Mounting Evidence Mainstream ‘Apostolic/Prophetic Movement’- Is Apostate Persecuting Church

“Every plant that My Heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up.”

I have spoken these things to you that you might not fall away…an hour is coming that everyone having killed you will think it is to offer a service to God.” Jn.16:1-2

The Removal Of The Final “Mountain” Of Religion

According to Johnny Enlow’s The Seven Mountain Prophecy: Unveiling the Coming Elijah Revolution, the final “mountain,” and the most difficult to take over, will be the mountain of religion.  Why?  Because the whole world will essentially be “converted” in the upcoming revival so everyone will appear to be “Christian.”  First he defines the “holy people” of Daniel 12:7 as religious, “left-brained” Christians (that’s you and me, in case you were wondering) and describes how their power will be “completely shattered… [meaning] a complete dismantling and pulverizing of the religious spirit’s operations… is coming” [pg.134-135].

     “Our last religious enemy will be more difficult to discern: that which has come onto the mountain of religion calling itself Christian. Just as Jesus faced the greatest persecution from the very ones who were supposedly looking for the Messiah, so too will the advancing church face its greatest challenge from those who profess Jesus. These will be the final “holy people” to be completely shattered, which means ‘shatter, break, dash, beat in pieces, pulverize’…they will not be our enemies, but we will be their enemies….”

     “Left-brained Christianity will be the last great religious enemy that the church of Jesus Christ will have to face… The reason this form of Christianity will be such a difficult enemy is that, for a season, it will be mixed in with the advancing true church. A time is coming when it will seem as if the whole world is converting or about to convert. No other major religion will be left to knock off the mountain. At this time, the religious spirit will again reinvent himself and team up with the prince of Greece. All those believers who have not been freed from rationalism will come under its power. They will attempt to use Christianity’s newfound power to advance their version of Christianity with reason and sophistication. This last Anti-Christ will look good, but will be in its ultimate disguise – a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. I believe this is the fourth beast horn from Daniel 7:20 – ‘that horn which had eyes and a mouth which spoke pompous words, whose appearance was greater than his fellows.’ The prince of Greece always comes with pompous words…”

     “This most heavily disguised Antichrist will prevail for a season against the saints who have just experienced a tremendous world harvest [the huge outpouring of the Spirit they are expecting, with miraculous signs and wonders to convince the whole world to follow Christ].”

     “Antichrist can also be translated ‘against the anointing.’ The Greek word Christos means ‘anointing.’ (It’s a translation of the Hebrew word for messiah, which also means ‘anointed one.’) This antichrist can ultimately be discerned by its anti-anointing stance. It will be pompous and subtly oppose all the manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s power. Believers who live their lives resisting the anointing will become an unwitting part of the Antichrist’s resistance, a tool of the anti-anointing.[pg. 136-137]     

Earlier in the book, Enlow thoroughly explains how one can only truly be saved if one is a right-brained thinker.  Why?  Because he claims one can only have true faith if one has “experiences” with God, which right-brained thinking allows due of its subjectivity and reliance on experience.  He further states that Jesus was a right-brained (subjective) thinker who challenged the left-brained (objective) religious people of his day.  The same thing is meant by the phrase “prince of Greece.”  Left-brained Christians are too rational, bring division due to their emphasis on theology, and squeeze out the Spirit of God.  Also, the “anointing” they refer to is the current “outpouring” of the Spirit in Charismatic circles accompanied by uncontrollable laughter, dog-barking, acting drunk in the spirit, and constant special revelation, signs and wonders, and “experiences” with God that are about to bring about a world-wide revival. The question is, what spirit are they really talking about?  What spirit is behind this?  This is the same teaching that has been preached by the New Agers for over 100 years. 

*>Daryl here. According to Johnny Enlow, “religious”‘holy people’mentioned in Dan. 12:7,”left brain” christians, who profess Jesus, all the believers who have not been freed from rationalism, pompously and subtly opposing all of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s power, resisting the anointing, these will be the final “holy people” to be completely shattered, which means ‘shatter, break, dash, beat in pieces, pulverize’…they will not be our enemies, but we will be their enemies….”

Johnny completely turns this reference to ‘holy people’ around, making them (the religious holy people-Dan.12:7), the persecutors of the supposed ‘true church,’ the persecutors of the ‘new thing.’ But it is they (the ‘main stream new apostolic people’) who will persecute and ‘shatter,’ supposedly, the ‘left brain’ professing christians, who oppose all of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s power, being against the supposed ‘anointing,’ – regarded as part of the ‘anti-christ, anti-anoniting!’

The religious, ‘left brain christians, are viewed by the mainstream ‘apostolic people’ as ‘anti-christ!’ The ‘new apostolic movement’s’ agenda is to dismantle chritianity as we know it!

Dan. 12:7 “It will be for a time, and times, and half a time. When the power of the holy people has finally been shattered, all these things will be completed.”

