Branham’s ‘Pillars Of Fire’ -Explained-Fradulent ‘Claims’

Folklore Legendiares

The following few comments help to demonstrate why ‘folklore legends’ such as William Branham and others, must continue to be exposed, “marked and avoided,” as their influences carry on long past their time.

Jesus Christ has more success thro’ William Branham’s ministry than He did thro’ His own, such was the extent and wonderment of the miraculous that accompanied this modern day prophetic ministry which even overshadowed the legendary Old Test. seers of the Bible.

William Branham singlehandedly spearheaded the world wide Healing Revival of the late 1040’s and early 1950’s, from which came forth the major ministries of the day…and changed the direction of the full gospel christian church forever.

…Jesus spoke of a future prophetic ministry to be sent to “restore all things”, in readiness for His second coming. ie., a future forerunner.

William Branham’s life story is the most amazing true story of the supernatural you will ever read. It is your chance to update and build your faith to a new level. He left us a gospel message to restore God’s people to the original apostolic faith and power, even to enter into rapturing faith. His message today is fulfilling it’s purpose, to encourage, sustain, and transform believers into Christ’s likeness before His return.

These comments tho’ made by Branham followers, represent a view commonly held to some degree, by a majority of the ‘prophetic community’ still today.

Example: Barbie Breathitt (“New Winds, Keys and Doors:..”)

The time to receive mantles like Katherine Kuhlman, Aimee Semple McPherson, John G. Lake, Jack Coe, William Branham and others has come! Ask the Lord to take you to higher heights to receive these heavenly mantles.”

“Pillar of Fire Halo” – “Angel of God” https://20994ff1-8964-4c60-94b4-

*Several events stand out in the course of William Branham’s life that attempt to validate his ‘calling’ from the Lord, amongst numerous other supposed supernatural exp’s and encounters he claimed. The two accounts here, Branham claims were witnessed by thousands and reported in the newspapers, yet no evidence has ever been found of any witnesses nor newspaper reports.

This claim of a “pillar of fire” and the claim following, of a bright light and ‘voice out of it’, are William Branham’s own attempts to validate his ‘ministry’, which upon inspection reveal discrepancies and out right lies, fraudulent claims upon which his whole ‘ministry’ rests.

“The picture was captured in black and white on January 24, 1950 during one of his services at the Sam Houston Coliseum, in Houston Texas.”

Prophecy Review Today: Con Men, Clowns and Deceivers

Baptist cleric to challenge miracle man “In the news story that accompanied the photo, there is no mention or report of a “Pillar of Fire,” or extraordinary light appearing over William Branham’s head during the meeting, despite his claims that everyone saw it and many people began to scream and faint.

In fact the story merely describes William Branham as entering the platform, addressing the audience, concluding with a smile, and leaving the platform.

In addition, there is no eye witness account or any historical record from any other media outlet anywhere else to substantiate William Branham’s claims that the “Pillar of Fire” or “Angel of God” appeared during the meeting when the photo of him was taken with the light over head.”

The full story in the sites below clearly reveals lies told about the FBI verifying the photograph. https://20994ff1-8964-4c60-94b4-

Houston Photograph
The Beatles Pictured At Sam Houston Coliseum
Prophecy Review Today: Con Men, Clowns and Deceivers

“Some observers note that if the pillar of fire was directly over William Branham’s shoulder, it would have cast light on top of his head and the pulpit. Instead, the top of his head is not lit and the light appears to be from a source beyond William Branham. The most likely explanation for this is that the light is actually one of the indoor floodlight banks that was used in the Sam Houston Coliseum.”

‘The Voice On The Ohio River

The other ‘validating’ phenomenon Branham perpetrates is the story of a bright whirling light and a voice speaking out of it, declaring him to be the messenger preparing the way for the second coming of Christ, as John was for Christ’s first coming. This supposedly transpired while Branham was baptizing people in the Ohio River in 1933.

The site above well documents, by video, the actual facts surrounding the baptismal event, again Branham falsely claiming that up to 10,000 people witnessed the phenomenon, as newspapers reported. Three different sources cover the baptismal event, with facts from Branham varying from story to story, while none of the writers even mentioned the phenomenon, and no evidence remaining of any witnesses, as he first relates his ‘exp’ almost 20 years after the fact.

