Jacob Prasch-The Man-Pt. 2 -Update Oct.2021

Common Thread Woven Thro’out Jacob Prasch’s Life

Updated Oct. 24, 2021 – Historical Roots (see bottom of post)

Digging into the past reveals a common thread woven thro’out Jacob Prasch’s life.

‘tbckawaii’ website has been disabled or privatized, see bitchute below for links

“Tragically, he becomes his own worst enemy when fighting for the truth. I can understand those who regard him as ‘dangerous’. Such a ‘loose cannon’, unpredictable and unaccountable, can damage and divide the body of Christ, even when his motives and intentions are to protect that same body from error. How sad that his weaknesses are preventing his strengths from being more widely used and appreciated.” David Pawsons – (going back to a 1998 report on Prasch’s frightening behaviour)


Background – Jacob’s Trouble & Elim Australia

“In the mid 1990s Jacob Prasch attacked the Elim denomination in Australia, denouncing them for their association with the Toronto Blessing and other things, making very public his claims about them via his various Moriel websites that existed at the time.  Respected Bible teacher, chaplain, and theologian David Pawson stepped in as an arbiter to resolve the matter, writing an excellent report on it.  In reading Pawson’s description of Prasch in 1998 I find little to no difference to what he’s like in 2019.”

David Pawson’s Observation

He (Jacob Prasch) is a powerful personality with considerable intellectual ability and emotional capacity. He has a unique ministry in Bible teaching, especially in the area of Jewish interpretation and application of scripture. His unusual background, knowledge and experience have attracted many followers though, as with other persuasive communicators, some of his devotees regard his pronouncements as the last word on a subject or issue, an attitude he does not appear to discourage. The title of his newsletters (‘Moriel’ means ‘God is my teacher’) has more than a hint of a claim to special revelation, whether this is intended or not.

This confidence in his insights becomes more serious in connection with another aspect of his activities. Not content with teaching the truth, he clearly believes that he is also called to expose and denounce all the errors he can find in others. He is adept and even seems eager to discover these and disseminate public warnings about them. Elim is only one of many coming under his scrutiny.

In other words, judging other ministries has become a major feature of his own. To be fair, he does publish lists of those he ‘endorses’, though without seeking their approval. With these he is prepared to overlook faults (“who among us cannot make a mistake that results in misunderstanding?”). Significantly, some individual Elim churches are on the list he sanctions.

However, it is in his dealings with those of whom he disapproves that things get out of hand. A rebuke that may have been intended to encourage correction very quickly becomes general criticism, then strong condemnation.

On his own admission, emotion takes over, especially if the initial criticism is rejected or just ignored. A combination of frustration and indignation lead to intemperate language, unchecked accusations and insulting innuendo. The result is a barrage of abuse which not only antagonises his opponents even further but also embarrasses his allies.

Nor is this limited to the ‘culprits’ themselves. In the case of public ministries he has declared ‘false’, all those who have sponsored or supported them in any way are said to be equally responsible for their ‘wickedness’. Guilt by association is a prominent feature of his invective, however tenuous the connection may have been.

Of equal concern to the content was the language and tone of what I can only call a tirade, leaving an impression of vindictiveness, even if this was not intended. Such a disparate list of complaints suggests a determination to find every possible fault, which in turn raises the question of motivation, especially when expressed so offensively.

Jacob Prasch needs to be accountable to a peer group who will tone down his polemics and curb his apparent compulsion to lash out at those he disagrees with in such an indiscriminate way. His associates at the hearing were clearly aware of this need and gave assurance that this would be in place for the future. This was welcome news. Time will tell whether this will succeed where his present panel of “Advisors” have failed.

