Dan Duval And ‘Bride Ministries’

Updated Sept. 6, 2021 (See Spirit Man Theology – Modern Roots)

Dan Duval’s Spirit Man/Spirit Guide Occult Heresy

“Much to my dismay I have recently come to realize that there is an increasing amount of teaching falling under the guise of “spiritual warfare” that is in fact a collection of various Luciferian concepts/ practices, and sadly, many people are being deceived into interacting with entities they believe to be “angels” or even their own “spirit-person”, which is tantamount to engaging with a “spirit guide”, a very dangerous and destructive practice quite central to New Age and Occult spirituality.”

William, the you tube producer below says, Duval is reverse engineering occult practices and posturing them in ‘christianeeze,‘ since he believes much of the occult is simply counterfeiting the spiritual dimensions God created for His people! In examining, He states his observations below.

Dan Duval’s Spirit Man/Spirit Guide Occult Heresy

According to Duval, one’s spirit has a separate identity, and consciousness that can be summoned, addressed, communicate with, sent out on assignments, particularly in regard to some dangerous, faulty applications of inner healing. The human has three separate identifies, three distinct individual persons, according to Duval.

Different Masks Demons Wear-Taking On Personas

You think this being that you are engaging with and talking to and learning from and so on is just a part of your own self, even though it’s a separate entity, you know, it has its own intelligence and its own personality. But you think you’re talking to yourself. And so you provide an avatar for a demonic entity, which is what all of the occult is all about. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re talking to ancestors, or aliens, or ascended masters, these are different masks that the demons wear….you know, they just will take on that persona. 

Heavy use of coded language, just even things like ‘spiritual warfare”

They’re talking about spiritual warfare, and you think, well, that’s a valid thing…most people, that just means ‘prayer’. But really what they mean is going into the spiritual realm, they even call it ‘travelling in the spirit’, and they have different charismatic, seemingly Christian names for things….

They are engaging with what they believe are angels—they think they’re talking to angels and sending angels out on assignment, and doing all these things ‘in the spirit’—i.e., in the spiritual realm. And it’s just pure witchcraft. These people are practising witchcraft in the name of Jesus. …

They have all sorts of crazy teachings involving these ‘redemptive gifts’ and the ‘shining ones’, and the armour of God, and you name it, they’ve got some sort of code word, all sorts of coded language that is really talking about things that are straight out of the dark arts, but they’ve convinced themselves…that they’re talking to God, that they’re talking to their own spirit person, talking to angels, and doing all these things for the sake of God’s kingdom. They think they’re actually fighting the enemy rather than, you know, sadly, doing Satan’s bidding.

Daniel also promoted his book, “Kingdom Government and the Promise of Sheep Nations,” during the classes. He used selected information from that book in our “Kingdom” class, and it seemed very strange to me that he kept reciting “as above so below” in one of the classes, to try to explain a Biblical concept. This phrase was something that he also used in his book, when he wrote that this phrase is “occult, meaning they reveal hidden wisdom that utilizes demonic assistance to carry out certain things.”

This is a huge red flag! Why would Christians think that an occult concept can explain a Scriptural concept? (Testimonial from Pam)

Convincing Erroneous Applications Of Scripture

Dan Duval convincingly references Scripture, as I heard for so many years, putting an entirely different spin on the intent of the writers of Scripture. Prayer, seeking the Lord, and guidance from the Holy Spirit, searching, studying the Scriptures, honouring them, discussing issues with others, petitioning the Lord to keep us free from deception, walking in humility, honesty, love and holiness, being teachable, correctable, these things will keep the grace of God operating in our lives, guiding us into all truth, as the Scriptures promise the Holy Spirit will do.

Arthur Burk Source – Cautions Not Being Directive


Interestingly, Arthur Burk, who it seems Duval got his ‘revelation’ from, cautioned against being directive when speaking to another person’s spirit (which is just wrong anyhow). He recommends;

“By directing the spirit, we mean telling it what to do. Other than telling a person’s spirit to seek direction from the Holy Spirit, I recommend not being directive. It is too easy to fall into witchcraft (control), and we often cannot see the bigger picture that God has for timing and sequence of events in our lives.

For example, when I am legitimizing a person’s spirit I will tell the spirit that it was made to be in dominion over the soul. I will NOT tell his spirit, “So go take charge.” God knows when the person will be ready for such an upheaval in the inner world. It does have to take place at some time, but we are not the ones to determine when that time is. After explaining the proper positioning to the spirit, I will say, “God will help you grow and develop, and in His time, He will tell you when and how to initiate the changes to make things right.”

Yet, esp. from the testimonies, I get the impression Duval has waived off this recommendation, disregarding the “too easy to fall into witchcraft” warning!

The whole, ‘speaking to another person’s spirit, is just wrong anyhow.