Holy- # 6944-qodesh: apartness, sacredness, consecrated thing, dedicated thing, hallowed thing, holiness, most holy day, portion, thing, saint, set-apartness, separateness

Counterfeit Revival & Bloody Civil War

Prophets of the Counterfeit Revival claim that a bloody civil war is going to polarize the entire Christian community. On one side will be those who embrace new revelations. On the other will be those who obstinately cling to reason. One “prophet” went so far as to say, “God is going to renovate the entire understanding of what Christianity is in the nations of the Earth….In twenty years there will be a totally different understanding of Christianity as we know it.1  1- Mike Bickle Overview of Corporate Long Term Vision (n.p.), 5 January 1986; audiotape.

REDEFINITION OF TERMS: As part of this deception, basic fundamental terms are being redefined with Dominionist and/or Gnostic theology.

For example:


Johnny Enlow, The Seven Mountain Prophecy: Unveiling the Coming Elijah Revolution, pg 136-137 “Antichrist can also be translated ‘against the anointing.’ The Greek word  Christos  means ‘anointing.’ (It’s a translation of the Hebrew word for messiah, which also means ‘anointed one.’) This antichrist can ultimately be discerned by its anti-anointing stance. It will be pompous and subtly oppose all the manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s power. Believers who live their lives resisting the anointing will become an unwitting part of the Antichrist’s resistance, a tool of the anti-anointing.”

Bill Johnson, When Heaven Invades Earth, pg 79, 81

“The nature of the antichrist spirit is found in its name: anti, “against”; Christ, “Anointed One”… the spirit of the antichrist is at work today, attempting to influence believers to reject everything that has to do with the Holy Spirit’s anointing.  That spirit has worked to reduce the gospel to a mere intellectual message, rather than a supernatural God encounter.”

Christ: A person who has been “qualified” by being baptized in the Spirit

Bill Johnson, Face to Face with God, p.109

The outpouring of the Spirit also needed to happen to Jesus for Him to be fully qualified.  This was His quest.  Receiving this anointing qualified Him to be called the Christ, which means “anointed one.”  Without the experience there could be no title.”

Bill Johnson, When Heaven Invades Earth: A Practical Guide to a Life of Miracles, p.79:

“Christ is not Jesus’ last name. The word Christ means ‘Anointed One’ or ‘Messiah.’ It is a title that points to an experience. It was not sufficient that Jesus be sent from heaven to earth with a title. He had to receive the anointing in an experience to accomplish what the Father desired.”

Face to Face with God: The Ultimate Quest to Experience His Presence, p.200:

“Most all of the experiences of Jesus recorded in Scripture were prophetic examples of the realms in God that are made available to the believer. The Mount of Transfiguration raised the bar significantly on potential human experience… The overwhelming lesson in this story is that Jesus Christ, the Son of man, had the glory of God upon Him… Only Peter, James, and John were privileged to be a part of this event. It was so extreme that Jesus warned them not to tell anyone about what they had seen until after His Resurrection… Certain things have no place in our hearts until we know of the Resurrection through our own conversion experience.  Through the Spirit of the resurrected Christ living in us we are designed to carry the same glory. But first we must go up the mountain – to the place where we meet God face to face.”

No Longer A Charismatic Vs. Non-Charismatic Issue

“The majority of the Church has not taken seriously the claims of the modern apostles and prophets to be introducing a new paradigm into the Body of Christ. These claims are far more than idle boasts. Indeed the paradigm shifts have already begun in many segments of Christianity. To say that the movement has grown rapidly would be a gross understatement. The Identity Network an email list promoting the teachings of the new apostles and prophets boasts a daily readership of over 150,000 people. The Elijah List, a similar network, is read by over 130,000 individuals daily. The issues raised by the new prophets and apostles go far deeper than a mere debate over the cessation or continuation of spiritual gifts. Without intending to be alarmist, it is the contention of this article that many of the statements and teachings of leaders within this movement strike at the very heart of essential Christian doctrine and the nature of Christianity. This is no longer a Charismatic vs. Non-Charismatic issue.” ‘The Apostolic/Prophetic Movement – Keith Gibson

“This is the ERA OF THE UNEXPECTED!” Lana Vawser – Dec. 5 2019

Anathema To Criticise The New Things In The New Era

This ‘prophetic’ mindset theme is being continuously spouted in the mainstream ‘prophetic camp.’ Lana Vawser
“I felt the fear of God so strongly as the Lord spoke those words to me “Be careful not to criticise the new things that I am doing in this new era.”

“There was such a strong sense that surrounded me “Do not be quick to judge something as NOT God because it doesn’t fit the box or paradigm that you think it should.


“It will be the hand of God that will dismantle and rearrange things that were part of the old season and it’s time for new structures, a new wineskin.”

This is a very important warning from the Lord that all of us must take on board. We MUST be in the secret place as friends of God KNOWING HIM above ALL ELSE in this new era and not be found to be ones throwing stones with our words at what GOD is actually doing in the earth. Let us not be found standing in the WAY of what God is doing, rather than partnering WITH HIM in the greatest move of the Spirit of God in the earth. The move of God in this new era is going to expose the religious spirit unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Let us be found not criticising what God is doing in this new era if it looks completely different to what we expect. Let us be people that cry out “God make me ready! Teach me! Give me eyes that see and ears that hear to DISCERN what You are doing and partner with you even if it offends my mind.”