But I know that I am far from alone in wanting to disassociate myself from his apparent eagerness to discover and expose the faults in others, often failing to check the facts or putting the worst construction on them. Even when truth is on his side, the way he handles it prevents others who agree with him from standing with him. Tragically, he becomes his own worst enemy when fighting for the truth. I can understand those who regard him as ‘dangerous’. Such a ‘loose cannon’, unpredictable and unaccountable, can damage and divide the body of Christ, even when his motives and intentions are to protect that same body from error. How sad that his weaknesses are preventing his strengths from being more widely used and appreciated.

J. David Pawson
29th. June, 1998

Prasch Damns His Chosen Arbiter David Pawson!

>Daryl here: Jacob Prasch was well aware of David Pawson’s perspective on the ‘Toronto Blessing’, as a ‘yellow light ‘ caution, when Jacob’s was strongly ‘red light’, stop!. Yet he disparages Pawson’s conclusions for that very perspective, all the while completely ignoring one of the major issues in the arbitration, and that was the conflict between Prasch and Elim, where Elim was suing Prasch for defamatory remarks that jeopardized the lives and safety of some Elim people in Ireland.

Pawson’s conclusions focused more on Prasch’s comments, attitude and behaviour toward Elim, than anything else, yet Prasch began to do the same thing to Pawson as he did to Elim and all perceived threats.

“It is therefore with profound regret we announce that we can no longer sanction his ministry, nor the ministry of any other who is used by the wicked one to mislead God’s people into something plainly satanic.” Jacob Prasch

>Daryl here: There never was nor is any accountability with Jacob. Those who disagreed with him quickly became ‘the enemy,’ that he could not tolerate! This complex and perception has carried thro’ to the very present!

Former Moriel Australia volunteer Henry Sheppard’s response:

Here we go again! More of Jacob’s sleight-of-hand. The arbitration report did NOT arise from “doctrinal differences related to Elim’s sponsorship of The Laughing Experience…” as Jacob claims. The reason for David Pawson being invited to arbitrate between Jacob and Elim was that Elim had been forced to go to court to protect their workers in Northern Ireland from sudden violent death resulting from Jacob’s extraordinary claims about them (his most memorable claim being: “JOIN ELIM AND KILL FOR CHRIST!”)

The rest of Jacob’s attack on David Pawson displays many of the flaws that were so well described in the arbitration report:

Guilt by association is a prominent feature of his invective, however tenuous the connection may have been.


Investigation into Jacob Prasch’s Spiritual Abuse


Video link below covers all of Graham Baldwin’s findings on Jacob Prasch http://www.piratechristian.com/fightingforthefaith/2020/6/the-mountain-of-evidence-that-jacob-prasch-and-his-followers-including-josh-chavez-are-a-cult-comprised-of-spiritual-abusers-and-thug-bullies

“Graham Baldwin of Catalyst Counselling, a British charity which counsels people who are in or have escaped abusive religious groups/cults, started an investigation into Jacob Prasch and his ‘Christian‘ charity Moriel after a British lady named Sally—who’d been involved with Moriel for years but had recently been on the receiving end of abuse from Prasch—got in touch for help.

Graham’s investigation, which looked into Prasch’s behaviour, found that Prasch had for years operated a cultic group that had spiritually bullied and damaged many people and left a trail of devastation in its wake from South Africa to Great Britain.

Graham also fact-checked Prasch’s claims he’d made against Christians and Christian ministries and found that Prasch (and people close to him) routinely lied about everybody as a means of inflaming his followers into attacking the people Prasch didn’t like or had gone “to war” with.

Because a lot of Prasch’s followers are alarmingly churchless and they seem to use Prasch’s Moriel TV YouTube videos as a failed alternative to being in church, Graham decided to make that online audience aware of Prasch’s spiritual abuse by releasing a series of videos from mid-December 2018 to mid 2019 (scroll down for videos).

As a response to allegations of being a spiritual abuser and bully, Prasch released a series of videos, one where he screamed and foamed at the mouth whilst asking how he could have bullied anyone. He then in early 2019 released a slandering, bullying message to his followers, denigrating Sally, thus proving he was a spiritual bully as was alleged.