Dealing With Detractors And Defectors

The link above, “Is Bride Ministries A Christian Cult?“, desrcibes Duval’s reactions to detractors and defectors, with this summary.

The overall message is clear: dissent will not be tolerated, and defection will result in ex-communication.

It seems pretty clear that BRIDE Ministries falls well within the accepted definition of a cult—and that others outside the group are becoming aware of this.

Testimonies & Part 2 ‘Truth Stranger Than Fiction’

Dan Duval’s Extra-Terrestrial, Inter-Planetary Experiential Visitations!


Associates:Jeff Jansen, Ian Clayton, Justin Abrahams, Dave Hayes (Praying Medic), Preston Bailey, Arthur Burk, Doug Riggs, Rob Ruckert, Rick Wiles

Created Prayers Taken From Web Site

Energy Blocking Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,  I bind and block all sources of energy attacking my person and my system, by the blood of Yashua.  I bind weaponized electromagnetic frequency, light, sound, heat and slow and fast wavelengths, and decree they are neutralized and ineffective over, through and around my person.  I set gold as a protective barrier or faraday cage around any and all, seen and unseen, known and unknown receivers (implants, electrodes, planted devices, foreign DNA) in my body.  I disallow any sent signals to reach their intended targets, including binding all signals from satellites.  I bind all algorithms being used to attack my person.  I place a keyhole blocker, from the inside, in every cell of my body, which disallows all weaponized energies to reach their intended destinations, by the power through the name of Jesus.

I quell anxious tension in my body.  I make no alignment with fear.  I call courage over my person and I decree alignment with the frequency of courage. I set gold as a protective barrier around my limbic system. I disallow fear or tension to fuel energy in the atmosphere meant for harm or evil purposes.  

I decree acceptance of my _________ (legs, hands, heart, brain, etc…) through the love and the sacrifice of Jesus. I accept the acceptance of Jesus over my __________ (affected body part), for I am fearfully and wonderfully made!    


Evil Grid Renunciation Prayer (Seriously!)


Grids are quantum networks of energy pathways intersecting at nodal points (each nodal point being its own realm) and performing functions related to the iniquity that undergirds them and the powers of darkness that oversee them. Human fragments are held captive at nodal points and also trafficked (along with many other things like inheritance, birthrights, and resources) through the energy pathways of the grids. Everyone born within bloodline families that have significance to the kingdom of darkness will have evil grids that are established for them at conception. When these are renounced, it liberates whole families and even governments and components of creation. This is a prayer that everyone should speak at least once, but especially those that have an occult background.

TRIGGER WARNING: This prayer is particularly powerful and may not be safe to pray without the help of a trained minister, coach, or counselor. If you begin to pray this prayer and find yourself losing consciousness, or going in a physical manifestation, stop! Wait for a qualified individual to help journey you through the prayer.

Father God I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I confess that on my behalf, both with and without my consent, evil grids have been established relative to my life. I confess that these evil grids have entangled me (alters, fragments, shards, splinters, blood, DNA, RNA, sounds, frequencies and realms) with powers of darkness, evil realms, composite entities engineered with components of my DNA, members of my bloodlines and their parts past, present, and future, and have granted me and my parts access to powers and abilities from the kingdom of darkness. King Jesus, I now deed these grids over to you on behalf of every part of me, in all infinities of infinities and beyond, eternities of eternities and beyond, and time wheels that exist, once existed, and could or could not exist, and everything in between, on all sides of creation, and in all multiverses. Furthermore, I renounce the evil grids and all power, authority, status, prestige, and inheritance associated with them now. I also call every part of me, down to my sub-quantum components, stationed over my grids in lordship, or any ruling capacity whatsoever, fired in the name of Jesus, along with all backups, duplicates, replicas, derivatives, replacement, impersonators, stand-ins, ancestors, merfolk, hybrids, clones, twins, mirror images, holograms, Artificial Intelligence replicas, archived memories, spirit children or composite entities containing my DNA and/or RNA.

Right now, I command the angels of the Lord to go out and collect the parts of my humanity and the humanity of all other people from the grids which I have deeded over to Jesus Christ. In their efforts, I call the angels charged with the names of God: Jehovah-Jireh, Jehovah-Rapha, Jehovah-Shammah, Jehovah-Nissi, Jehovah-Tsidkenu, Jehovah-Makkedesh, Jehovah-Ra’ah, Jehovah-Shalom, Jehovah-Gibbowr, Jehovah-Elohim, Jehovah-Sabaoth, Jehovah-Issuwz, Jehovah-Hoseenu, Jehovah-Quana, Jehovah-Chayil, Jehovah-Milchamah, El-Shaddai, El-Elyon, El-Olam, El-Roy, Yeshua Ha Mashiach. I pray that the parts of humanity would be collected to the feet of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah right now. (Wait for them to be brought in).