JENNIFER EIVAZ #GLORYCARRIERSWe have to remain open and unoffended at the Holy Spirit when He does something outside of our grid of understanding. He is infinite in His expression and going from glory to glory means He will by His very nature manifest a new thing in our midst. (Is. 43:19).” – Jennifer Eivaz #GloryCarriers

Jennifer Eivaz thinks she encountered her miscarried daughter in heaven, which according to her, we’re not supposed to question.

We (spiritual elite) are in charge of God’s selection process for planet Earth. He selects we destroy B. M. H.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, former US Vice Presidential candidate (in 1984, although Geraldine Ferraro ultimately made it on the Democratic ticket) and staunch New Ager, explicated a radical version of “Joel’s Army” in an unpublished manuscript from 1980 referencing Revelation 6:7-8 with the ‘pale horse’ of verse 8 representing those “elected to transcend with all their heart, mind and spirit”.7 This pale horse will “kill with sword” (Rev 6:8) the one-fourth of the population which refuses to “evolve” with the rest, deemed the “self-centered”8 – those who will fail to join the others into making the next evolutionary leap from homo sapiens sapiens to homo universalis (Universal Humanity). Compare the following to Hamon’s and Jones’ words below:

…The positive purpose of the R-T ( Resurrection-Translation) is to enable the army of the Lord [Joel’s Army, or MSoG militant] to finalize the war against all evil. The army of the Lord will progress on in the war until they have accomplished all they can in their limited mortal bodies. The R-T is for the purpose of immortalizing their bodies. This will remove all the earthly limitations, thereby enabling the saints unlimited abilities. They will be able to travel in all space realms of the heavenlies the same as Jesus and the angels do now. They can move in and out of all dimensions of the natural and spiritual realms as Jesus did in His resurrected flesh-and-bone body.1 Bill Hammon

God’s great end-time army is being prepared to execute God’s written Judgments with Christ’s victory and divine judgment decrees that have already been established in heaven. The time is set when they will be administered and executed on earth through God’s saintly armyAll that is destined and needed will be activated during God’s restorational Army of the Lord Movement…Bill Hammon

August 18, 2012 trance Bob Jones went in to while napping Shortly there will be a war that I will declare and it will be a great victory! For I am going to hire mercy-naries you see and I shall pay well when they work for Me. Health and peace of mind will be their pay and joy they never knew...They shall know defeat no longer but they shall be victorious. They shall know honor in Me. There will be no defeat for them. They are warriors and I will give them the victory. My pay to them shall be love, joy and peace that they will have within themselves. This shall be the tip of the sword of which they touch many. They have been warriors in many religious churches. Now I call them unto “the church” and they will have a victory in Me. (They) “have fought in many battles and [have been] scarred by the religious spirit. This religious spirit will no longer be able to touch them because they have been healed and delivered from it.” Bob Jones

These are the days Joel prophesied! The Father will blow the trumpet in Zion and call His army into formation. (Amos 1:1) These are not battle weary soldiers but warriors well-armed in the power of the word and the fear of the Lord. They march forward in the might of the Holy Spirit never breaking rank. They never strive against one another but move in unity forming God’s most powerful army.

Hubbard Before this stage of power can be inherited by the God-centered members of the social-body, the self-centered members must be destroyed. There is no alternative. Only the God-centered can evolve…

Fortunately, you, dearly beloveds, are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death.

We come to bring death to those who are unable to know God. We do this for the sake of the world…

The riders of the pale horse are about to pass among you. Grim reapers, they will separate the wheat from the chaff. This is the most painful period in the history of humanity.

Those of you who know what is happening – the one-fourth who are now listening to the higher self – are to be guides for the rest who will be panicked and confused.9

Is this the sort of thing Bill Hamon, Bob Jones and the other hyper-charismatic leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation have in mind for those Christians who refuse to unify with their false belief system? Must the earth be purged of those “self-centered” Christians – the ones who will not unify with these false ecumenical, pluralistic efforts – to pave the way for the “One New Man”? Placing Hamon’s and Jones’ quotes above alongside Marx Hubbard’s, one must really wonder which side Hamon, Jones and their cohorts are really on.

It seems that, just like Marx Hubbard’s theology, there must be a battle to get rid of those “self-centered” Christians with a “religious spirit” before the “One New Man” can emerge. That is, this war must be fought before “Christ” can ‘return’ “IN his people” after which they become collectively “One New Man” a/k/a homo universalis (Universal Humanity).