Graham’s investigation has so far totaled 3 films running at a couple of hours, in which he also looks into the irregularities of Prasch’s charity’s finances and IRS returns, comparing the information therein with the things Prasch has  claimed to his audience. Graham’s research also looks at Prasch’s claims to be half-Jewish (which he’s not), looks at the “troublemakers” associated with Prasch, including Servus Christi (aka Joshua Chavez aka Josh Chav), Amos Farrell of Genesis Christian Radio, Christian Ministerial Fellowship International (CMFI), and David Lister of Moriel, who have all worked hard to excuse Prasch’s “pagan” and “bullying” behaviour that has resulted in Graham concluding Prasch cannot be a Christian due to his total absence of spiritual fruit. —————————————————————————————————————

>Daryl here: My understanding is that these investigations set off a firestorm of attacks by Prasch upon others beginning in 2018.

Historical Roots Update-Oct. 20, 2021

Fascinating Facts

“Jacob Prasch was saved in the 1970’s but sat under two manipulative cult leaders named David Berg, and Stewart Traill. These men damaged Jacob psychologically, spiritually, and deeply influenced his theology. His Midrash and 6th seal rapture theory both seemed to come from these men.”

Dismantling Prasch’s Midrash Manipulations

a https://peacefulpolemics.home.blog/2019/12/11/example-post/

a https://peacefulpolemics.home.blog/2019/12/14/midrash-manipulation-pt-2/

Jacob Prasch Exposed

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVktnh3Vu6g – Part 1 Jacob the deceiver – when lies begin to catch up

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvKnpTnzBzo – Part 3

*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nK6Bdlrtug* – Part 4 Anger and Pride (background – goes along with video above)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzCjQpf2LkQ – Part 5 “Stupid is as Stupid Does”

(Part 9 – Jacob Prasch’s false accusations against David Nathan)part’s 6-9 deal with issues arising with Jacob re: some doctrine of David’s

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-q6Qx0KnMnw&list=PL_35gPUlNGfKNYhybY6W8hTC79UmF0UVh&index=60 (Part 9)

-David Nathan explains what happen between he and Jacob Prasch, after which he was slandered on social media for being a heretic.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2TnH52Rmu0 (David explains situation)

There are 5 more episodes by Frank Rodgers on YouTube as well, covering the recent tirades between 2018 -2020.

The Jacob Prasch Files

https://tbckawaii.com/the-jacob-prasch-files/-tbckawaii’s incidences summary

“Thanks to Australian website archival website Trove I uncovered evidence of Jacob Prasch’s Satanic behaviour as far back as 1998, most documented by the at-the-time Moriel Australia contact Henry Sheppard. The records Henry put together demonstrates for us now 20+ years later that Prasch’s  present behaviour is exactly the same as then, which means he has never changed, despite Prasch’s associates assuring theologian David Pawson  in a 1998 arbitration hearing that they’d make Prasch accountable as a means of stopping him lashing out indescriminately at anyone who disagrees with him.

These documents ably demonstrate therefore that Prasch, quite from growing in Christlikeness as any Christian will, has not demonstrated any of the fruit of the Spirit in 20+ years, and has instead grown in Satanlikeness, and has been a loose cannon in all the time which has caused a trail of devastation and  spiritual abuse behind him.  The documents make important reading in understanding not only who Prasch is, but also gives insight into what his  associates are like.”

