‘Angel’ Orbs And Blue Lights


Patricia King talks a lot about Angel Orbs, let’s examine this teaching, acording to the Book on Hermetics, [1] “The third and last Book of Magick, or Occult Philosophy; written by Henry Cornelius Agrippa.”

“therefore they invented so many Intelligences or Angels; they placed also in the Starry heaven, Angels, who might rule the signs, triplicities, decans, quinaries, degrees and Stars; for although the school of the Peripateticks assigne one onely intelligence to each of the Orbs of the Stars: yet seeing every Star and small part of the heaven hath its proper and different power and influence, it is necessary that it also have his ruling intelligence”

Patricia King: makes the same claim.

Hermetics – Occultic, Alchemic and New Age practices in Christianity. |  Anointingpower

Stated, [2] “Two members of our team and I had just finished a prayer session to prepare for our evening meeting at Tim and Cindy McGill’s Four Square Church. As we were praising the Father for the downloads we had received, we heard that there was still more for us. That’s when we noticed the presence of angelic orbs over our heads. How glorious! God is so good!”

We began to praise and worship Him for this Heavenly Presence. All of a sudden, one of our team (Shirley Ross), heard from the Lord that we were to clap our hands together over our heads where the orbs were. When we did, it was as if the orbs burst open and showered us in Heavenly Glory!Different colored orbs appeared and filled the room over our heads. We clapped and clapped and clapped. Some of the orbs rained down a thick, sweet oil. Others left us feeling tingly and effervescent. The Joy of the Lord was everywhere as we were refreshed, renewed and empowered. These “exploding” orbs covered us in an anointing of His Presence and also helped to deeply seat the inspiration and revelation we had received from Him throughout that day. Thank you Father!

Nowhere do you find this in the Bible, however you do find this stuff in occult books such as Hermetical writings by various authors. There is a demonic power behind these manifestations and there is a danger in this. Other hermetical writers give their descriptions.

Hermetical writings on Angel Orbs, Cosmic Orbs and Heavenly Orbs

Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote about his experiences of these Orbs in his book “The Coming Race,” (a novel that some theosophists accepted as truth) [3]

He states “I Admired the ingenuity and disregard of expense with which my host and his fellow-citixens had contrived to illumine the regions unpenetrated by the rays of the sin, yet I could not conceive how any who had once beheld the orbs of heaven could compare to their lustre the artificial lights invented by the necessities of man.”

“La Clef des Grands Mystères” (The Key to the Great Mysteries) written by Eliphas Levi, interesting that Aleister Crowley took a intrest in Eliphas Levi claiming to be the reincarnation of Eliphas Lévi and offered as evidence the statement that Crowley was born shortly after Lévi died. Lévi states [La Clef des Grands Mystères (The Key to the Great Mysteries), P98],

And while all this tumult was going on at the bottom of the church, the singing of the litanies continued in the choir, {170} as the harmony of the orbs of heaven goes on for ever, careless in our revolations and of our anguish.

Helena Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society. in September 1875, Madame Blavatsky wrote that all religions were both true in their inner teachings and problematic or imperfect in their external conventional manifestations. Her writings connecting esoteric spiritual knowledge with new science may be considered to be the first instance of what is now called New Age thinking. In fact, many researchers feel that much of New Age thought started with Blavatsky.

Author of “ISIS UNVEILED.”

[[Vol. 1, Page 114]] THE SECRET DOCTRINE. For the circle is Sar, and Saros, or cycle, and was the Babylonian god whose circular horizon was the visible symbol of the invisible, while the sun was the ONE Circle from which proceeded the Cosmic orbs, and of which he was considered the leader.

[[Page 673]] In the primitive philosophy of the Hierophants these invisible circles were the prototypic causes and builders of all the heavenly orbs, which were their visible bodies or coverings, and of which they were the souls. It was certainly a universal teaching in antiquity.

[[Page 696]] In order to avoid creating new misconceptions, let it be stated that among the three secret orbs (or star-angels) neither Uranus nor Neptune entered; not only because they were unknown under these names to the ancient Sages, but because they, as all other planets, however many there may be, are the gods and guardians of other septenary chains of globes within our systems.



The cauldron, as the fifth elemental spirit, symbolizes inspiration, rebirth, illumination and rejuvenation. Use a Fire cauldron with salt-peter to cast a Circle. Use the mists of an air cauldron for an initiation. Burn away hate, prejudice and negative self-images, with a Water cauldron. The Earth cauldron is ideal for indoor Beltane rites.

Worldwide witches and wizards use cauldron to cook their potions. In Africa, they call them “Pots”. However, they are used to practice their witchcraft black arts. I am citing this because you can see certain color flames are created for specific magical results. Notice that “a blue flame burns . . . during the autumn festival.

