IHOP’s Alluring Worship, Mystic Madness, False Prophetic History



A major emphasis in IHOP’s worship is to gain intimacy with God. It is spiritual romance. It is a romantic encounter with God. Misty Edwards, one of the prominent IHOP worship leaders, says that she appreciates Kevin Prosch because of the romantic intimacy of his worship songs. (Prosch must be a very romantic man, as he has had two wives and has committed multiple adulteries.)

On her 2014 album, Misty Edwards sings Prosch’s “The Gift” because, she says, it describes “the joy of being lovesick.” Consider the lyrics:

“You are the Bridegroom/ take us in Your arms./ … It’s the joy of being love sick/ The pleasures of loving You/ … The aching longing to see You face to face/ … So spread Your blanket of love over Your love sick ones/ Let love flow now/ The Spirit and the Bride say come/ Comfort Your love sick ones/ Let love flow now.”

The emotionalism of this approach is doubtless one reason why women are often at the forefront of contemporary worship.

Of this song and of IHOP’s mystical worship in general, Misty says:

“It’s a gift that pulls us into TRANSCENDENCE AND PULLS US INTO THE ETERNAL and immortal … As broken and messed up as we are, the way that He feels about us when we reach out to Him, longing for Him, moves Him deeply. I think about how we move His heart, He responds, and then we are moved, and we respond. There’s a back and forth relationship that we have with Jesus, that we move Him in our brokenness and our weakness” (“‘The Gift’ by Misty Edwards,” NewReleaseTuesday.com, Nov. 18, 2014).

She is saying that contemporary worship can transcend this present life and bring the worshiper into a sensual experience with God. She describes the believer’s relationship with God in terms of human romance.

What is wrong with charismatic “romantic worship”?

1. It brings God down to a human level and deals with him in human terms.

Consider Misty Edwards’ song “Ezekiel 1,” in which she describes God on the throne in Ezekiel’s vision and then repeatedly sings, “Come near, O Burning One.” As she sings this, she beckons with her hand as to a lover.

Imagine Ezekiel responding to the awesome vision like that? This was most definitely not Ezekiel’s response to the vision of Almighty God. Nor was it Isaiah’s (Isaiah 6:1-5) or Paul’s (Acts 9:3-6) or John’s (Revelation 1:17).

In “romantic worship” the sense of the fear of God is lost. He is just an divine lover, and that is never how the Bible depicts God.

Even in eternity, in the New Jerusalem, there will remain a vast barrier between God and His people.

“And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him” (Revelation 22:3).

2. The contemporary worship atmosphere apes the sensuality of rock & roll lover songs.

Contemporary musicians create the very same atmosphere that has been beloved by rock & rollers for decades because of the powerful feelings it creates. There are the sensual rock rhythms that move the body in sexual ways. There are the unresolving chord sequences that create a sensual, trance-like environment. There are the sensual vocalization styles, the darkened building, the spotlights on the singers and musicians, the sensual dress and movement of the singers.

Contemporary worship is exactly the same, except the words are directed to God and Christ.

In fact, oftentimes it isn’t clear who the lyrics are directed to. The ambiguity lends itself to multiple applications, which is how many CCM artists have achieved “crossover” success with “worship” songs.

Consider “Song of Solomon” by Misty Edwards.

(The video is titled “Pour My Love on You,” but there are actually three songs on the video and the first one is “Song of Solomon.”)

A pastor friend observed, “We get no indication that this ballad is about God until about 14 minutes into it. And that was in a single, very quick, easily missed reference to Him.”

Edwards sings the following words in soft rock ballad style:

“When I feel the cold of winter and this cloak of sadness, I need you. All the evil things that shake me, all the words that break me, I need you. Over the mountains and down by the sea, you’ll come running, my love to me. Do not hide me from your presence, pull me from these shadows, I need you. Beauty, wrap your arms around me, sing your song of kindness, I need you.”

She carries on like this for 17 minutes, singing in a moaning, cracking, trembling “rock chick” voice with interludes of emotional “scooping and sliding” without any words. A musician friend remarked, “The ‘Marilyn Monroe’ breathy tones are sensual, along with the facial expressions and body language.”