Witch-Hunting His Own Volunteers in USA-Australia


Annie Rogers Exposes Prasch to the USA!

by tbckawaii

“In 2019 I discovered a cache of tremendously hilarious files documenting Jacob Prasch’s multi-continental lunacy in the late 1990s when he began witch-hunting his OWN volunteers in the USA and Australia, and his being exposed by David Pawson as a potential personality cult leader in the making, and then being labelled as an actual cult leader in 2003 by a cult watchdog in Brisbane. As these files have been released, Prasch has gone nuts, since they had been totally lost in the mists of time, apparently disappearing from the internet around 2004, and therefore hidden from his gullible disciples who, contrary to the reality the files document, think Prasch is a man of God. In reaction to the release of the first few, Prasch, not wanting to direct people to the source of the information (me on here) decided to act like a thoroughbred imbecile and blamed Dave Borlase of Intercessors For Britain instead and attacked him and his family at Christmas 2019 with Prasch’s newly appointed social media man Amos Farrell assisting the idiocy, resulting in the Dracula Prasch video in my series.

This 12th and final Prasch file ties multiple threads from many of the other files together and helps explain just why Prasch launched such a heavy-handed witch-hunt campaign on his former Moriel USA staffer Annie Rogers, with him publicly lying about her across America and abroad deliberately to lump her in with Jehovah’s Witnesses (see file 4), and looks at how that effort demonstrates Prasch’s methods of attacking people which we see all too clearly repeated in present day.”

Australian Cult Information Service Places Moriel on List of Possible “Extremist Groups/Destructive and Manipulative Sects/Cults/High Pressure Groups”

In 2003 Prasch’s group Moriel was listed by The Cult Information Service in Brisbane, Australia, in their list of Extremist Groups – Destructive and Manipulative Sects – Cults – High Pressure Groups on their website. 

We carry an extensive collection of articles and books on a wide variety of groups about whom concern has been expressed.

The listing a group on this page does not imply it is a “cult”.   It simply implies that some observers have expressed concerns about the extremist practices or unhealthy group processes exhibited by the group, and that critiquing information about them is available in the public domain.


The Jacob Prasch Cult Overlook – Index Of Blog

The main blog site I drew all of my information from is posted below. There are hours of reading and viewing video clips, laying out a true picture of the man Jacob Prasch. Much of parts 1-4 cover recent years, and the ‘firestorm’ Prasch has been waging against his challengers, con-testers, disputants, and even imaginary, falsified adversaries and antagonists.

From all of the evidence researched and gathered, I would have to consider Jacob Prasch a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. Unfortunately, as I said, ‘tbckawaii’ has been privatized. The bitchute site below may provide access to his work.


Prasch Recent Issues With A Former Associate





5th December 2019
Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries 
After over a year of direct private appeals to Jacob, appealing to others connected with his work, and waiting and hoping that others might act or there might be repentance, we now come to the sad moment where we must speak publicly. 

For over a year we have witnessed others being subjected to threats, abusive speech, slander, misrepresentation and malicious gossip; and we have also been on the receiving end of the same. Jacob has carried this out via emails and also using the pulpit to execute this ungodly behaviour.
Despite our best efforts to appeal for him to reconsider his actions and behaviour, he has continued and has again just recently used his pulpit to abuse a godly woman, who is also a member of IFB. She, along with a growing number of good fellow believers have been on the receiving end of some very unrighteousness behaviour. 

This is simply unacceptable. That this continues unabated and the untold damage that is being done to fellow saints has led us to make this public statement. 

Jacob has promised us he will produce another video attacking us if we dare to speak out against him. We will not make any further comments or responses to any such video. We will only respond further if Jacob denies the claims made in this statement, in which case we will simply post the evidence publicly for the body to judge. 
We take no pleasure in writing this and have put it off for a long time at the request of others. However, I will not stand silently by while good fellow workers are wickedly and publicly savaged. Jacob has sort to control many with fear, including me, however, the fear of man brings a snare. We will trust in the Lord.

But please, let none of this be a distraction (unfortunately the enemy has been using it as such for us, hence us drawing a line in the sand here); let us press on in prayer at this critical time.