I now call for the angels to place the parts of humanity that have been (and are being) collected into the chest of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I speak that the breast plate of the High Priest is activated, along with all its Living Stones, in the chest of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, superimposing itself into every part of humanity. It is written in 2 Samuel 22:29 “For you are my lamp, O Lord: and you will lighten my darkness”. It is written in John 1:4, “In him was life, and that life was the light of men.” It is written in Psalm 24:1, “The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein.” I declare that your light, refracting through the Living Stones of your breastplate, is penetrating through all human parts in various wave lengths, frequencies, amplitudes, and colors.

I now leverage all data contained by my grids as evidence into court cases that transact in a pre-adamic context against the agents of darkness found to be guilty of treason, evil, and conspiracy according to the record, in order to destroy the pre-adamic agenda against Jesus Christ and his body running through my bloodlines and the bloodlines of those connected at the plan’s point of inception, along with all connected evil and counterfeit timelines, rendering it impossible that the ancient iniquity can be brought to bear.

I declare the complete release from my grids, not only of humanity, but of inheritances, legacies, birth rights, agendas, geographies, governments, shadow governments, nations, moons, stones, trees, mountains, stars, planets, galaxies, constellations, universes, constructs, blueprints, and components of creation bound up in my grids now, and declare your kingship and eternal rule over everything that was entangled with (or subjugated by) my grids. I command the complete emptying and subsequent collapse of every related dungeon, castle, laboratory, facility, craft, and construct. I now move to forgive myself for all the evil, harm, and disruption that was imposed by my grids against your creation. I furthermore command and receive the cleansing and reinstatement of all formerly compromised components of my God-ordained inheritance, legacy, blood, DNA, RNA, plasma, and birthright. I render this work established in all infinities of infinities and beyond, eternities of eternities and beyond, and time wheels that exist, once existed, and could or could not exist, and everything in between, on all sides of creation, and in all multiverses. Amen

Prayer-Freedom from Evil Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computers

Evidence Of Spiritual Instability

There is enough revealed in these two prayers alone to gauge Dan Duval spiritualy unstable. Clear occult heresy is evident in the spirit man/spirit guide beliefs, and ensuing aberrant practices. Numerous cult earmarks are identified. Duval’s severe character deficiencies and ‘ministry’ repercussions on ‘clients, all of the above, verified by many testifying witnesses, confirm and validate the Biblical warning to mark and avoid Dan Duval, Bride Ministries, and all associating activities.

Spurious Beliefs And Interests

Much more could be said about many spurious beliefs and interests that Dan embraces, much of which would fall into categories such as inner healing/deliverance, (particularly SRA, and DID victims, of which he has no offical training), quantum spirituality, QAnon, and ‘Truther’ conspiracies and speculations, Nephilim hybrids etc., and other numerous spectacular speculations, that are clearly manifested in the prayers he has created.

Dan Duval and ‘quantum spirituality.’

Here he discusses QAnon with David Hayes – ‘the praying medic.’

Up Date – Spirit Man Theology Modern Roots

Agnes Sanford – Human Spirit Preexistence

Much has been written about Agnes Sanford’s ‘contributions’ to ‘inner healing’ ties with occultism and Jungian psychology. Her influence and specifically, her views on the human spirit, were picked up by many others.

Specifically ‘Human Spirit’ Beliefs “Sanford is convinced the spirit represents the divine element in or with human beings…refering to it as the as “the inner being that is part of God.” As to the origin of the human spirit, Sanford believes it evolved from the Godhead.” p.193-194 (link) ‘Touch’ Agnes Sanford p.79

In the same book, the author says, “Kenyon and Hagin alike are convinced that even the unregenerate human spirit…can be developed thro’ exercise and accomplish breathtaking feats. Thus the potentialities of the human spirit are very much in focus in Kenyon’s and Hagin’s thought. p.195    https://www.google.ca/books/edition/Two_Paradigms_for_Divine_Healing/Vu15DwAAQBAJ?hl=en&gbpv=1&dq=John+Sanford+speaking+to+the+human+spirit&pg=PA194&printsec=frontcover (link)-p.193-194

Mrs. Sanford believed the human spirit, because it was in some form of communication with God before it’s earthly incarnation, it has an inherent knowledge of the moral law…According to Agnes, the spirit is the seat of humanity’s conscience and communicates with the conscious mind thro’ feelings of joy, or sadness, according to the moral situation. It is also the job of the spirit to remind the conscious mind of it’s spiritual obligations.”  Behold Your God’ p.63-66 https://books.google.ca/books?id=h06UCgAAQBAJ&pg=PA233&lpg=PA233&dq=John+Sanford+speaking+to+the+human+spirit&source=bl&ots=M-QoZzzqha&sig=ACfU3U3SBLoeaAGwtYjKitqXBKeIx10Paw&
Agnes Sanford And Her Companions’ – William L. De Arteaga – page 233 – link site 