In “Do You Know the Way You Move Me,” Misty Edwards sings a song as if God were saying the following words to the individuals in the congregation:

“Do you know how you caught my eye, in the secret place where you choose to be mine? I saw you there, longing to be mine. Even in the night time I saw you reaching out to me.”

Kevin Prosch, whose worship songs are praised by Misty Edwards, has taken this so far as to sing the Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” as if God were singing it to the congregation! This was at the 1996 Heart of David Conference on Worship & Warfare, sponsored by “prophet’ Rick Joyner’s Morning Star ministries. They even claim that when they sang the Beatles’ song, God signaled His pleasure with miraculous signs.

Prosch also sings the Wailers’ very sensual rock song “Stir It Up” as if the Lord were singing it to His people.

To ape the world is to be worldly. It is to love the world.

“Romantic worship” is nothing more than worldliness perpetrated by people who are truly drunk on rock music and who have confused their own feelings with the blessing of God.

Fervent sincerity and passionate romantic emotionalism do not sanctify something that is unscriptural. David was sincere when he had the ark of the covenant placed on a cart for transportation to Jerusalem, and Uzza was sincere when he reached out that day to steady the ark, but God struck him down (1 Ch. 13:7-11). It seemed to be a reasonable action, and even David was offended at God that day, but God did not accept Israel’s sincere, enthusiastic, but unscriptural worship. Only when they took the ark off of the cart and put it on the shoulders of the divinely-appointed Levites did God accept them. On both occasions, the people were fervently worshipful (1 Ch. 13:815:28), but only when they obeyed the Scripture was God pleased.

3. There is no biblical justification for “romantic worship.”

While the Bible does describe the church’s relationship with Christ in terms of a bride and bridegroom in Ephesians 5, and while there is an application of the Song of Solomon to the believer’s relationship with God, we must be careful about introducing human romance into the worship of God.

The bottom line is that the blatant romanticism of contemporary worship is not how the Bible describes the worship of the resurrected Christ.

We don’t see this type of thing in the Psalms, which is the divinely-inspired worship book.

We don’t see this type of thing in the New Testament epistles.

We don’t see this type of thing in Christ’s post-resurrections appearances in Matthew 28 or Acts 1 or Revelation 1 or Revelation 4-5.

It is therefore presumptuous. It goes beyond biblical authority and example. It is unscriptural. 

A pastor friend observed, “Jesus Himself never behaved inappropriately towards women while He was on the earth, and it certainly tears down His high and holy character for people to think that He would condone the practice of women singing to Him like this now.”

“Romantic worship” fits the emotionalism and experience-orientation of contemporary worship, and it is suited perfectly to the vehicle of rock & roll. But it isn’t Scriptural and must therefore be rejected.

Anything that is unscriptural is both wrong and spiritually dangerous.

4. Any “romantic” relationship between the believer and the Lord is a private matter.

A pastor friend made the following important observation about “romantic worship”:

“It seems clear that the Song of Solomon represents individuals in a relationship. If it is an example to believers, it should be confined to our personal relationship with God through Christ. If done corporately, we would call that a sexual orgy. No true believer would want to be a part of the intimate lives of all the other people in their congregation on a physical level, and neither should we be involved with them to that level of intimacy on a spiritual level. This song [Misty Edwards’ ‘Song of Solomon’] invites us all into the most intimate levels of experience this woman has with God. Yet, it combines those feelings with a physical medium that confuses all who hear it and invites us into her moaning and groaning on an intimate physical level also. Those physical expressions are sacred and should be reserved for her husband.”

Other comments on contemporary “romantic worship.”

“While we all need to be grateful to God that He even offered salvation to wretched sinners like us, gratitude is not a license to abandon all self-control to the dictates of our flesh and carry on like some worldly, starry-eyed teenager. The words to the songs may have some resemblance to the Song of Solomon, but the performance is a classic, well-practiced, choreographed, Pentecostal/Charismatic ‘worship’ service like nothing Solomon ever saw or imagined–and certainly like nothing God ever intended for His words to be used for.”

‘When Song of Solomon was written, I doubt it was performed on a public stage in a rock concert, accompanied by the best looking girls in tight jeans, and I don’t think Solomon would have had amplified, flesh-arousing instruments, which he and his band played for over 45 minutes, with the purpose of ‘calling down’ and ‘experiencing the presence’ of the ‘holy spirit’; and manipulating an emotional response from the participating ‘worshippers.’”