Yours in Christ
Dave Borlase

‘tbckawaii’s Summary


“Savage/vicious/grievous/fierce wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. Even from your own number, men will rise up and distort the truth to draw away disciples after them.” Acts.20:29-30

“Now I urge you, brothers, to mark/watch out for those who create divisions/dissension and obstacles/stumbling blocks/snares/scandals that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Turn away from them.” Rom. 16:17

“Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who submit to or perform homosexual acts, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor verbal abusers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.” 1 Cor. 6:9-10

#3060. loidoros: a railer, reviler, abuser/abusive, used of injuring  another’s reputation by denigrating, abusive insults

“This is exactly what Jacob Prasch has demonstrated in his life for the past 30 years or more. – injuring another’s reputation by denigrating, thru’ abusive insults and more. I would have to say he is a reviler/verbal abuser.

‘tbckawaii’ Researcher’s Update

The ‘tbckawaii’ website has been disabled or ‘privatized’. A short podcast is done by him on site below, and below that another podcast summary of Jacob Prasch, with links to all of his videos on original site if they can be accessed.

A voice of reason to those in the Echo Chamber – tbckawaii – Jacob Prasch exposed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGPegPsiWKs

DER GOLEM: THE 100 SINS OF JACOB PRASCH https://www.bitchute.com/video/P5ktd4pjuyK8/

There is ample research done on Jacob Prasch, – YouTube. I have just gathered a sampling of evidence, succinctly put by ‘tbckawaii’ above, and here;

“This is exactly what Jacob Prasch has demonstrated in his life for the past 30 years or more. – injuring another’s reputation by denigrating, thru’ abusive insults and more. I would have to say he is a reviler/verbal abuser.

Yep, Jacob Prasch-The Man! Most Urgent Warning

Very extensive (lengthy) article covering many issues with Jacob, by Deborah Menelaws, another victim of his vicious, obscene abuse, who knew him well.


Full playlist of Jacob’s journey of mass destruction @ Bethel Communications YouTube – * Please be advised not to watch 1st two servus christi (Joshua Chavez) documentary videos at top of the list, he was Jacob’s ‘snake in the grass’ ‘lieutenant’, with his own dark history and now apparent axe to grind. Playlist below

a https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_35gPUlNGfKNYhybY6W8hTC79UmF0UVh https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_35gPUlNGfKNYhybY6W8hTC79UmF0UVh

2 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch-The Man-Pt. 2 -Update Oct.2021

  1. Thank you for this exposé – but just to reassure you, although you warn others not to watch what ‘was’ the first 2 videos on the playlist below – they have since been moved further down the list – they reveal Prasch’s death threats to me, doxing, using soft porn, fraud, a vile rape hint (explained in Chavez’s 1st video) and breaking the law in several different ways – so despite Mr Chavez’s motives, he used my research succinctly and did more of his own which leaves no doubt as to Prasch’s guilt – and leaves Moriel open to prosecution. The police have been involved for more than a year, and they know exactly where to look should any more harm come to me.

    I ended up becoming very ill after he persecuted me for over 3 years with verbal abuse, building whole sermons and teachings around me, (nobody has ever taught so much on Elijah – but that way he can bring ‘Jezebel’ into it!) – threats, hate speech, absolute defamatory lies attempting to destroy my name, reputation and ministries as well as jealously trying to usurp our free Christian TV network of 16 years (www.globalvision.tv) which they have tried to emulate in every way – except Prasch is the big star – whereas we used recognised experts and academics.
    All in an attempt ruin our ministry as well as that of Bethel Communications.
    However, as both belong to The Lord, it is up to Him – He is The One they are coming against and HE alone can remove us if He wishes.