Agnes Sanford On The Human Spirit

“Sanford delved deeply into New Thought, Jungian psychology, and other forbidden territory. She taught that there is a “spiritual body” within the physical body from New Thought teacher Emmet Fox (Sealed Orders, p. 115). This is Kenneth Hagin’s (word faith) concept of the spirit man. Agnes Sanford, accepted Jung’s statement that the “child had a psychic life before it had consciousness.” (Jeremiah Abrams, ed. Reclaiming the Inner Child  (Los Angeles, CA: Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc., 1990) p. 293.

Sanford taught that the individual should ask Jesus to go back through all of the stages of his or her life and heal everything, even to birth and beyond.

Follow the soul of Your child all the way back to the hour of birth and heal the soul even of pain and the fear of being born into this darksome world. … *And if even before birth the soul was shadowed by this human life and was darkened by the fears or sorrows of the human parents, then I pray that even those memories or impressions may be healed, so that this one may be restored to Your original pattern, the soul as free and as clean as though nothing had ever dimmed its shiningThe Healing Gifts pp.122 123″ 

For now we know that we have within us another mind than the conscious, and this unconscious mind is not disconnected from life but is connected with the mind of the race: the collective unconscious.  Therefore we can ‘pick up’ thoughts and impressions from another or from life outside ourselves, or from memories of the race” (Agnes Sanford, Healing Gifts of the Spirit (Philadelphia, PA: J. B. Lippincot, 1966) p. 136)

(Agnes) Sanford said, “It is no longer possible for me to do this work [of prayer] individually, person to person, for the field has grown too wide. The Lord has therefore guided me to a broader and more subtle way of prayer. It baffles me in a way, because I cannot tell what my spirit does and whither it goes. But that it does travel and that God does work through my spiritual body even when my mind is quite unaware of it, becomes more and more apparent.”

(Quote from Robert L. Wise, Healing of the Past (Presbyterian and Reformed Renewal Ministries International, 1984), p. 30

She went on to say,“Spirits of those [dead] for whom we have prayed on earth are working through us…..One conveys that healing force to the inner being [of the sick] through the law of suggestion …He [the person doing the healing] has made a thought-track between his spirit, subconscious mind and body; the body, the subconscious mind and the spirit of the patient … (Sanford, The Healing Light. pp.98-113,142-43.)

>*Daryl here. Here we have the occult teaching of soul or spirit travel better known as astral travel in new age/occult circles, as well the belief in the pre-existence of the human spirit, before human conception.

John And Paula Sandford

The Sanford energy goes on and on…

John and Paula Sandford said of Agnes Sanford, “for all of us the forerunner in the field of inner healing . . .[and] our own first mentor in the Lord, our friend and advisor….”

In 1961 John met Agnes and said of this, “I knew by my psychological training that Agnes was praying for the inner boy [his inner child] from conception to thirteen whom I could not reach. It worked. I was healed” (The Transformation of the Inner Man p. 4).

DesVoignes says: *Sandford teaches that as part of transformation,  the counselor must take a person through visualization, back into their childhood, even back into the womb, to contact their inner child, find out what the problem was at that time, speak to it, and this will allow changes to be made in the present life.”

“John and Paula Sanford were at the fore front of the ‘inner healing’ movement…in the mid to late 1970’s to early 80’s. Ever seeking to “go back and heal the inner child” led John and his wife, Paula to seek”further revelation” concerning the causes of certain “wounding” evidenced in people’s lives. I remember when John & Paula received the revelation that each of us was a spirit child of god before we were born and that “inner healing” had to go back before the womb to deal with trauma of a pure, holy spirit child entering a corrupt fallen body in this world of flesh.

Arthur Burk’s ‘Spirit Man’ ‘Theology’ At ‘Bride’

Pre-existence Of The Human Spirit – Arthur Burk >


Many Others Adopting Burk’s ”Spirit Man’ ‘Theology’

Rob Ruckert- Preston Bailey, associates of ‘Bride Ministries’ taught there.

Understand the Nature of Your Spirit

 The human spirit is made of light – the same kind of light that God is made of. When one candle lights another, the first candle is not diminished, and the second candle has the same kind of light as the first one. Each of our spirits was designed by God before the foundation of the world and was made from the same light that He is. That essence cannot be removed from us. Arthur Burk

Arthur Burk- John L. Sandford Connection

“Let’s take just one very simple picture and that would be dyslexia. This is not my material, but John Sanford came across this years before. He found that a significant component in dyslexia is rejection in the womb. When dad found out that mom was pregnant, and he had a screaming fit, this little embryo that had a human spirit in it was totally traumatized by the fury of his biological father. And the spirit turned inward, facing away from the father, so as not to have to face his wrath and stayed inward.