5. Charismatic “romantic worship” is not based on Scripture rightly divided. It is based on “prophecies.”

As we have seen, charismatic “romantic worship” is not based on Scripture. Where does it come from, then? Prophecies!

The following is excerpted from a report published in Rolling Stone magazine:

Bob Jones ‘Prophetic’ Corruptions Lead The Way

“One July day in 1988, Mike Bickle was sitting in his office, reading a wedding card inscribed with a verse from the Song of Solomon. ‘Jesus, seal my heart with your seal of love,’ Bickle spontaneously prayed. Unaccountably, he began to weep. The phone rang. A prophet had heard the ‘audible voice of the Lord’ for Bickle: The Song of Solomon, a dialogue between King Solomon and his beloved, should become a focus of Bickle’s ministry. It eventually came to Bickle that true believers must see Jesus ‘through the eyes of a bride with loyal, devoted love’–they must ‘feel loved and in love’ with Christ. Without this intimacy in worship, Christ would not return to earth. …

Bob Jones ‘prophetic imagination’ created Mike’s IHOP ‘Bridal Intercession’!

“IHOP’s website states that one of its prayer guides, Bridal Intercession, ‘presents prayer as the joyful and romantic communion between the lover and his beloved. … Readers will find themselves … eager to encounter this lovely Lord who is their bridegroom.’ …

“Across the IHOP complex, in cafeterias, hallways and the prayer room, music composed to enhance the ecstatic experience is omnipresent, according to an ex-member. Among the lyrics to two popular songs: ‘God is a lover looking for a lover/So he fashioned me and ‘Do you understand what you do to me? . . . How you ravish my heart with just one glance?’ Some former IHOPers have talked of being addicted to it–they become nervous and irritable when they turn it off. Another IHOPer has written about addiction to the sedative atmosphere of the prayer room itself: ‘A common refrain around anxious, discouraged IHOPers is, I just gotta get to the prayer room’” (Jeff Tietz, “Love and Death in the House of Prayer,” Rolling Stone, Jan. 21, 2014).

The “romantic worship” is simply another heresy that was imparted to this movement by fallen angels masquerading as angels of light.

Bob Jones False Prophetic Corruptions

IHOP’s prophesying has been filled with grievous errors.

Consider, for example, that it was long and fervently prophesied in Mike Bickle’s prayer meetings that his quadriplegic brother would be healed. (Pat Bickle became a quadriplegic as a teenager via a football accident.) Following is the testimony of a couple who were members of Bickle’s church from its inception until 1990:

Bob Jones Inspired ‘Prophetic History’ Editing

“One other important fact that never gets mentioned, and has since been removed from the history. Mike had a quadriplegic brother named Pat whom we were close to. Pat always attended the evening prayer meetings which we also attended. Keep in mind, the early prayer movement was very sparse, a far cry from what it looks like today. Just a dozen or so faithful regularly attended. As a result, we got to know one another pretty well. Well, amongst all the prophecies and promises of the spirit being poured out on us, there was ALWAYS the promise that Pat would be healed. So often was that promise repeated that we spoke of it as a ‘given.’ All of the prophets mentioned it numerous times. In fact, it was going to be THE EVENT that started the whole ball rolling. Sadly, Pat passed away a few years ago. More sadly, however, is how THIS OFTEN-STATED PROPHECY, AT LEAST HOW PIVOTAL IT WAS, WAS ERASED FROM THE HISTORY. Now, when new IHOPers listen to the 18 plus hours of how IHOP came to be, they won’t know about Pat and that profound promise that we hoped for in his healing” (“Mike Bickle: The White Horse Prophecy,” BeyondGrace.blogspot.com, Aug. 24, 2011).

In a series of interviews with Mike Bickle in 1988, Bob Jones claimed that God had shown him a prophecy in 1982 which taught that Mike Bickle was the chosen leader of the end-time prophetic miracle movement, that Jones was chosen by God to keep the movement on the right course, and that Pat Bickle’s healing would be a signal of the beginning of great miracles.

