaven categorizes Christians. And if that be the case, then this is the only categorization that matters! In this method, others cannot categorize us. We have to categorize ourselves – for no one but we ourselves know our inner motivations and desires. Even our wives may not be aware what we are living for.

Our Lord did not come primarily to give people a doctrine, or a church-pattern or to make them speak in tongues or even to give them an experience!

He came to “save us from sin”. He came to lay the axe to the root of the tree. And the root of sin is : Being centered in ourselves, seeking our own and doing our own will. If we do not permit the Lord to axe and uproot this “root” from our lives, we will be Christians only superficially. Satan may however deceive us into imagining that we belong to a higher class than other Christians, because of our doctrine or our experience or our church-pattern!

Satan doesn’t care even if we have the right doctrine, experience and church-pattern, so long as we continue to “live for ourselves” (This, by the way, is just another phrase for “living in sin”!!). Christendom today is filled with Christians who seek their own and live for themselves, who are yet convinced that God views them as superior to other Christians, merely because of doctrinal differences or church-pattern or “experiences”. This shows what a great work Satan has succeeded in doing in Christendom.

The false gospel makes the gate wide and the way broad (easy to walk along, because one does not have to deny one’s Self or stop living for one’s own interests or stop seeking one’s own gain). Millions attend meetings where such a false “gospel” is preached. And many enter through this gate and walk along this way, imagining that it leads to life. But it actually leads to destruction. The evangelists of this gospel however gloat in, and report about the large numbers of people who “raised their hands and made decisions for Christ” in their meetings!! But it is all a deception. Although some are indeed genuinely converted in such meetings, because of their sincerity, many such “converts” end up becoming “twofold children of hell” (Matt.23:15) – deceived about their true state.

The true gospel however, makes the gate small and the way narrow – not smaller or narrower than Jesus Himself made it, as some “super-spiritual” cultists do, but just the same size as Jesus made it. Few there be, that find this way to life. There is not much for the evangelists of this gospel to report about, and the statistics are not impressive. But this gospel leads people to the Lord Jesus and to heaven.

“Be careful how you listen. Whoever obeys what he has heard, to him more light and understanding will be given. But whoever does not obey what he has heard, even what light and understanding he thinks he has will be taken away from him.” (Paraphrase of Luke 8:18).


a https://bewatchful.org/2016/10/26/bill-johnson-addresses-some-of-the-controversies-concerning-bethel-church/

A False Gospel Revealed

Read the entire conversation between Michael Brown and Bill Johnson for context of Bill’s comments. Below, he reveals a false definition & application of Biblical repentance, presenting a false gospel. This false gospel scenario is rampant in the apostolic/prophetic movement.

But if Bill Johnson himself acknowledges man’s need to repent, what then is repentance for him?

Here is what he says about it in his book “The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind:”

“Renewing the mind begins with repentance. That is the gateway to retur to our original assignment on earth. Jesus said, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”. To many Christians, repentance refers to having an altar call where people come forward and weep at the altar and get right with God. That is a legitimate expression of repentance, but it’s not what the word repentance means.. “Re” means to go back. “Pent” is like the penthouse, the top floor of a building. Repent, then, means to go back to God’s perspective on reality. And in that perspective there is a renewal, a reformation that affects our intellect, our emotions, and every part of our lives.”

In his book “When Heaven Invades Earth” is found a similar statement:

“The focus of repentance is to change our way of thinking until the presence of His Kingdom fills our consciousness.”

So when Bill Johnson recognizes that man needs to repent, he refers to that.

Thus, his definition leans more toward “seeing with God’s perspective” and/or “changing our thinking so that our conscience is filled with the presence of His Kingdom,” rather than turning from sin and to God.

but kept declaring both to those of Damascus first, and also at Jerusalem and then throughout all the region of Judea, and even to the Gentiles, that they should repent and turn to God, performing deeds appropriate to repentance. Acts 26:20

Many, many similar observations have been reported, thro’out the apostolic/prophetic movement, of an almost complete lack of genuine gospel presentation, if Jesus is even mentioned at all. A false gospel leaves people in an apostate, or lost state, separated from God, their sin remaining for lack of true repentance.

No Gospel

a https://kimolsen.net/2013/07/11/a-testimony-how-god-rescued-me-from-bill-johnsons-cult/

 I might add that NEVER ONCE did I hear salvation, repentance, holiness, righteousness, judgment, or wrath preached, neither from the pulpit nor when I’d travel the streets with them. The whole business plan (because it’s NOT a ministry) is to focus on LYING signs and wonders….impotent magic tricks. 

A false gospel or no gospel, is an apostate trend in the ‘apostolic/prophetic movement.