So, now we have a 40-year-old who has graduated from college somehow, kind of, has dyslexia. And John Sanford would minister to him, speak to his spirit and say, “Look, I know what happened to you was bad, but I’m not your father. Can we dialogue?” Share some things about God the Father, restoration, and invite the spirit—of its own free will—to turn around to face outward so that it can receive the Aaronic blessing of God’s face shining upon the spirit, so the life of God the Father can come in. And he had any number of dyslexic adults be healed in 15 minutes’ time of their dyslexia because it was not a biological problem, as it is with some kids. It was his spirit-man turned inward. So, yes, the spirit can be pretty banged up.” (link above p.12)

Some seems pretty convincing, but lots of questions, ending in error.

Quick Synopsis Of Arthur Burk’s ‘New Paradigm’

https://theslg.com/content/a-new-paradigm (see link for content)

‘A Key Distinction’- Burk’s Evolving ‘Theology’

“One piece of language that is now solid for us is an understanding of the difference between spirit and soul. Simply put, the soul necessitates a functional body in order to express itself. The human spirit has an existence that transcends the body, although it is deeply interrelated with the body.

Take the simple illustration of surgery. When the body is given general anaesthesia, it absolutely precludes the soul from expressing itself. The soul cannot comment on being cold, on hurting, on not liking the background music or on wishing the two nurses would stop their petty feud until after the surgery. The soul, broadly speaking, is not even able to record most of the events of the surgery in order to recall them later and comment on them.

By contrast, we know from many death experiences that the spirit is quite unaffected by the condition of the body. While the stories vary, the common pattern of return from death stories is as follows.

The spirit leaves the body and goes to an upper corner of the room. It looks down at the agitated activity around the body with benign amusement. The spirit then goes through a tunnel and comes out in a field of grass and flowers which are extraordinary in their clarity, beauty and fragrance. In the distance he or she can see The City in all its beauty.”

Burk Believes In Death Exp. One’s Spirit Can Encounter Dead Relative

Someone meets the spirit, usually a relative or Jesus, and says their work is not done and they need to go back. There is a short argument, but eventually the spirit defers to the superior perspective of the other person.

The spirit returns through the tunnel, watches the commotion around the body, re-enters the body and the physical systems start working again. Eventually, the spirit reports on the experience.”

Customer Review Re: Arthur Burk

Craig StephansVINE VOICE2.0 out of 5 stars  Troubling Pseudo-biblical Teaching

https://www.amazon.com/review/R279YYM3XGD7ZV Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2011
Redemptive Gifts Of Individuals’ – Arthur Burk

“From the beginning of Christianity, heresies and cults have arisen based on leaders who claimed innovative, secret knowledge from God outside of the apostolic teachings that had been handed down. Many of these teachings were gnostic. Others were considered charismatic. Christians have been battling them since false prophets and super-apostles appeared during the first century. Such teachings lead outside the boundaries of orthodox apostolic teachings handed down from the church.

I consider at least some of this teaching by Arthur Burk in line with these early erroneous tendencies based on a “charismatic,” leader who has received “special revelation” from God containing new insights that are innovative and original. Burk begins this teaching admitting that he cannot substantiate his teachings Biblically. He then does what many cultish leaders do. He maligns his critics as those who will not embrace the “new order” of the Spirit. He compares his critics to those who have rejected earlier moves of God (i.e. the asuza street revival); these critics, according to Burk, simply do not “get” what God is doing. Burk’s teaching rather than recapitulating a prior move of God apparent in Scripture and in the church’s history (i.e. the asuza st revival) is new and sourced exclusively in his “ministry” rather than Scripture or church history.

The fact of this teaching is that Burk blatantly misinterprets Scripture. He reads into the text his own “insights” and “revelation” that simply are not and have not been present in the text. The technical term for this is eisegesis rather than exegesis. He has based this teaching on a false reading of Romans 12 in which he claims the seven gifts listed by Paul here are the total of “Redemptive gifts” inherent in all humans. According to Burk, we each fall into one of these categories. This reading is over against his reading of 1 Corinthians 12 gifts that are not “redemptive” gifts but “manifestation” gifts. This is a distinction that if Burk is correct has been kept secret by Paul and God until revealing to Burk and his mentor Bill Gothard. I doubt you could find this reading in any of the early Fathers or contemporary Biblical scholars. This reading also ignores Paul’s context, intent, audience and the wider Biblical witness that all lend to the accepted reading that Paul is giving a representative list of spiritual gifts to demonstrate the diversity of gifts within the body of Christ. Paul’s list of gifts in Romans 12 is neither exhaustive or anything but spiritual gifts present in the church indicating unity of the Spirit amidst diversity of gifts.