This was called the White Horse Prophecy. Jones allegedly was shown a vision of a white horse carrying a man lying on a board and another man walking alongside. Jones was told to lead the horse into a stream bed in which a trickle of water flowed and to keep the horse in the center of the stream until rains came and filled it up. He interpreted this as follows: The white horse signifies the end-time prophetic movement. Bob Jones was appointed to keep the prophetic movement on the right course. Pat Bickle would be healed when the water of end-time miracles began flowing. Mike Bickle was the appointed leader of the movement.

Here is Jones’ description of the prophecy in his conversations with Bickle in 1988:

“I saw the White Horse and this time they was a man and that man was laying flat on a board on his back, and they was another one walking (by his) side and I couldn’t understand it, but it was like one of them was walking beside of him was one of the men that was chosen to have a little power … and he was to be a leader of this. … This one, that was at his side, was saying ‘This man, he’s not heavy, that I’m bearing, He’s my Brother.’

“And that White Horse, some of the main purpose that the White Horse (corporate purpose) was to begin with, was to begin to pray for that man, I didn’t know it then, but to pray for the man that was on that board.

“And the White Horse, I was told to lead the White Horse into the middle of a dry stream. It was a stream that centuries ago had water in it, but now it was dry. And as I led the White Horse right into the middle of the stream the Spirit of the Lord put water, like a little trickle, on both sides of it.

“And He said, ‘I’m releasing the spirit of prophecy, to keep the White Horse in the Middle of the stream, and that’s your only duty. Just walk along side, hold on with a gentle reign to keep it in the middle of the stream. Because, one day the rains will come and the flow will begin and when it does, the man on the white horse on the board shall be the one first to touch that stream” (“Mike Bickle: The White Horse Prophecy,” BeyondGrace.blogspot.com, Aug. 24, 2011).

Jones also described “rabid dogs” on both sides of the river barking, which he interpreted to be those who resist the new prophets and their miracle revival. Every critic of the movement is considered a persecutor. Another of Bickle’s “prophets” conveniently prophesied that God did not want IHOP to answer its critics.

“Persecution will be birthed against you and the work that God has entrusted to your leadership, and the Lord says you are not to touch it, you are not to answer it; you are to leave it in the Lord’s hands, and He will settle it for you” (Augustine Alcala, quoted from “Mick Bickle: Inoculation of the Sheep,” Aug. 8, 2011, beyondgrace.blogspot.com).

Any movement that refuses to listen to “critics” who are basing their “criticism” on Scriptural rightly divided is a movement that does not love the truth and that is condemned to be led astray. The Bible was given for reproof (2 Tim. 3:16). The New Testament commends scriptural reproof (Eph. 5:11-13). Biblical preachers are reprovers (2 Tim. 4:2). All things are to be proven (1 Th. 5:21). The Bereans, who tested everything by Scripture, are not treated as carnal troublemakers, but as “noble” (Acts 17:11). Paul’s “criticisms” of Peter (Gal. 2:11-14), Hymenaeus and Alexander (1 Tim. 1:19-20), Phygellus and Hermogenes (2 Tim. 1:15), Hymenaeus and Philetus (2 Tim. 2:17-18), and Alexander (2 Tim. 4:14-15) are presented in a positive light in God’s Word. Proverbs, the book of practical wisdom, emphasizes that one’s attitude toward reproof is a test of one’s spiritual condition (Prov. 6:239:710:1712:113:1815:101231-32; 17:1029:1).

Returning to the White Horse Prophecy, we note that Bob Jones said that one of the MAIN DUTIES of the movement in its early stage was to pray for Pat Bickle.

But Pat, the “man on the board,” died in May 2007 at age 50 after being paralyzed for 33 years, totally discrediting Bob Jones as a “prophet” and Mike Bickle as the leader of a miracle movement.

Instead of admitting that the vision was a lie and repenting of his heresies, Bickle has modified it so that Pat’s death is the fulfillment. In 2009, Bickle replaced the “Prophetic History” that is taught to all IHOP students with a new edition. The title is “Encountering Jesus: Visions, Revelations, and Angelic Activity from IHOP-KC’s Prophetic History.”

The vision of Pat’s healing was changed to a vision of Pat’s death!