Further sites below present clear facts as well.

William Branham’s own comments regarding his story:

JOHN KENNAH WROTE: Light Over 1933... - William Branham-The message, then  and now. | Facebook

“I went down then to baptize a bunch of people on the river. When I was baptizing there, where about five thousand people standing on the bank; right in the middle of the day, two o’clock in the afternoon; hot, they hadn’t had a rain for a week or two; and standing on the bank. Here come that Pillar of Fire whirling out of the air, coming down where I was standing, and the Voice saying, “As John the Baptist was sent, and to forerun the first coming of Christ, your Message will forerun the Second Coming of Christ.”

The newspapers packed it, and it swept into Canada on the Associated Press, around the world, “A local minister, Baptist minister, baptizing , and,” said, “a mystic Light appears over him.” The very One that they caught the picture of here, and done it in Germany and–and everywhere. And it’s done.

My pastor said to me, he said, “Billy, what kind of a dream did you have? Why, you know you didn’t see…

I said, “There were hundreds standing there, witnessed It.”

And they’d come down, said, “Oh, that’s a mental delusion.” Trying his best, that’s old man Unbelief and Mr. Skeptic.


“The newspaper article from June 2, 1933 is the first mention in the newspaper of Brother Branham being involved in a tent meeting. This service appears to be the tent revival sponsored by his pastor, Roy Davis. We’ve searched the Jeffersonville Evening News for 1933-1935 and there is no mention of a mysterious light or a huge crowd at the river for a baptismal service being held by Brother Branham. Other people have been searching for this article for years, and to date, such an article has never been produced. In this sleepy river town, this would have been a huge story. Just like sixteen men falling to their deaths in a bridge construction accident, this huge baptismal service with a mysterious light over a young baptist preacher would most definitely be front page news.”

Some Final Interesting Thoughts- The Source Of His “Messenger Of The Age” Delusion

Light Over 1933 Baptism

I was baptizing down on the river, my first converts, at the Ohio River, and the seventeenth person I was baptizing, as I started to baptize, then I said, “Father, as I baptize him with water, You baptize him with the Holy Spirit.” I started to–to put him under the water.
And just then a whirl come from the heavens above, and here come that Light, shining down. Hundreds and hundreds of people on the bank, right at two o’clock in the afternoon, in June. And It hung right over where I was at. A Voice spoke from there, and said, “As John the Baptist was sent for the forerunner of the first coming of Christ, you’ve got a–have a Message that will bring forth the forerunning of the second coming of Christ.”–William Branham
How the Angel Came To Me
, January 17, 1955 (tape #55-0117)_

“The first recorded instance we have in which Wm. Branham indicates that a voice prophesied from the mysterious light during this event was actually in 1952.  What most people don’t know is that previous to 1952 (19 years after the incident), we have no record that he ever mentioned such a prophecy at the time of this event.  For example, in his first recorded account of this baptismal service, WMB said:

And I looked, coming right down out of the heavens, out of a place about as big as this platform, where the blue skies churning like waters… Coming right down out of there came a big thing, like a star, whirling around, going, whew [Brother Branham illustrates–Ed.], coming right down visibly before the eyes. Moved right down, looked like a star at a distance. When it got close, It looked like a milling fire of Light, moving right down and set over where I was. Then went right back up into the heavens again. The waters let up.
God Revealing Himself to His People, August 13, 1950 (tape #50-0813E)

“So where did the prophetic statement come from that is so familiar to Message believers today? C. Douglas Weaver made an interesting discovery from Gordon Lindsay’s book, A Man Sent From God (published in 1950) which I believe provides the answer. Weaver points out that on page 43 of Lindsay’s book, Wm. Branham gives an account of this incident but didn’t mention a voice with the message comparing John the Baptist’s ministry with his own.  But later in the book, we learn something very interesting.  On page 105, Lindsay describes a prophecy given at a Branham campaign which said of Branham, “…that as John the Baptist was sent as a forerunner of the Lord’s first coming, so was He sending forth this evangelist and others like him to move the people and prepare them for His second coming.” (see The Healer-Prophet, William Marrion Branham, 1st Edition, pages 28-29) It was only after 1950 when A Man Sent From God was published that Wm. Branham began to attribute the nearly identical prophecy from his campaign to a supernatural voice which allegedly spoke to him during the 1933 Ohio River baptismal service.