Using a cauldron, symbol of inspiration and rebirth, has brought new dimensions to both group and solitary work. A cauldron decorates the center of the Circle during Lesser Sabbats. An air cauldron at a spring rite creates a misty, magical quality for the ceremony. In summer, the cauldron will flash and spark. A blue flame burns mysteriously within the Water cauldron during the autumn festival. Throughout Yule, the Earth cauldron burns steadfast and constant. During moon rites, when magick is done, we write the purpose of our working on flash papers and toss them into the burning cauldron while chanting.

A working cauldron should be of cast iron, with a tight-fitting lid, three sturdy legs, and a strong handle. Season your cauldron before using it for the first time. Pour in generous helping of salt and lighter fluid, slosh it up to the rim and wipe dry. For indoor use it MUST have a fireproof base or your workings will summon up yellow-coated salamander spirits from the fire department.

So, here’s the question? Does Patricia King just like blue flames burning in a magical lamp as her business logo or does it signify something more? Does it bring magical powers to her business like most witches believe by burning different colored candles?
Prophet Bob Jones, mentor to Todd Bentley, says he received his spiritual healing gifts via a lightning strike and a blue flame. Since then his hands change color and go ‘all funny’ while they tune in to detect various diseases. Any Christian should automatically realize this is not God or godly but new age mumbo jumbo at best – or blatant lies – or both. “Ex” witch Patricia King of Extreme Prophetic, who ordained Todd Bentley ten years ago, also mentions the blue flame a lot.

Quote from Patricia King:

‘The blue flame is the hottest and most intense part of a fire, and the color blue is often a prophetic symbol of divine revelation, God’s love, and an open Heaven.’
‘Recently while teaching at Glory School in Dudley, England, with Trevor and Sharon Baker, I had a spiritual encounter regarding the Blue Flame of the Lord. In this encounter, I could feel myself soaring like an eagle, looking upward into the sun while in flight. My eyes were fixed on the sun. Eagles (often a Biblical symbol of the prophetic) in the natural have an extra membrane over their eyes that other birds do not have. This allows them to look directly into the sun without damage to their vision.

As I gazed into the sun, I could feel myself being drawn towards its center, and that is when I saw it–the Blue Flame. It was so beautiful. I could feel its strength that is to be feared and respected, and also I felt its passion. The Lord gave me three points of understanding and application that I would like to share with you.’

The sun and not the Lord? Are you a sun worshipper? Is this your God, Patricia? Gnostic and shamanistic rubbish. The blue flame is all over new age and occult and witchcraft thought. Do a google search if you do not believe me – the blue flame of witchcraft may only have been part of the wider association of the blue flame with the devil and the underworld. I did and found out the following in only a short time –

Blue flame is a ’spirit flame’ and ancient witchcraft and Wicca representing the soul of the Old religion. ‘Italian Witchcraft: The Old Religion of Southern Europe’ says the appearance of a blue flame represents the presence of divinity within the ritual setting. The use of fire as well is also another clue to the witchcraft origins.

  • IN HEREDITARY WITCHCRAFT: Secrets of the Old Religion there is a ritual described of conjuring the elementals (earth, air, fire and water) mentally using spirit blades (swords) and spirit flames and blue flames.
  • In Spirit of the Witch: Religion & Spirituality in Contemporary Witchcraft: a beautiful blue flame represents the presence of divinity (but not God, but divinity within).
  • Numerous folk legends tell of witches identified by bursting into blue flame.
  • A High Priest or priestess who describes herself as a witch, druid and mystic muse visualizes a blue flame of protection around her.
  • Elements of Witchcraft: Natural Magick for Teens’ describes casting a circle to the elements by imagining a bright blue flame running along the ground.
  • A person writing on Navajo witchcraft (from Arizona where King lives) writes that warning signs for the presence of a witch at work would include a blue flame

From an article on Celtic shamanism –
The 9th century Celtic Christian theologian John Scotus Eriugena coined the term theophany to describe God made manifest. Theophanies include all spiritual as well as physical beings, the natural world and ourselves. In Celtic tradition, God isn’t separate from Creation or from us, though She/he/ It is also transcendent and unlimited by the physical.

The burning hand symbol used throughout this site represents the co-creative process by which God pours the universe forth and participates in it through all of us. The black of the hand symbolizes the generative, feminine Source of creation. The blue flame is the masculine, vivifying Force of creation. Blue is physically the hottest color, like the base of a flame, or the fire of the youngest, hottest stars, making it the color of manifestation

We all have the ability to become consciously aware of our union with God, and act cocreatively with Him as His hands on Earth as the symbol indicates. When our will becomes one with God’s, (which is really also the will of our own highest self) all things become possible for us. With this understanding it’s easy to see why the Irish Celtic tradition traced many advanced shamanic practices to the Tuatha Dé by virtue of their co-creative power. The Dagda, Father God of the Tuatha Dé, is the patron Deity of Druídecht, the Druidic arts.