“On August 8, 1982, Bob saw a white horse in the middle of a river bed that had 4 inches of water in it, with rabid dogs on the sides. Bob saw me and my brother Pat in the river bed. He stood behind us. Bob saw that when the Lord ‘raised up Pat,’ then the floods of the Spirit would follow in God’s timing. The Lord raised up Pat and took him home to glory when he died on May 5, 2007” (“Encountering Jesus,” 2009 outline distributed by Mike Bickle, cited from “Mike Bickle: The White Horse Prophecy,” BeyondGrace.blogspot.com, Aug. 24, 2011).

By 2011, Pat Bickle had disappeared from the White Horse prophecy entirely!

Well does God’s Word reprove those who speak false things and give people false hopes and lead people astray:

Mindless Mysticism Permeates IHOP Movement


Mindless mysticism permeates the IHOP movement. It is reflected in the music, as we have seen, and it is reflected in its acceptance of Roman Catholic contemplative mysticism which encourages an “encounter” with God through practices such as the repetitious Jesus prayer, visualizing prayer, breath prayer, and centering prayer. These practices were developed by Roman Catholic “saints” such as Ignatius Loyola and Teresa of Avila in the terrible spiritual darkness of Catholic monasticism.

IHOPKS’s large bookstore next door to its 24/7 prayer room contains dozens of titles promoting contemplative prayer. I saw these on a visit in October 2014.

Mike Bickle has been teaching contemplative prayer since the early 1980s. A couple who joined the Kansas City Fellowship when it was formed testified of this as follows:

“We were part of the original church that Mike Bickle started in the early 80’s called Kansas City Fellowship. In fact, when Mike first arrived in Kansas City, he spoke at a woman’s Bible study that I was attending at the time. It was the first time I had heard contemplative prayer taught. I was so intrigued by his teaching, I made it a point to attend his soon-to-be new church” (“Mike Bickle: The White Horse Prophecy,” BeyondGrace.blogspot.com, Aug. 24, 2011),

The mindless nature of this mysticism is illustrated by The Cloud of Unknowing, one of the books that can be purchased at IHOP’s bookstore. This Roman Catholic book encourages the use of a mantra to drive away conscious thoughts with the objective of entering into an experiential communion with God in “the nothingness.” This is Christianized Hinduism, and it is most dangerous.

The Cloud of Unknowing says:

“… DISMISS EVERY CLEVER OR SUBTLE THOUGHT no matter how holy or valuable. Cover it over with a thick cloud of forgetting because in this life only love can touch God as he is in himself, never knowledge” (chapter 8, pp. 59, 60).

“Focus your attention on a simple word such as sin or God … and WITHOUT THE INTERVENTION OF ANALYTICAL THOUGHT allow yourself to experience directly the reality it signifies” (chapter 36, p. 94).

“For in this darkness we experience an intuitive understanding of everything material and spiritual WITHOUT GIVING SPECIAL ATTENTION TO ANYTHING IN PARTICULAR” (chapter 68).

Richard Foster, one of the most prominent gurus of contemplative mysticism, and another author whose books are promoted by IHOP, says repetitious prayers such as breath prayers “BIND THE MIND” (Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home, p. 124).

This is not biblical meditation; it is blind mysticism. It is a dangerous recipe for demonic delusion. We must seek God through faith, and faith comes only by the Scripture, not by a mindless encounter with God beyond Scripture and even beyond thought.

The late Roman Catholic-Buddhist Thomas Merton, one of the most influential contemplative writers, described his own delusion in these frightful words: “In the end the contemplative suffers the anguish of realizing that he no longer knows what God is” (Merton, The New Seeds of Contemplation).

Contemplative practices, such as the Jesus Prayer, visualizing prayer, breath prayer, and centering prayer are exceedingly dangerous. Many who practice these things end up believing in a pagan concept of God such as pantheism (God is everything) and panentheism (God is in everything) and universalism (all people are God’s children). Through these practices, people typically become increasingly ecumenical and interfaith in thinking.

The ‘New Prophets’-Aka Bob Jones, Paul Cain

(see article for more details)

Wandering ‘Prophets’ Find A Home


Bob Jones (d. 2014) (again not the Bob Jones who founded Bob Jones University in South Carolina) is one of the men that Mike Bickle accepted as a “Level IV prophet.” Bickle compared this level with “the Old Testament ministries of men like Samuel and Elijah” (Growing in the Prophetic, p. 42).