The Coming Civil War In The Church

“Rick Joyner has assured me that he did not mean what I thought he meant in his article on the coming Civil War in the Church…I believe that this issue surely has to be the most critical that has faced the church in recent decades. Does God really want the prophetic movement “taking sides” in the coming conflict? And is this Civil War really a good thing, or will it be the most colossal disaster that has befallen the church in centuries?” Andrew Stromm

“This will, in fact, be one of the most cruel battles the church has ever faced. Like every civil war, it will cause brother to turn against brother like we may have never witnessed in the church before... What is coming will be dark. At times Christians almost universally will be loath to even call themselves Christians. Believers and unbelievers alike will think that it is the end of Christianity as we know it, and it will be...”…it was time to straightforwardly warn the church, and to begin preparing for this great war with the resolve to fight until there was a complete victory. The definition of a complete victory in this war would be the complete overthrow of the Accuser of the Brethren’s strongholds in the church...(those who oppose their spiritual practices, and beliefs) This battle must be fought. It is an opportunity to drive the accuser out of the church…” (From ‘Civil War in the Church’, published May, 1996 Rick Joyner)

A ‘new spirituality’ is in the making, as even in evangelical circles, the humanistic philosophical ideologies, and extra-Biblical ‘prophetic’ tho’t, and revelation, being compatible with new age tho’t, is leading to one, all inclusive, ‘universal church,’ that will oppose and persecute the true Church, that holds to the plain gospel of Jesus, abiding in Him, and His all sufficient sacrifice, His Words abiding in them, the new age agenda, using the corrupted church as a tool to incorporate deceived followers into it’s demonic ‘one world church,’ snare.

In other words, those who oppose the ‘agenda’ and philosophy of the ecumenical/evangelical/ charismatic/ prophetic, extra-Biblical, end time ‘triumphalism, manifest sons of god, ‘latter rain,’ glory outpouring,- these are the ‘accuser of the brethern,’ that will ‘driven out, or worse!’

EDITOR: Steve Van Nattan. “We MUST take the offensive NOW, or we will be the target later. This movement is now at the same point as Hitler’s Reich in its early days.  Nearly every pastor of Germany thought Hitler was saving Germany from its wickedness.  If you don’t join the battle now, you WILL be the enemy later.  Can you imagine what would happen if (a president or General) went for this program and got “renewed” Bill McCartney style?

Bill McCartney of Promise Keepers is using more and more militant vocabulary in his motivational speeches.  Robert Hicks who wrote the manual for PK, The Masculine Journey, is RIGHT NOW teaching religious terrorism for the US Air Force in Alabama, just 30 miles from Brownsville.

Spiritual warfare is being defined as getting rid of YOU dear Bible believer.  Rick Joyner is calling for a LITERAL civil war in which the Renewal good guys will LITERALLY kill those of us who reject this movement.  We have challenged them over and over to define what they mean, and their response is to “raise the level of hostilities” as Henry Kissinger would say.

“Are you living under the illusion that people will not return to the butchery of Hitler and the Inquisition? Read the book of Daniel and The Revelation of John. It IS coming, and there is NO promise in the Bible that we will not see this beginning of sorrows.”

Do you have to see your own family trashed by Promise Keepers operatives to learn?  Persecution will never come to your church house, eh? EDITOR: Steve Van Nattan

Bob Jones’ Prophecy of the Uniting of all Charismania, Promise Keepers & by Implication, the Roman Catholic Church

The Greatest Show on Earth’

The Lord is now beginning the early stages of the greatest show on earth. These workings of the Spirit are preparing the church and initiating what will become the greatest show an earth, referred to as the end-time ministry. One of the instruments that will be used in this greatest show on earth will be the Promise Keepers.

The Promise Keepers and their leadership will be singled out for intense persecution. They must embrace this with great humility, for the persecution will be the vehicle which will open doors internationally for this ministry. The Promise Keepers are now to go worldwide.

If the Promise Keepers will respond to the persecution with humility, then the Lord will respond to the Promise Keepers with the same answer that He gave to the inquiry of John the Baptist concerning the ministry of the Messiah. (Luke 7:22)


The Lord is calling the Promise Keepers to emerge as the dread champions of God and of the family. The glory of the Lord is preparing to fall on the Promise Keepers.

The Promise Keepers are not the only group that the Lord is calling according to this commission. He is also calling individual men and women along with other segments of the body of Christ. The Women’s Aglow will also be subject to this same commissioning as well as End Time Handmaidens and other such ministries with an emphasis towards intercession. These ministries are not in competition with one another but are complimentary one to the other.

The ministries of Women’s Aglow and End Time Handmaidens should continue their emphasis as in the past, for this will compliment the workings of the Spirit through Promise Keepers. The ultimate result of these ministries will be the reestablishment of Godly life within the Christian family which will function as the nucleus of power for the end time ministry. The church has been like a widow woman but now she is going to have a husband. This truth is applicable both in the natural and in the spiritual.


Web Address:

by Sidney W. Hunter

The Promise Keepers is a men’s organization which reportedly had its beginning when University of Colorado football coach Bill McCartney felt a need to develop a specialized ministry for men. He shared his concern with his pastor, Reverend James Ryle, who is pastor of Boulder Valley Vineyard Church and a former associate of Vineyard Ministries founder, John Wimber. (Remember it was through the Vineyard churches that the laughing revival came which is supposed to be evidence of Joel’s Army being born.)