Although he seems to have a high view of Scripture as God’s authoritative word, Burk has developed a subjective and arbitrary system of interpreting the word and has attempted to insert subjective readings into the Biblical text. He claims that he does this through the revelation and insights God has given him and through his study of sets of “sevens” within the Bible and individually developed principles. Burk’s reading of Scripture and classification of people is foreign to the Biblical authors’ apparent, contextual intent and requires something of a blind faith that Burk is in a spiritual realm above and beyond other biblical scholars.

Burk eloquently presents his teaching using spiritual and biblical words; however, it is on the whole subjective and a hodge-podge of spiritual psychobabble. Can these cd’s become helpful to people? It is possible that by God’s grace they might be, as some claim; however, the content should not be confused with faithful, orthodox interpretation of Scripture. Even when Burk makes an insightful illustration which he does frequently, he then arbitrarily fits it into his proposed schema instead of letting the text speak in its own context and voice. Throughout them, Burk takes Scripture out of context and reads into it a principle that may or may not be edifying, Scriptural, Holy Spirit-inspired or helpful. I have heard several examples that are troubling and would inspire me to encourage people not to invest money, time and energy in this teaching set.”

Arthur Burk – ‘Spirit Man’ ‘Theology’ ‘Experience’

Dan Duval With Arthur Burk – ‘Spirit Man’ ‘Theology’ ‘Experience’

Arthur says he can’t explain how and why his practices work. His experimentation simply works. “Don’t bag on my theology, when you don’t have a theology. Don’t be reactionary. Don’t argue with experience from a position of ignorance. Build your own theology from the 150 verses on the human spirit. I’m not good with lazy ignorance.”

Arthur doesn’t have a theology either, only an exp, based upon experimentation and speculation. His experimentation has no or little Scriptural basis, and his human spirit perspectives and applications, at times violating Scripture, approach occult similarities, making ‘apparent good fruit’ questionable.

Inner healing practices, have, over the years, be scrutinized, and exposed for serious aberrancies and occult root history. Arthur draws from previous inner healing heresy. Rob Ruckert rec’d ‘ministry from Mark Sandford, John Sandford’s son.

Those who fully embrace inner healing aberrancies, will agree with the likes of Arthur Burk and Dan Duval. 

Drastically separating the human spirit from the soul, engaging the spirit apart from the soul, focusing on human spirit ministry, devoid of Jesus Christ, victory thro’ His death and resurrection, the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, and truth of the Word of God, leads to something other than Christianity. Human spirit to human spirit, what is that? It may produce results but what is the source? 

The same claim is made by many ‘inner healing’ proponents, but the ‘apparent fruit’ is not validation, nor pragmatic approval of, “if it works, it must be God.” John Wimber took this approach, experimenting and embracing numerous secular and other questionable practices. Inner healing ideologies drew from Jungian pshycho-analysis, and human sub-consciousness beliefs, which the ‘spirit man’ perspectives seems to fit well into.   

Numerous statements made by Dan, Arthur and Rob give rise to serious concerns, regardless of Arthur’s polite dismissal of disagreements as fear based or confusion. Experimentation and speculation are not guiding protocol for ministry, regardless of apparent success, the Word of God is. If the 1st C. Church did not model it, it’s not a model to model!

Robert Ruckert

Robert Ruckert basically teaches Alan Burk’s material, as far as I understand. Here’s a few questionable things he says.

The soul needs the brain to function, thro’ mind, emotion and will.

The spirit does not need the brain, but in fact the soul and spirit have two separate and parallel wills, emotions, cognition and memory.

The spirit can work on the brain, going to different parts of the brain, to do things, to bring healing, repairing, getting rid of demonic influences. It can go or be sent by direction, to different systems in the body and soul to repair them.

Our spirit can communicate with God without our soul’s awareness.

The spirit is meant to live in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, where the occult ‘3rd eye’, the chakra is supposed function from. When the spirit is properly located in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, everything functions properly. This is the portal that opens to communication with God, the ‘seat of dominion’ or ‘internal throne,’ where the Holy Spirit, the ‘throne of God.’ The seat of dominion is meant to plug into the pre-frontal cortex of the brain like a socket, where the human spirit interfaces with the brain.

A ‘counselor’ can invite a person’s spirit to come up to the ‘seat of dominion’, where the person’s ‘internal throne’ and the throne of God is, and begin interfacing with their brain, interacting with the soul and body, taking leadership, activating the human spirit.

The spirit should be developed first, then it can assist the soul and body. The most critical point in this ministry model, is the human spirit becoming primary. When this happens the life of God is able to flow.

Quoting John Paul Jackson: ‘The human spirit is the eternal part of our nature, consisting of wisdom, communion, and conscience. Our human spirit has been pre-packaged before our birth, before conception.”