Bob Jones claimed countless out-of-body experiences, visions, angelic visitations, personal tours of heaven led by Jesus, and face-to-face conversations with God. He said he had a spirit guide who took him on out-of-body adventures. His first alleged trip to heaven was at age 13.

On another “trip to heaven,” he supposedly saw “Jesus in the form of a light who would grab and kiss men and women and then make them disappear by absorbing them into his body” (Visions and Revelations, series of five tapes from the fall of 1988).

Visions and Revelations was removed from Bickle’s catalog in 1990, together with other “prophecies” by Bob Jones and Paul Cain’s messages, but we have a digitized copy of Visions and Revisions in our possession.)

Jones saw unsaved people on an escalator to hell which was “like a cold storage place.”

Jones said that on one occasion Jesus came to him in the appearance of an angel named Dominus and they sat in rocking chairs holding hands and looking down on a church service in progress while they were invisible to the people.

All of this is contrary to Scripture, and if Jones even had these experiences, they were demonic deceptions. (We deal with Pentecostal visitations to heaven in the book The Pentecostal-Charismatic Movements, available from http://www.wayoflife.org.)

Bob Jones ‘Prophetic Initiative’ For ‘Prophetic History’

Jones taught the Manifest Sons of God heresy, claiming that the sons of God will be glorified and miraculously empowered before Jesus returns. He prophesied of a “New Breed” of prophets that Jesus would raise up and “the government will be on their shoulders.” He described evangelists who will heal by means of a “ray of light” that will emanate out of their hands (Visions and Revelations, Fall 1988).

He said, “They will move into things of the supernatural that no one has ever moved in before. Every miracle, sign and wonder that has ever been in the Bible – they’ll move in it consistently. Every sign and wonder that’s ever been will be many times in the last days. They themselves will … put death itself underneath their feet … a Church that has reached the full maturity of the god-man!”

Following is one of Bob Jones’ prophecies about the New Breed:

“I went and I seen the Lord, and it was like He was looking at little yellow things–little round, yellow things like a spirit of God itself. And there were billions of them. And it was like Him and all the angels were looking through these and every once in awhile they’s say, ‘Hey, here’s an end-time one; get it down here on the end. Here’s another good one.’

“I said, ‘What are you doing?’

“He said, ‘Oh, we’re collecting those who are foreknown and predestinated for the end-times, for you see, they’ll be the best of all the seed that’s ever been. And we’re looking through the seeds and this’ll be your grandkids. This will be the end generation that is foreknown and predestinated to inherit all things. And these will be like grandchildren to you–even those that you minister to won’t be this generation; their children will be. You are to write into their minds, as they write into the children’s minds. You’re to bring them to a place to allow My Spirit to rule in their life where they can begin to set the Church on the proper foundations, as they will. They’ll birth the Church, but their children will attain levels of the Holy Spirit that they will not. (belief in pre-existence)

This was another Bob Jones ‘prophetic initiative’ laying the ‘prophetic history’ foundation.

The main thing that caused people to believe that Jones was a prophet was his knowledge of the secrets of their lives. This soothsaying is what convinced Mike Bickle.

“Several weeks later, a week-known preacher named Art Katz was visiting our Sunday morning church service. I had heard of Art but had never met him. After the service, I saw Bob Jones talking privately with him. I expected Art to reject Bob as I had done. Instead, when I came up to greet him, the first thing he said was, ‘Mike, this man Bob Jones is a prophet of God. He just told me the secrets of my heart!’ … About 9:00 p.m. that night, Art insisted on seeing Bob again. We met at my house from 10:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. It was a very unusual and emotional evening. I was overwhelmed by the private things that God revealed to Bob about my personal life. In the emotion of the moment, I blurted out, ‘Bob, I believe you are a prophet’” (Growing in the Prophetic, 2008 edition, p. 14).

Jones met Mike Bickle in 1983 and prophesied that God was going to use Bickle to usher in an end-time miracle revival. We have already looked at Jones’ White Horse Prophecy.