The Promise Keepers has grown from 4,200 men who attended its first meeting in 1991 to an organization of hundreds of thousands. It is committed to “reach beyond racial and denominational boundaries.” It says concerning homosexuals, “while we have clear convictions regarding the issue of homosexuality, we are sensitive to and have compassion for the men who are struggling with these issues, we therefore support their being included and welcomed in all our events.” McCartney is said to have shouted out at the 1994 Seize the Moment Men’s Conference in Portland, Oregon, “Hear me: Promise Keepers doesn’t care if you’re a Catholic. Do you love Jesus, are you born of the Spirit of God?”

How do the Promise Keepers fit into the Vineyard, laughing revival, Joel’s Army equation? Let’s ask Pastor James Ryle. He pastors a Vineyard church and counselled McCartney concerning the inception of The Promise Keepers. Asked if the Promise Keepers could be fulfilling the prophecy in Joel of raising an army, James Ryle answered, “Yes … 300,000 men have come together so far this year under Promise Keepers … never in history have 300,000 men come together except to go to war. These men are gathered for war.”

Ed Tarkowski in his book Laughing Phenomena: Its History and Possible Effect on the Church is quoted as saying, “Promise Keepers has incorporated key doctrines of the Manifest Sons of God into their material. The February, 1995, issue of Suitable Helpers, a newsletter for women participating in Promise Keepers expresses that believers can become Christ incarnate: ‘Our Lord is calling out a great host of men ready and willing to become “Christs” in their homes: Promise Keepers. In grand bold sweeps God has mustered an army.'”

[ Comment: Editor– Balaam’s Ass Speaks— Bill McCartney of Promise Keepers is a Roman Catholic who claims to be born again in the Catholic model, and he vigorously promotes the Vatican at all PK rallies. ]

Apostolic ‘Popery’!-Universal Shift Of Power

“It was said of the Apostle Paul that he was turning the world upside down, it will be said of the apostles soon to be anointed that they will turn the world right side up. Nations will tremble at the mention of their names.”

Comment: Editor– Balaams’ Ass Speaks
(The pope) “does have reason for concern as Christendom goes from one supreme apostle in Rome to thousands of wee popelettes! This will also dilute the “take” in each popelette’s offering plate.  Do you not see that team players Billy Graham, Bill Bright, Bill McCartney, Pat Robertson, Peter LeLonde, and Jack Van Impe will very likely be raised to apostleship at the insistence of the Pope?  And, who will play devil’s advocate?  Who will see to it that a devil does not sneak into the neo-apostolic heritage, as with Judas?”  

The line up to get on the apostleship band wagon will not be at Brownsville only–There will be lines of apostolic candidates at the Vatican, the World Council of Churches, Holy Trinity Brompton, and on every mission field in the world where an institutional church has developed from missionary effort.  Seminaries will offer degrees in apostleship.  There will be equal opportunity apostles raised to authority in various African and Far Eastern countries, as well as Black American popelettes seated so as to not offend the Black community.  

There will be line ups at conferences…Conference promoters will be hard pressed to know which apostle should have the high seat and which apostle the low seat.  Protocols regarding the Pope, when he appears in public, will be monumental. Cardinals will find themselves shifted down one seat because a Trinity Brompton apostle arrived, and apostles will have higher rank then Cardinals. We already see this order of the peck ad nauseam on TBN and at Toronto.  It could really get tricky folks! If it were not so deadly it would be comic.  If I were a bored agnostic, I would at once start doing seminars around the USA in “Preparing for Apostleship.”  We need a Bible believing church to sponsor the making of a video which dramatically portrays this insanity in derision.  

We acknowledge that there must be millions of people caught up in movements which are part of coming events, who have no idea of the direction in which they are going. They don’t see the “Big Picture.”

*> Daryl here. Part of the bigger picture, is the NAR ‘s agenda to dismantle, subdue and assimilate the existing church, and the satan’s agenda, to dupe everyone, likewise, all religions, est.’ing one world church.

Purpose Driven Dismantling of Christianity (Reprise)

By Marsha West

This overview (see web site above), of what I have termed Syncretism Stew shows a diabolically inspired supermarket of truth and error in the postmodern Church. What we’re witnessing is a shopping cart overflowing with false teaching. Aisle 1-Mysticism Madness; aisle 2-Charismatic Confusion; aisle 3-Pentecostal Pandemonium; aisle 4- Enlightened Emergents; aisle 5- Purpose-driven Pragmatism; aisle 6-Secular Strategies…to suck in seekers; aisle 7-Twelve-steps…to “group think”; aisle 8-Preposterous Pop Psychology; aisle 9- Discernment Disintegration; aisle 10-Predatory Pastors. On and on it goes.

Bill Hamon-The New Move Of The Spirit-Kingdom Now

So God is raising up apostles and prophets who are speaking some new and radical things; are setting the stage; are laying new foundations for a new era. Not just patching up what is already existing, but preparing the church for a new dispensation.

