J. Johnson's March 'Prophetics'-2

Discerning ‘Prophetic‘ Dreams – Content And Source

I used to follow every ‘prophetic word’ that came down the ‘prophetic pipe line,’ esp. at the start of a new year. Dreams were esp. appealing to me, because I figured they were more reliable even than prophecy, since the dreamer really had no to control over what they dreamt. I’ve since come to realize that is absolutely incorrect! In my last blog responding to Jeremiah Johnson’s ‘3 part prophetic visitation’ dream, in which he saw Charlie Shamp, Jeff Jansen, and Todd White, I explained how *dreams containing people presented in a positive light, who are embracing aberrancy and serious error, are a clear indication that the dreams are not sourced in God, for the Lord will not use such aberrancy and error to represent Himself or communicate His tho’ts

The scenario for such dreams as mentioned above, would be that the dreamer validates the people in the dreams believing them trustworthy godly examples. So their appearance reveals the dreamers spiritual position, that of embracing the error, the aberrancy, being in agreement with the position of the subjects in the dream. *I will continue to follow this premise as we further examine Jeremiah’s dreams and ‘prophesies.

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Saying the right words, but tied to the web

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Jeremiah Johnson
“The prophecy of Bob Jones had come to pass with the Chief’s victory. It was indeed a definite sign that revival and awakening was here and time to celebrate!

Researching Roots To Understand Infiltrating Errors

I began to grasp more fully the extent of corruption and deception in the ‘apostolic/prophetic’ movement as I research it’s roots and sought to understand how such error could transpire. At the time Jeremiah Johnson was and still is, addressing errors in the ‘prophetic,‘ so I was hopeful of his influence for good, in speaking into, and speaking out about the serious issues in the ‘prophetic movement.’ The deeper my study and research went, the deeper I saw the deceptive, corrupted roots growing, sustaining pretty much, in general, the ‘mainstream prophetic movement.’

There are various ones addressing some of the ‘prophetic’ issues on various levels, such as Jeremiah. I have conversed and communicate with different ones, regarding the ‘prophetic.’ Many are stabbing at more surface issues, not recognizing or understanding the rotted, diseased roots, that have been feeding the ‘prophetic tree’ for many years. With my conviction of the depth of degeneration in the foundation of the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic,’ those identified with this ‘mainstream’ movment, I consider unreliable, the ‘prophetic’ poisoned by false doctrine, aberrancy and demonic influence. I have written numerous blogs on my observations and the research done on individuals, ministries, movements, doctrines, practices, beliefs, exp.’s, encounters, that has convinced me that *a ‘prophetic spiritual detox’ is required by any who desire to step away from the ‘mainstream apostolic/ prophetic,’ to encounter the genuine from the Lord.

demonic spiritual spider web network, operating in the ‘mainstream prophetic*

Until one realizes the degree of deception in the ‘prophetic,’ understanding the ‘demonic spiritual spider web network,’ operating in the ‘mainstream prophetic,’ they will not understand the necessity of a ‘spiritual detox.’ I have come to realize, unfortunately, that Jeremiah and many others, in their well meaning, noble endeavours to bring correction to the’prophetic’ have continued to remain tied to the ‘demonic spider web,’ dealing with outward issues of a soulish and carnal nature, missing the ‘spiritual undertones’ that are the glue holding everything together, part of that web consisting of the demonic ‘manifest sons of god’ heresy.

Past prominent figures that functioned in this invisible, yet effective’spider web,’ are emulated, honoured, and endorsed by the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic’ today. This is always a clear indication to me of that deceptive connection. So here we have Jeremiah acknowledging Bob Jones ‘football prophecy’ as a sure sign of existing revival. A huge red flag, esp. when these past aberrant figures appear in peoples dreams. This is where the research has enabled me to sift out the aberrant ones, and those in whose dreams they appear, or are referenced to positively.


Jeremiah’s article here affirms, “The prophecy of Bob Jones had come to pass with the Chief’s victory. It was indeed a definite sign that revival and awakening was here and time to celebrate!

For those in agreement that the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic’ movement, as I said, is unreliable due to erroneous, demonic, infiltrating influences, and a ‘end time global awakening is not validated by Scripture, but is propagated in ‘latter rain’ heresy, then Jeremiah’s affirmation of Bob Jones’ prophecy reveals two things, 1) his agreement with the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic’ a) which Bob represents and b) the ‘football prophecy’ agreement with the ‘mainstream prophetic.’ 2) His agreement with the end time global awakening itself. His affirmation above, to me, indicates ties to the corrupted ‘prophetic,’ even tho’ he seems to be saying the right words, in addressing issues in the ‘prophetic.’