As for whether or not the supernatural element of the 1933 baptism incident even occurred, I have found no extant evidence to support that it did.  William Branham claimed that local newspapers carried the story, but even Voice of God Recordings Inc. admits that there are no known existing copies of such articles (they say the newspaper company which supposedly carried the story, The Louisville Herald Post, went out of business and all back issues were destroyed in the 1937 Ohio River flood).  Could it be that the supernatural light was nothing more than the sun reflecting off the wings of an airplane, and the loud sound the roar of its engine, perhaps a rare occurance in those days?  Who can say?  The answer itself may have been provided in the newspaper article which is no longer to be found. 

In my opinion, Wm. Branham’s claim that a voice spoke to him on the Ohio River in 1933 saying, “As John the Baptist was sent forth to forerun the first coming of Christ, so will your Message forerun the second coming of Christ,” is doubtful.  It is apparent that he borrowed the prophecy from Gordon Lindsay’s book in order to further the perception that he was the sole prophet to our day who was sent to usher in the second coming of Christ.”

The Folklore Legendiares & The True Prophets

“Woe to you! For you build the tombs of the prophets whom your fathers killed. So you are witnesses and you consent to the deeds of your fathers, (the folklore legendiares) for they killed them, and you build their tombs. Therefore also the Wisdom of God said, ‘I will send them (true) prophets and apostles, some of whom they will kill and persecute,’…Yes, I tell you, it will be required of this generation.” Lk.11:47-51

The Folklore Legendiares – “Favoring The Supernatural By Ignoring The Heresy”

Who Or What Are The Folklore Legendiares?

bewitched By Branham “I find it amazing that people can easily overlook or intentionally ignore obvious false teachings just so they can admire the supernaturalism of a man. I’m speaking about the flagrant admiration of William Branham (and many others) by the mystically inclined false prophets of our day. Blinded by the pursuit of supernatural power they desire the same abilities as Branham, they consider him anointed beyond anyone of his time, so he is admired.

Demos Shakarian Full Gospel Business Men wholeheartedly promoted him until he later learned the extent of his teachings. Ern Baxter, Marilyn Hickey, Earl Paulk, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Rodney Howard Brown, Morris Cerullo, and A. A. Allen, Robert Liardon, Benny Hinn, Paul Cain, Todd Bentley the list of promoters and admirers is ongoing. (Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, Paul Keith Davis, basically, most of the ‘prophetic movement!) In fact you cannot be accepted as a prophet in most circles without giving kudos to Branham.”

Barbie Breathitt on the Elijahlist: “I could go on to talk about William J. Seymour, Maria Woodworth Etter, Alexander Campbell, Alexander Dowie, Smith Wigglesworth, Charles Finney, William Branham, AA Allen, Jack Coe, Charles Price, etc. etc.; all of whom impacted regions and nations for the glory of God.

“Church history has many great supernatural ministers like A.A. Allen, Jack Coe, William Branham and Katherine Kuhlman. They tuned their ears to hear and their hearts to perceive the angelic messengers sent to direct them into the Holy Spirit flow.”

Barbie Breathitt:”The Bride is Entering a New Cycle of Anointing – Releasing His Angels All Over the Globe”)

The time to receive mantles like Katherine Kuhlman, Aimee Semple McPherson, John G. Lake, Jack Coe, William Branham and others has come! Ask the Lord to take you to higher heights to receive these heavenly mantles. Barbie Breathitt: “New Winds, Keys and Doors: What He Opens No One Can Shut, and What He Shuts No One Can Open”)

Folklore Legends

Folklore Legends many these be.

Error, false doctrine, even heresy.

Lies and immorality, yet immortality?

Favoring the supernatural,

by ignoring the heresy!

The elect, blinded, deceived,

By supernatural activity.

None so blind as they that will not see!

‘Charismatic Folklore And The Stuff Of Legends’-coming soon!
The shocking truth many cannot, do not, want to hear!

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