Hamon is of the few directly associated with the original Latter Rain movement of the 40’s and 50’, he sees nothing wrong with it; that is why he is actively promoting it. Hamon became involved in the movement after it was pronounced Heresy by AoG in the late 40’s as they rejected the idea that the Church is built on present-day apostles and prophets. In the late 80’s and early 90’s it resurged through the Vineyard churches when the Kansas City prophet movement introduced it. It is now reincorporated under a more influential  leadership of Peter Wagner (who was good friends with John Wimber) and Chuck Peirce.

We (Bill Hamon) have trained over thirty eight thousand individuals in six continents of the world, nine thousand leaders and over a thousand prophets and prophetic ministers have been raised up and are now prophesying and flowing like a river.

And it is being transmitted to good Bible churches transforming them into their new apostolic church model. Hamon says of Wagner “… Peter Wagner and several other ministers in the United States are saying we won’t recognize the 21st Century Church compared to what we are today. Amen? The last day apostles and prophets that are alive today is going to take the Church through the transition from the dispensation of grace to the dispensation of the Kingdom, from the dispensation of the mortal Church to the dispensation of the immortal Church (Transcript of Bill Hamon at ‘New Life Church’ Nov.13, 1997, entitled “Battle of The Brides”)

Here we have Hamon explaining his the Manifest Sons of God doctrine is to be accomplished by the apostles and prophets of our day. So we can see it is mandatory for it to be in position for their ends times model to take place.

“We are preparing to move into the age of Kingdom rule and dominion where Christ Himself, and we His saints, with Him, will rule and reign IN THE EARTH. …So God is raising up apostles and prophets who are speaking some new and radical things; are setting the stage; are laying new foundations for a new era. Not just patching up what is already existing, but preparing the church for a new dispensation…We are about to move from the dispensation of grace to the dispensation of dominion. We are about to see Jesus, not as the suffering lamb that was slain, but the roaring Lion who is King!”

Teaching men and women to be prophets and prophecy

Bill Hamon describes: “We developed a manual for ministering spiritual gifts to teach, train, activate, mentor and mature and now we have trained over thirty eight thousand individuals in six continents of the world, nine thousand leaders and over a thousand prophets and prophetic ministers have been raised up and are now prophesying and flowing like a river…. Now, you see I could take this group right here and take trainers and in one week I could every one of you flowing like a river in the prophetic. We’ve done it with thousands” (National School of The Prophets Mobilizing The Prophetic Office Bill Hamon 5/12/00)

Apostle Bill Hamon is even more direct when he writes, “…apostles and prophets must be restored before the Church can fulfill its predestinated end-time purpose on earth.” (4) He continues later in the same work, “The full restoration of apostles and prophets back into the Church will then bring divine order, unity, purity, and maturity to the corporate Body of Christ…..That will in turn bring about the end of this world system of humanity and Satan’s rule. The fulfillment of all these things will release Christ, who has been seated at the right hand of the thing will release Christ, who has been seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven, to return literally and set up His everlasting kingdom over all the earth.” (5)

 With the roots of the current movement planted firmly in the Manifest Sons of God teaching of the Latter Rain Movement, many of these teachers boldly proclaim that the church will conquer the world for Jesus Christ and establish His government by subduing the nations. A few, like Hamon, still teach that the church reaches glorification and immortalization (victory over death) before Jesus returns.

The NAR Apostles and Manifest Sons of God Theology: Training the Army of the Lord

Bill Hamon’s “Mankind Race”

The quote in question was from Bill Hamon’s 2010 book Prophetic Scriptures Yet To Be Fulfilled. Hamon describes the “Final or Third Reformation of the Church” and its purpose.

“… to fulfill God’s original mandate to subdue all things, to take dominion and fill the earth with a mankind race in God’s own image and likeness…”

From Bill Hamon’s Apostles, Prophets and the Coming Moves of God, under the heading of “Apostolic and Prophetic Evangelism,

“The saints are being trained now in the military bases of international training centers and their local church armories. The goal is to have them taught, equipped and field trained to be the officers that lead God’s army of prophetic evangelist saints during the coming Saints Movement. They will minister under the covering and leadership of fivefold apostolic and prophetic generals who trained them. These saints will function like God’s army prophetically described by Prophet Joel (Joel 2:1-11).

Hamon teaches that this Army of the Lord Movement is imminent. In his 2010 book Prophetic Scriptures Yet to be Fulfilled, he states,

“In our generation, years ending with eight have been significant in restoration movements – in 1948, the Latter Rain Restoration Movement began, and Israel became a nation again; in 1988, the Prophetic Movement started; 1998 and 2008 marked the beginnings of the Apostolic Movement and the Third and Final Church Reformation, respectively.  During the Third Reformation, the Eighth Kingdom – the Kingdom of God  – will possess and rule over the kingdoms of this world…If every decade on the eighth year continued to be on the pattern, then we might see the Army of the Lord Movement in 2018, and the second coming of Christ in 2038.  The projected dates are only speculation, not prophetic revelation.”