It’s important to legitimize the human spirit, giving it value, acknowledging it by speaking to it of it’s very essence of God, the very light of God, calling it out to it’s rightful place of authority and dominion.

The human spirit is to be instructed, helping it understand it’s latent abilities.

A person’s spirit can be ‘blessed’ by another person from a distance, for the human spirit is ‘trans-local’ and ‘trans-dimensional.’

Rob Ruckert’s Testimony- Part 3

‘Memories’ aligning with developing belief systems

The more I listened to Rob’s story about further ‘memories’, the more it seemed the ‘memories’ aligned with his developing belief systems – ex., bizarre concepts of other dimensions- (as Dan Duval expressed), part of his spirit stuck there, and more – reading spiritual meaning into signs rec’d in visions and dreams, applying them to complicated, detailed, satanic residue issues in Rob’s life, that he and his wife Shauna had to take to the ‘courts of heaven’ to undo! (starting at the 1:00 hr mark)

Trauma, The Seat of Dominion, and Realms 


Dan and Rob talk about the realms of their spirits conquering satanic realms in the lives of others, taking spiritual warfare to a whole new level. Realms of authority – spheres of influence, that the human spirit can carry. – metron. Dan said the Lord told him “supreme acceleration of breakthro’ would come thro’ functioning of realms – dealing with people’s internal systems, their internal world, bringing all of their redeemable parts under the jurisdiction, and dominion of the human spirit – providing 24 hr. ministry, outside of the bondages that were built into the person’s subconscious.” He acknowledged these concepts were experimental applications as of April 21, 2016 (23 min. mark from end). Notice the extreme self promotion, and also Rob’s hesitancy to say much.


It’s all Dan Duval and his ‘spirit man. There is no gospel emancipation proclamation, no victory thro’ the cross Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection, the work of the Holy Spirit, the truth of the Word of God. It’s all Dan Duval and his ‘spirit man.’

Seats Of Dominion-Internal Realms-The Kingdom

Interestingly, Teresa of Avila, considered the mother of mystic meditation, wrote of mystic journeys thro’ the ‘Interior Castle’ of her soul, while in deep meditative induced trances.

“It is absurd to think that we can enter Heaven without first entering our own souls.” Teresa of Avila Interior Castle, 33-34

Gateways of the Threefold Nature of Man

“The Gateways of the Threefold Nature of Man Manual walks through activating and opening the gateways of your spirit, soul and body to flow with the Kingdom of God within you, from the inside out.” Ian Clayton

Ian Clayton’s manual – Gateways of the Three Fold Nature of Man seeks to equip believers with the reality of what it means to “be in the spirit” and in the realms of God, enabling them to know and experience who the person of God really is. It will be a valuable resource to help you actively participate in building with your Father God, not just doing things for Him, but also seeing the reality of the supernatural realms of Heaven and the return of the Sons of the Kingdom to their rightful place as heirs. This manual leads us on a journey through Ian’s experiences in heavenly realms.

About the Author:Ian Clayton is the founder of Son of Thunder Ministries. He speaks globally, training and quipping believers to personally experience the realms of Heaven. Ian Clayton is one of the fathers of current heavenly realms understanding. His original, ground-breaking teaching and practical insights, gained over the last 24 years, have changed the way our generation experience accessing the realms of Heaven that Jesus has opened to us.”

Gateways Of The Spirit

He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water’” (John 7:38).

“God has come to dwell in our innermost being. Now we want to allow Him to flow through us and out from us, transforming both ourselves and the world around us. As we open the gate of first love, we begin to allow Him to flood into our whole being.

And that is where some find the first blockage. As we have looked at our gate of first love, some of us have seen it blocked, closed, locked, even chained. But that is a projection of our soul. Even if our own experience of first love has caused us to put up barriers to intimacy (and I have written before about my own), we also have the ability to take them down again. We can clear it, unlock it, unchain it, open it. The enemy has no access here in our spirit. Jesus is knocking. Let’s let Him into our lives.

As we open that door of first love, the river flows out into our spirit. We surrender to the presence of God on the inside. In our spirit, there are different senses, or different actions of the spirit: we need to let the glory of God flow through these and activate them. It is the Holy Spirit coming through those gates, through those doorways in our spirit, coming out into our soul.

Fear of God, reverence, prayer, hope, faith, revelation, intuition, worship. And there is one more, our heavenly gate if you like, our access to heaven, which is back through that gate of first love into the heavenly realms, following the river of life back to its source.”

Ian Clayton – Untethering!

“In this fantastic teaching, Ian reminds us that we are spirits with souls in bodies, that we were not made for this world. As such, this world attempts to tether us to the natural, when we were made for the supernatural. Imagine: untethering from the constraints of this world to be free to roam the heavenly kingdom in your spirit 24/7! What a delicious thought! Well… sit back, listen, absorb and enjoy… Just believe!