Jones communed with an entity that he called “the angel Emma,” claiming that “she” birthed the Kansas City prophetic movement. (read more about ‘Emma’ in article)

Bob Jones, basically, was responsible for Mike Bickle’s IHOP ‘prophetic history’.


Paul Cain (b. 1929) is probably the most renowned of the Pentecostal “new prophets.”

He claims that the “Angel of the Lord” first visited him when he was eight years old and that he has experienced countless visions, revelatory dreams, and angelic visitations since then.

He began conducting healing campaigns at age 18 and was one of the prominent names in the Pentecostal “Healing Revival” of the late 1940s and 1950s. He was an associate of William Branham and on at least one occasion took over a meeting for Branham.

Like William Branham before him, Cain has the occultic gift of clairvoyance or soothsaying and knows details of stranger’s lives. This convinced many people of his authenticity as a “prophet.” It appears that Cain inherited occultic gifts from his mother and grandmothers.

Paul Did ‘Remote Viewing’ For U.S. Gov’t In 80’s


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 51mggS9UsgL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

He is Dr. Paul Cain. Evangelist and public speaker for over sixty years. Former Senior Diplomatic Advisor for the Washington Federal News Service, consultant to CIA/DIA Intelligence agency—Paranormal Division, consultant to the FBI—National Center for Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism and Presidential Consultant and Special Envoy for three presidents. This book, Paul Cain, A Prophet in the Hall of Kings is not a full-scale biography, though it does sketch a personality portrait with some key moments in his life. Instead, this book mostly focuses on foreign policy, with an emphasis on the Iraq of Saddam Hussein’s era, and the Middle East. Readers will be taken inside the meetings that he had with foreign diplomats, several presidents, their staff, key advisers and close friends.

In 1985, while the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Project STAR GATE was in full swing, Dr. Cain was contracted as a “remote viewer” by George H.W. Bush’s administration. For two terms President Clinton tasked him to travel to Iraq on several top-secret missions of national urgency. Unknown to Dr. Cain, President Clinton or Saddam Hussein, decisions they made would set in motion a chain of events that would topple Middle Eastern leaders, send a wave of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism coursing towards America, and set in motion the “End of Days…” You MUST find out what Saddam meant when he told Dr. Cain, “President Clinton is the hope of Iraq, and the hope of the world.”

Paul’s mother, grandmother, and great grandmother had all been born with the gift of seeing. His great-grandmother would sometimes see things in broad daylight and ask her friend or family if they could see them too. If they said they could not, she would occasionally wave her hand upon them and they would immediately see the  identical vision.

“Paul now found he was ‘seeing’ also and would know things that were going to happen to classmates at school or were happening to absent friends. He knew simple things like who would end up with a bloody nose or who would win a race. …

“There was a special bond between William Branham and Little Brother [Cain] in the early days of Paul’s ministry. … Sometimes when Branham could not meet a commitment, he would send Paul in his place.

“The extent of their spiritual ‘light’ was phenomenal. When they called each other by phone one would often say to the other in fun, ‘You’re all right today. How am I?’ and each would know the other’s state of health precisely.

In 1987, Cain was accepted as a prophet and a “father” by Mike Bickle and the Kansas City Fellowship because of Cain’s knack for soothsaying.

Bob Jones stated that Cain is “the most anointed prophet that’s in the world today” (Visions and Revelations, interview with Mike Bickle, Kansas City, MO: Grace Ministries, 1988)

Cain says that when he was in his early twenties, the “Angel of the Lord” called him to a celibate unmarried life. He said that he was driving his Lincoln Continental in southern California in the 1950s when “the Lord,” dressed as a monk, appeared in the passenger seat. In the ensuing conversation, “the Lord” indicated to him that he should cut off his marriage engagement with a young woman and live celibately.

“After the Lord had finished discussing some other matters with him Paul felt it was a good opportunity to raise the question of his recent engagement to be married. So he told the Lord about it and asked: ‘What do you think of it, Lord? … You don’t seem very pleased. Don’t you want me to be married?’

“The Lord looked at him again and repeated softly, ‘I walked alone.’

“‘Lord,’ said Paul, ‘if you don’t want me to be married I am willing to give up the idea, but you will have to do something about my feelings.’