A https://www.apologeticsindex.org/2977-new-apostolic-reformation-overview

The “Gospel of the Kingdom” is the NAR teaching that God, through Christ’s death and resurrection, has made the way for Christians to take dominion of the earth. This is a redefined gospel in contrast to the gospel of salvation from sin that, historically, has been taught by evangelicals.

Many NAR apostles and prophets teach that there are two gospels being taught by Christians today — those being, the “gospel of salvation” and the “gospel of the kingdom.” The “gospel of salvation” primarily addresses the good news that God, through Christ’s death and resurrection, has provided a means of salvation from sin. But this is an incomplete gospel, according to NAR leaders. They teach that the “gospel of the kingdom” is a more complete gospel, which not only addresses God’s provision for salvation from sin, but also His provision for taking dominion

The gospel of the kingdom eclipses the gospel of salvation, the 7 Mnt. Mandate, the major catalyst, various pragmatic applications of an ideological false gospel communicate.

The Gospel According to Bethel – Lindsay Davis

Lindsay Davis’s 39 page document she presented to Bethel Leaders

a https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jTWy8zJMf4X13maBE2SXRLT2-ACM7MCf/view?fbclid=IwAR3QCMkv4YbSThJtS-WxS0ss_puFR6e2bafoF-GhcQ0k_JxnFKLd9edBO0k

The Gospel According to Bethel
If you visit Bethel TV, or regularly attend Bethel Church Services- you cannot expect a solid
biblical sermon, rooted in the firm foundation of the gospel (Christ crucified.)
In the entire time I
have been a student at Bethel School of Ministry, I have never heard a sermon from any of the
pastors that was rooted in the true Gospel of Jesus Christ

Bethel will often use the phrase “the gospel” when they preach, but if you watch their sermons,
that phrase is always accompanied by a point or message on signs and wonders, and healings
and miracles. That is not the gospel.

So- what exactly is the gospel, according to Bethel? In Bills sermon, “The Gospel is the Power
of God”,
Bill clearly defines what he believes the gospel to be (This message is consistent in all
of his sermons and books as well.)

Bill says, “The Gospel of the kingdom is the power of God for deliverance, healing, and for the
forgiveness of sins- it was never meant to be separated.”
(In the sermon he explains that this
“deliverance” and “healing” is demonic deliverance and physical healing to our bodies) He
continues by saying, “The Kingdom of God is not meat or drink, but righteousness, peace and
joy.( Romans 14:17) Righteousness deals with the sin issue, peace deals with the (demonic)
torment issue, and joy- laughter is a good medicine, deals with the healing issue…the Kingdom
of God is about the triune gospel to impact the whole person- spirit, soul, and body. It was never
intended that we just got forgiven so that we could go to heaven. It was so that we could
become a transformed people that can model, illustrate and demonstrate the same gospel that
Jesus walked the earth and preached with.”

Also, Bill misses the primary point of our salvation: to be set free from the bondage of sin and
death, to be reconciled back to God through Christs work on the cross,
to live in obedience to
Christ and to bring God glory and worship.
The Gospel is NOT signs and wonders. But according to Bill Johnson’s book, when Heaven
Invades Earth, signs and wonders have the same power as the Gospel of Christ Crucified

  1. Signs and Wonders Reveal The Nature of God (pg 134)
  2. Signs and Wonders Expose Sin and Bring People To A Decision (pg 134)
  3. The Supernatural is the Key To Sin Cities of the World (pg 137)

Kingdom Now Heretical Theology

Another core principle of Bill Johnson’s false gospel is this: he claims that Christ died so that we
can “bring God’s Kingdom to Earth” (Kingdom Now Theology) and so that we can take
back our dominion over the earth.”

Two things- He distorts the Lord’s prayer to say that bringing God’s Kingdom to earth, is
accomplished through us “knowing our identity, and walking in a supernatural lifestyle (signs
and wonders).” That is not what the Lord’s Prayer is saying.

(Lindsay continues with ‘Kingdom Now’ error, and more in her document)

The ‘gospel of the kingdom’ that Bill postulates, and promulgates, is common across the board in the ‘apostolic/prophetic’ movement, taking the form of the 7 mountain mandate ideology. As seen here in Lindsay’s document, the 7 mnt. mandate’ gospel seems to have taken precedence over, or become blended with the gospel of Jesus Christ unto salvation, the foundation of repentance from sin, lost in the process, morphing into a false gospel, of doctrinal error, all manner of false gospel applications ensued.

7 Mnt. Mandate False Gospel’– An Apostate Trend

From this we can see that the ‘7 mnt. mandate false gospel’ is an apostate trend in the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic’ movement.

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