“‘The Earth and all of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, the time when they will come into their maturity and immortalization… When the Church realizes its full sonship, its bodily redemption will cause a redemptive chain reaction throughout all of creation.’ (Bill Hamon, The Eternal Church, p.385)

Hamon refers to this  “Army of the Lord Movement” in his writings, including Apostles, Prophets and the Coming Moves of God (1997) with a foreword by C. Peter Wagner.

Hamon refers to this  “Army of the Lord Movement” in his writings, including Apostles, Prophets and the Coming Moves of God (1997) with a foreword by C. Peter Wagner.

“God is preparing His Church to become an invincible, unstoppable, unconquerable, overcoming Army of the Lord that subdues everything under Christ’s feet.  There will be a sovereign restorational move of God to activate all that is needed for His army to be and do what He had eternally purposed.

…God’s great end-time army is being prepared to execute God’s written Judgments with Christ’s victory and divine judgment decrees that have already been established in heaven.  The time is set when they will be administered and executed on earth through God’s saintly army.  All that is destined and needed will be activated during God’s restorational Army of the Lord Movement.”

‘Latter Rain’ & ‘Manifest Sons Of God’ Hinge Pin

by Don Clasen
The Kingdom Gospel Messenger,
Vol.8, No.4, August 1996

“I consider it [the Latter Rain revival] to be one of the most important events in the history of God’s restorative plans. It’s the least understood, but has had profound effect on many of the present ministries involved in what God is doing today. The Word of the Lord that came out of that revival continues to reverberate and influence Christians world-wide. It seems like the streams that flowed out from that divine encounter–Restoration, Sonship, Kingdom Now, Life, and Immortality messages–these have remained on the fringes of the mainstream Church. However, many leaders have been profoundly influenced by this revival but have not endorsed it, nor have made explicit reference to it, because of the controversies and misunderstandings of what God actually did during those times.” – Paul Van Elst in a letter to Richard Riss, Feb. 1995

As the Latter Rain Movement spread out from its beginning in North Battleford, it began to coalesce into a loose movement of independent churches and ministries with varying degrees of relationship with one another.  Some of the more influential centers that were identified with it beyond the “Sharon brethren” were Elim Bible Institute and Assemblies out of Lima, New York; Bethesda Missionary Temple in Detroit with Mrs. Myrtle Beall; Portland Bible Temple in Oregon; Peniel Bible Institute in Argentina, and many other places. 

Among the more influential persons to emerge from these circles over the years were Ern Baxter who ministered extensively with William Branham from 1947 to 1953 and later became part of the “Ft. Lauderdale Five” Shepherding experiment of the 1970’s; Bob Mumford out of Elim and John Poole, both of which were also part of the Ft. Lauderdale Christian Growth Ministries; J. Preston Eby of El Paso; Bill Britton of Springfield, Missouri; Bill Hamon of Port Washington, Florida; David Ebaugh in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Winston Nunes in Toronto;  Kevin Connor who has written some profound books on Old Testament typology; Ralph Mahoney of  World MAP;  and many, many others too numerous to mention.

As was said in part one of this series, the period immediately following World War II was a time of broad-based revival across the spectrum of the Body of Christ around the world, with the movement that became known as the “New Order of the Latter Rain” being just one stream among many enjoying this season.  In light of this, it is instructive to note that no less stalwart a promoter of  Latter Rain doctrines than Bill Britton admitted that a sovereign move of the Spirit hit the Assemblies of God’s Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri in the fall of 1948.1 

I say this is instructive because  the Latter Rain movement tended to see the  Pentecostals out of which they came, to be backslidden and of the “Old Order” of things.  In fact, as the movement turned more and more inward, all denominations came to be seen as “Babylon”.  This development reflected a view that, on the one hand, “jumped the gun” as regards what indeed will yet become the ultimate nature of the denominational system (“Mystery Babylon”), while on the other hand, does not understand that belonging to a sect of  Christianity does not mean one is necessarily sectarian.2   

Nevertheless, within the atmosphere of this grace being poured out upon many, it seems there must have been an assumption that somehow the blessing of God they were enjoying was therefore a sign of Divine approval upon everything they were doing, including the doctrines they were developing.  The Pentecostals, however did not agree, and since it was taking root in many denominational Pentecostal churches as well as independent ones, it did not take long before friction and controversy began to erupt.  Less than two years after the North Battleford outbreak, the 1949 General Council of the Assemblies of God passed a resolution officially disapproving of these new doctrines.  It identified six of their biggest objections at that point:

1. The overemphasis relative to imparting, identifying, bestowing or confirming of gifts by the laying on of hands and prophecy.

2.  The erroneous teaching that the Church is built on the foundation of present-day apostles and prophets.

3.  The extreme teaching as advocated by the “New Order” regarding the confession of sin to man and deliverance as practiced, which claims prerogatives to human agency which belong only to Christ.

4.  The erroneous teaching concerning the impartation of the gifts of languages as special equipment for missionary service.