“The Lord replied by simply placing his hand upon him. To Paul it felt as though fire passed right through his body. From that day to this, he says, he has never experienced any further sexual desire. That was Paul’s initiation into celibacy” (David Pytches, Some Said it Thundered, p. 40-41)

*This obviously was simply a self aggrandizing lie, or a demonic delusional apparition.

In October 2004, Cain was exposed as a homosexual and an alcoholic by Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, and Jack Deere, who said that Cain had refused to submit to discipline.

“‘In February 2004, we were made aware that Paul had become an alcoholic. In April 2004, we confronted Paul with evidence that he had recently been involved in homosexual activity. Paul admitted to these sinful practices and was placed under discipline, agreeing to a process of restoration, which the three of us would oversee. However, Paul has resisted this process and has continued in his sin.’ With our deepest regrets and sincerity, Rick Joyner, Jack Deere, Mike Bickle.”

Eventually Cain admitted his sin, saying, “I have struggled in two particular areas, homosexuality and alcoholism, for an extended period of time. I apologize for denying these matters of truth, rather than readily admitting them” (“A Letter of Confession,” February 2005, web article no longer available).

As we have seen, for 40 years Cain had claimed that he had no sexual feelings because “the Lord” had touched him. He had repeated this mythical story to many, including John Wimber, Mike Bickle, and David Pytches, author of Some Said It Thundered, and had used it to impress people with his “prophetic mystique.”

‘Prophetic Music’-Something Imparted When You Listen

Rock music is at the heart and soul of the new prophecy movement represented by IHOP. If you could remove the music, the movement would die. They worship to rock music, pray to rock music, prophesy to rock music, speak in “tongues” to it, fall on the floor to it, drink their coffee to it. They are addicted to sensual music.

Integrity Music, which owns Hosanna Music, has been one of the channels for the spread of the new prophets’ message.

Integrity rose out of the charismatic movement, and the music it distributes to 117 countries is charismatic to the core.

Integrity recorded an album at the Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida, where a strange charismatic “revival” broke out in 1995. Don Moen, who was “creative director” for Integrity at the time, described the power of the music recorded at Brownsville:

“… SOMETHING IS IMPARTED WHEN YOU LISTEN TO THIS TAPE. I don’t want it to sound spooky or mysterious, but there’s something powerful about embracing the music of the revival. The fire of the revival can stir in you even as you listen to the songs that took place at the Brownsville revival” (“Don Moen Discusses Music at Brownsville Assembly,” Pentecostal Evangel, November 10, 1996).

Detractors Described As ‘Rabid Dogs’-Persecutors

Jones also described “rabid dogs” on both sides of the river barking, which he interpreted to be those who resist the new prophets and their miracle revival. Every critic of the movement is considered a persecutor. Another of Bickle’s “prophets” conveniently prophesied that God did not want IHOP to answer its critics.

“Persecution will be birthed against you and the work that God has entrusted to your leadership, and the Lord says you are not to touch it, you are not to answer it; you are to leave it in the Lord’s hands, and He will settle it for you” (Augustine Alcala, quoted from “Mick Bickle: Inoculation of the Sheep,” Aug. 8, 2011, beyondgrace.blogspot.com).

Any movement that refuses to listen to “critics” who are basing their “criticism” on Scripture rightly divided is a movement that does not love the truth and that is condemned to be led astray. The Bible was given for reproof (2 Tim. 3:16). The New Testament commends scriptural reproof (Eph. 5:11-13). Biblical preachers are reprovers (2 Tim. 4:2). All things are to be proven (1 Th. 5:21). The Bereans, who tested everything by Scripture, are not treated as carnal troublemakers, but as “noble” (Acts 17:11). Paul’s “criticisms” of Peter (Gal. 2:11-14), Hymenaeus and Alexander (1 Tim. 1:19-20), Phygellus and Hermogenes (2 Tim. 1:15), Hymenaeus and Philetus (2 Tim. 2:17-18), and Alexander (2 Tim. 4:14-15) are presented in a positive light in God’s Word. Proverbs, the book of practical wisdom, emphasizes that one’s attitude toward reproof is a test of one’s spiritual condition (Prov. 6:239:710:1712:113:1815:101231-32; 17:1029:1).

Beware of any ministry that treats biblical reprovers as enemies.

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