    So Why is Prasch doing this?
    3 years ago*, I discovered (and shared) that he had lied to me and thousands of others for nigh on 3 decades, by pretending his Roman Catholic dad, James Aloysius Prasch senior, was actually Jewish. First of all, he called himself Yaakov, changing it to Jacob when he was called out on that in the 90s (his birth family weren’t very pleased) – when in fact he has absolutely NO Jewish blood and is indeed called after his dad – including his Roman Catholic saint’s middle name. His real name is James Aloysius Prasch junior… https://www.bethelcommunications.tv/jacob-the-deceiver/#Jewish

    He has no great theological credentials, but he did learn an insight or two from the cult leader whose group he was first saved into (you mention it above) and thus, pretending he was part Jewish is part of his guise that he himself has ‘special’ insight to the scriptures – he knows the great mysteries of The Lord, the deeper teachings – when all he does is twist scripture to fit each theory – other than when he uses types and antitypes as many other Bible teachers do – and which are not a mystery but can certainly sound intriguing and are interesting, no doubt.

    On top of that however, I discovered that the Moriel financials just don’t add up with what he claims they do with the donations (https://www.bethelcommunications.tv/jacob-the-deceiver/#money ) – amongst several other ‘sins’ – including lying about many sound Christians who also exposed him, attempting to ruin their reputations and ministries saying such things as “he’s a failed pastor”, “he’s a failed author”, “he’s a failed teacher” and much, much worse.
    In fact, as well as constantly decrying the same false teachers again and again and again over the years, he goes after the good ones too – anybody he sees as a threat to his own ministry, claiming to be one of the few ‘true’ teachers who feeds his own disciples meat instead of milk. As a failed academic, his jealousy knows no bounds – and we all know what jealousy did to Saul.
    See what Prasch did to Dave Borlase, mentioned in your article above. He is one amongst many and the emails Prasch sent Dave and his aging father are amongst some of the vilest I have ever seen – and that’s saying something.
    Prasch is also guilty of accusing young men of being homosexual when they aren’t and accusing them of being involved with pornography when they most certainly haven’t – and can prove it – but who cares about the truth when the rumour mill is grinding?
    Answer: the carnal people who follow him and enjoy his screaming and ranting and so-called ‘righteous anger’…
    In fact, he claims that if he tells a lie often enough, people will believe it as truth.
    He is truly vile, and his conscience appears to be truly seared.
    [video src="https://www.bethelcommunications.tv/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Tell-a-lie-often-enough-CLIP5-text.mp4" /]

    What’s more, he is guilty of serious blasphemous heresy. He has taught verbally and in writing many, many times that a demonic entity known as the Metatron saved us with his own blood, and he lies to excuse himself that this was commonly used in Jewish evangelism, rather than apologising and putting it right.
    This is no small thing. https://www.bethelcommunications.tv/jacob-the-deceiver/#heretic

    Btw; my husband and I knew him personally for nigh on 2 decades and know EXACTLY what we are talking about – although I too had been taken in for some time.
    A very dangerous man who bewitches his devout and adoring followers.
    He has absolutely no fruit of The Holy Spirit and is fully disqualified from being a teacher.
    The short link to the channel is http://www.bit.ly/prasch
    and yes, the very long history is at http://www.bit.ly/prasch2

    *[It actually started almost 5 years ago. He, his partner and I know the truth of why they want / need to ruin me. I have left The Lord to reveal why – and He is doing so as each new researcher exposes something else about this ‘camp’ full of sin.]

    <<Full playlist of Jacob’s journey of mass destruction @ Bethel Communications YouTube – * Please be advised not to watch 1st two servus christi (Joshua Chavez) documentary videos at top of the list, he was Jacob’s ‘snake in the grass’ ‘lieutenant’, with his own dark history and now apparent axe to grind. Playlist below


    1. Thank you Deborah. I’m a little familiar with Jacob’s actions and attitudes, regarding numerous ones, including yourself, your husband and your ministry. There is quite a bit I researched that I didn’t publish or post, including concerning Joshua Chavez. I do focus mostly on “Watchmen. Sound the Alarm; Communicate Truth.” as you say. Thanks again for connecting with me, thro’ my blog. If you wish, I can give you my email address. God bless. Truth and righteousness prevails. Daryl


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