There’s a ‘movement’ in ‘christendom’, untethered from spiritual reality!

Higher Dimensions Mechanics of the Spirit Realm?

What are higher dimensions? What are parallel dimensions? What are the mechanics of the spirit realm? These timely questions are being asked around the world. Written from a Christian perspective, this book will deconstruct the spirit realm by assessing the reality of higher dimensions and parallel dimensions. It will empower you to experience God in ways many have only philosophically articulated. Higher Dimensions, Parallel Dimensions and the Spirit Realm will take you far beyond the parameters of traditionally imposed limitations, and elevate your understanding of human ability and identity in Jesus Christ.

Beginning with an assessment of the creation account, you will learn how the earth and the heavens were created in layers. These layers allow for interplay between physical and spiritual events. You will learn the difference between higher dimensions and parallel dimensions and how each can have influences that impact your life. You will also learn about the non-physical components of human nature in great detail. You will then understand why God designed us with a trans-dimensional nature. These elements will come together to establish a revelatory perspective on how God designed the Church to operate. You will learn that there is a capacity for greatness that many Christians have only flirted with. You will also get a glimpse of the depths of darkness, and an explanation of the capabilities of those that practice evil. You will learn all about portals and arrive at a revelation regarding why God designed the Church to walk between the realms of heaven and earth. Prepare for a radical transition in thought!”

Mechanics of the Spirit Realm-Deconstruction

*>Daryl here Dan Duval’s heavy use of ‘mechanics of the spirit realm’ made me think of how he was actually embracing spiritism, not just spiritualism, both of which are the polar opposite of Christian spirituality.

“This book will deconstruct the spirit realm by assessing the reality of higher dimensions and parallel dimensions.”

Compare this statement with the definition of spiritism.

“a science dedicated to the relationship between incorporeal beings and human beings.”

“Spiritism has a coherent philosophy and cogent principles about how to live together to achieve spiritual growth.”

“Spiritism is not a religion but rather a philosophy and “way of life.  Spiritists value scientific research over worship or rule-following.

The fact that Spiritism places the occult under a veil of “science” makes no difference. The Bible tells us that the spirit world is off-limits to us, for our own protection. The spirits with which Spiritism has to do are not human.” https://www.gotquestions.org/Spiritism.html

Root history of spiritism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiritism

Spiritualism And Spiritism

“Spiritualism existed before Spiritism. Thus, Spiritism can be considered an offshoot of Spiritualism but with a different mission. Spiritism is oriented towards supporting spiritual evolution in concrete ways.  Spiritism has a coherent philosophy and cogent principles about how to live together to achieve spiritual growth.  Spiritualism, in its origins, was oriented towards exploring the unusual phenomena of spirit contact.  It has no cohesive philosophy or principles for living in its origins.”


I take the time to include this observation, because it clearly ‘foots the bill’ of Dan Duval and many other’s spiritual activities, many of whom would compare with spiritualism, (exploring the unusual phenomena of spirit contact, or spiritual dimensions, having no cohesive philosophy or principles for living in its origins.)” Whereas Dan’s spiritism has ‘applied’ ‘mechanics’, ‘systems’, defined rules of order, in his ‘spiritual research.

Of course, anyone ‘intruding’ into the spiritual realm, as Col. 2:18-19 warns against; “intruding into with speculative detail, what they have supposedly seen, in visions, being puffed up vainly by his unspiritual mind of the flesh, and not holding fast to the Head,” these would and do deny these evaluations, yet ‘intrusion’ is applicably used, because in the lives of the early Church and church fathers, we do not see these ‘spiritual exploratory quests.’ Here, only spiritualized, isolated, out of context texts, and reading into the text what was never intended by the authors of Scripture.

Intruding-1687. embateuó: “to set foot upon, enter, intrude, pry into, to invade, make a hostile incursion into, to go into details, to investigate, search into, scrutinize minutely, going into curious and subtle speculation about things which he has seen in visions granted him;”

“Curiosity Killed The Cat”

Curiosity killed the cat

‘Curiosity killed the cat,” is never more true, than curiously ‘poking/intruding, illegally into the spiritual realm. The spiritual alluring bait will kill discernment, entice, seduce, and destroy the spirit and soul!

“For the time will come when men will not tolerate sound doctrine, but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desire they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside/wander off into to myths.” 2 Tim.4:3-4

One thought on “Dan Duval And ‘Bride Ministries’

  1. The biblical and the supernatural are now seen by some to be the same, and this seems to be an increasing problem in many churches. How can Christians be drawn to this? Where is their discernment? We are most certainly in the last days when many will fall away!

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