Jeremiah’s statement, ‘Our end time charismatic revival theology is being exposed,” may seem to indicate a positive correction to the ‘charismatic movement, yet what he is referring to is the ‘charismatic’ idea that the ‘end time revival,'(that he says is here), overtakes society, diminishing evil. He says, “One charismatic leader specifically wrote to me and said, “Revival is here. Stadiums will be filled. I will now only believe encouraging prophetic words that are positive about the days ahead.This is the theology he says is being exposed by the Corona virus crisis.

He had a dream shortly after the Chiefs one the Superbowl, mentioned above, in which he “saw great darkness and chaos covering the earth. A spirit of fear gripped the masses, as natural disasters and disease spread like wild fire. It was very apocalyptic in nature. Wallstreet was plummeting. People were stockpiling food and streets were empty in some places.”

In the dream he visited different churches and saw “Believers…absolutely on fire for God. The manifest glory of the Lord was so tangible it would knock me off my feet as I walked in…There was a realm of faith, hope and the miraculous at work in their midst…I realized that they were living and operating in a totally different dimension than the world around them was because they simply did not fear death.”

He goes on to say, when awakening he looked in his journal and saw where he’d written about Pentecost followed by severe persecution of the church under Nero in 64 A.D., then the 1st ‘Great Awakening’ followed by the Revolutionary War, then the 2nd ‘Great Awakening,’ followed by the ‘Civil War’, then the ‘Asuza St. Revival’ followed by W.W.1, then the ‘Voice Of Healing Revival’ during/ followed by W. W. 2.

Jeremiah: Suddenly I began to ask myself…does spiritual awakening thro.’out history generally precede and or coincide with chaos, war and disaster?”Historically and biblically, the awakening could very well just be preparing then earth for very turbulent years ahead. If our end time revival theology is only based on receiving encouraging and positive words for the days ahead, then the corona virus is seriously exposing Christians, esp. charismatic ones. It is also exposing many of our ‘prophets’ who seem to only carry an unbiblical theology that the worlds is just going to get better and better.

When Jeremiah witnesses the current virus ‘crisis,’ it convinces him that ‘revival’ is here, affirming the fulfillment of Bob’s football ‘prophecy’, indicating the continued ‘pattern’ of difficult times, following ‘awakening.’ This causes him to realize that the faulty Charismatic end time theology of ‘only glory days’, is being exposed.

I refer back here, to the premise of aberrant, erroneous representatives of the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic movement’, being used to represent the Lord and communicate His tho’ts.

Having thoroughly researched Bob Jones life and ministry, I am fully persuaded of his life long serious aberrancy and error, so much so that, any and everything concerning him I would call into question. This is where the examining of things would begin, where he or dreams, apparitions of him, would be involved. I post 2 blog sites here of research, one on Bob’s spurious history and one on ‘football omenolgy. Yes, associations,- in person, in dreams, apparitions (encounters with the likeness of), emulating certain persons, affirming them, (whether alive or dead), their aberrancy and error will also be attributed to those who give them recognition while remaining mute regarding their serious error. I maintain this premise and conviction as foundational to all evaluation done.

Another ex. is the esteem given to William Branham by the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic movement.’ Research has unequivocally revealed a demonically influenced life, that is touted by some, as ‘the greatest prophet’ perhaps since New Test. times. This is shocking and absolutely pervasive, thro’out the ‘prophetic movement,’ revealing the level of deception and total lack of discernment thro’out the movement. Once we have a foundation of facts and evidence, this can be effectively used in examining, scrutinizing spiritual concerns.

Bob Jones – https://scribalwell.wordpress.com/2020/02/07/bob-jones-a-spurious-history/

Football Omenolgy – https://scribalwell.wordpress.com/2020/02/07/bob-jones-a-spurious-history/

My summary here would be, based on the premises presented, that Jeremiah, tho’ seemingly saying the right words to a degree, is definitely tied to the web, that connects and unifies the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic movement.’ His agreements, associations, affirmations, identify him with the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic movement!’

As far as Jeremiah’s question goes, “Does spiritual awakening thro.’out history generally precede and or coincide with chaos, war and disaster?Historically and biblically, the awakening…preparing the earth for very turbulent years ahead?” I don’t know, but I do know that, aberrant associations will not be used to represent God or communicate His tho’ts, at least not in my books!

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