5.  The extreme and unscriptural practice of imparting personal leadings by the means of gifts of utterance.

6.  Such other wrestings and distortions of Scripture interpretations which are in opposition to teachings and practices generally accepted among us.3

At that council, the venerated Stanley Frodsham, one of the pioneers of Pentecost and the Assemblies in 1916 and the editor of their magazine The Pentecostal Evangel, resigned to join the Latter Rain circles.  The fact that this sort of thing had happened at all explains why the ten denominations of the Pentecostal Fellowship of North America feared the Latter Rain Movement was going to literally split the Pentecostals in two. 

In another censure thereafter, the Assemblies of God, fairly or otherwise, singled out Winston Nunes as representative of the Latter Rain doctrines, even though Nunes taught a more radical idea than most that saints this side of the Second Coming “can experience the resurrection body in this life.”4 Nevertheless, developments such as this indicate the directions some were beginning to take.

*>Daryl here. An interesting side note: Winston Nunes was Benny Hinn’s mentor – early 70’s

FURTHER HISTORY – ‘Word of Faith’ – ‘Healing Revival’ – ‘Charismatic Movement’ An affinity of the Latter Rain people with the later Word of Faith movement was also founded in other similar or mutually-held concepts as we shall see.  But the contact may have been established almost from the beginning.  For the Latter Rain people, like most Pentecostals of their day, felt particularly drawn to the great healing revival of the late 1940’s and  early 50’s wherein many evangelists–(now Word of Faith teachers) such as Kenneth Hagin, Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborn and others–got their start, *wherein some cross-pollination may have already begun to take place.. 

But with their being ostracized from the Pentecostal denominational churches, many Latter Rain teachers were forced to keep a low profile, develop their “revelations” and doctrines, and wait for a better atmosphere to work within.  It is this reality that may have contributed to the practice among some to remain coy about what they believe, as the quote at the beginning put it, “because of the controversies and misunderstandings” surrounding them. 

This “better atmosphere” came about with the inception of the Charismatic Movement in the 1950’s.  The Charismatic Renewal was the attempt to bring Pentecost to the mainline churches, since the mainline churches would not come to Pentecost.  The resulting blessing was mixed however, because with the ministry of the Holy Ghost came the need to accommodate everyone and their beliefs.  The outcome was a much greater emphasis on “unity”, but not a unity based on the pursuit or discussion of truth as on downplaying truth so as not to offend anyone.

This however, suited the Latter Rain teachers just fine, because it provided a setting wherein new and novel “third-party” theologies could respectably fill the doctrinal vacuum, and if the Latter Rain doctrines were anything, they were certainly new and novel.  In fact, this situation was so tailor-made to their purposes that Bill Hamon, a leader in the development of Latter Rain prophets, entitled a chapter in his book “The Eternal Church”: “The Charismatic Movement–An Expansion of the Latter Rain Movement”.8

The mainstream apostolic/prophetic movement has a militant agenda, assimilated into it’s doctrinal beliefs, and ideological world view, that aggressively resists and defies opposition to it’s core purposes of world domination, believing such to be a divine mandate, as ‘manifested sons of God.’ This ideological, deeply ingrained, doctrinal conviction, compels them to militancy, by the very nature of it’s demonic source. Therefore violent action is quite likely forthcoming, as time passes.

The ‘manifest sons of God’ heresy, bathed in the ‘Latter Rain’ outpouring belief, infiltrating practically every segment of ‘christian’ society, supposed revival, ‘move of God,’ etc., occult in nature, heretical and aberrant in practice, compatible with current new age practice and philosophy, along with humanistic psychology, sustained and propagated by keen, spurious, spiritually authoritative, apostolic and prophetic false/demonic anointing, given over to strong delusion by the Lord, will form a major part of the apostate, persecuting, one world church!

Numerous other ‘spiritual endeavours’ (ministries, missions, movements, etc.) have and will develope various, different symbiotoic, and syncrestic relationships, many on a invisible, spiritual level only, all connected spiritually, to the ‘apostate church.’

This why the ‘mainstream apostolic/prophetic/charismatic movement,’ is perhaps nearly irredeemable, spiritually given over to strong delusion, yielded,to the working of Satan, in every power, and in signs, and in wonders of falsehood, and in every deception of wickedness unto those perishing, in return for which they did not receive the love of the truth in order for them to be saved. And because of this, God will send to them a working of delusion, for them to believe what is false, in order that all those not having believed the truth but having delighted in unrighteousness should be judged.” 2 Thessalonians 2:9-13

Then the Lord said unto me, The prophets prophecy lies in my name; I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart. Therefore thus saith the Lord concerning the prophets that prophesy in my name, and I sent them not, yet they say, Sword and famine shall not be in this land; By sword and famine shall those prophets be consumed. And the people to whom they prophesy shall be cast out in the streets of Jerusalem because of the famine and the sword; and they shall have none to bury them, them, their wives, nor their sons, nor their daughters; for I will pour their wickedness upon them. Jeremiah 14:14-16

“I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination

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