The Book of Shadows rituals have it, and if King’s followers did a spiritual warfare thing with their blue flame they would do exactly as the witches do here:
You feel your own power and energy building, growing…
A pale blue light surrounds you…
It expands out and away from you, forming into blue flame…
Growing, growing, reaching ever outwards…
Boston blue flame…energy grid…moving outward…

In folklore, Will-o’-the wisps and other spirits of the dead are said to appear as a blue flame.
From theosophical thought – they meditate on this god within stuff –
I Am Presence – send me the Blue Flame.
(The Blue Flame is for mental balance.)
I Am the Blue Flame.

There is a weird cult who thinks that ‘The Keepers of the Blue Flame’ from space will be Made
Fully Manifest in Hu-form (sounds like latter rain nonsense to me)


ASTREA aka The Starry Mother, the Legions of the Fourth Ray of Divine Purity, and the Legions of the Circle and Sword of the Blue Flame. PURITY AND ASTREA are the Elohim of the fourth ray (the white ray) of purity, perfection, hope, and wholeness. It is the flame of the Mother and the flame of the ascension–the desire to know and be God through purity of body, mind, and soul through the consciousness of the Divine Mother which embraces the natural laws governing all manifestation in the earth plane. Purity holds the divine pattern of the perfection of the Christ for all that is in manifest form, focusing the white fire that is in the heart of every sun and atom–the pure white light out of which emanates the seven ‘rays’, or aspects, of the Christ consciousness. Blue is considered the feminine aspect of white because the white fire of Purity coalesces as blue in the Matter plane. Thus Astrea, the feminine complement of Purity, works twenty-four hours a day wielding the cosmic circle and sword of blue flame to free the children of the Mother from all that opposes the fulfillment of the divine plan held in the heart of Purity. Astrea personifies the Hindu concept of Kali, “the demon-slayer.”x

Will the Church respond to the supernatural move of Satan? Will we continue to ignore the plot and plans of the Devil to steal our children by keeping our faith locked inside the church walls? Can we teach our people to motivate by the Great Commission to carry the gospel to our cities and take territory for Jesus Christ? Jesus said, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be dammed. And these signs shall follow them that believe . . . A (Mk. 16:15-17). Just imagine what would happen if every church became evangelistic in our nation? We could recapture our country for Christ! There is a great darkness covering the world, including our nation. What are you doing? What is your church doing?

Patricia King – The Blue Flame Of The Lord

E-mail sent to Pat Holiday-12 February, 2008 — Deborah
“If you follow this woman and her teachings I only have 1 thing to say to you; repent and turn away from this evil deception. Below is an article written by Patricia King on how to disguise ANOTHER JESUS under the banner of Christianity? Patricia King quotes scripture like a true biblical champion, yet not a single one of her scriptures have anything to do with the topic at hand. That indeed takes a special kind of skill! 10/10 for deceptive effort!”

Patricia King: October 17, 2006 “THE BLUE FLAME OF THE LORD–DIVINE REVELATION, PASSIONATE LOVE, AND THE ESSENCE OF HEAVEN” http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word_pf.html?ID=4601
The blue flame is the hottest and most intense part of a fire, and the color blue is often a prophetic symbol of divine revelation, God’s love, and an open Heaven.
Patricia King: Embrace the Blue Flame
May we gaze with a renewed focus into the intense fiery love of God? Let’s prepare ourselves to receive revelation into the deep mysteries of God and await authentic encounters with the very atmosphere of Heaven. Let’s embrace the Blue Flame and allow Him to burn strong in our hearts. May we truly be
known as those He makes to be His ministers–flames of fire
(Psalm 104:4)?

Floating Blue Light In My Room


Hello Jason.

Yes, it’s been 3 years since this odd and eye opening episode happened and here’s what I learned from it all. I hope it’ll bring you direction, relief and peace as well.

After I saw the blue floating light at the foot of my bed and then my wife saw the 7 foot tall hunchback demon the following night, I started praying and thinking what was going on and why that was happening.

While I was praying, the Holy Spirit showed me a vision of me sitting at a friend’s office and then everything made sense.

I had completely forgotten that 2 days prior to me seeing the blue light in my bedroom, I was visiting a colleague and a spiritual incident took place. It triggered these paranormal, demonic apparitions later.

Here’s what happened.

While at my co worker’s office, as we chatted, I noticed there was a modern Ouija Board whose pendulum moved by itself. The pendulum kept moving towards words/answers that were written on the Ouija Board. That creeped me out. My colleague told me to pay no mind to that as it was a gift from a witch (Wicca), friend of his.

My colleague then had to leave his office for a while and while I waited for him, I started to feel terrible demonic goosebumps. I then turned to that Ouija Board on my co worker’s desk and I rebuked it in the name of Jesus. It stopped moving immediately.

So then 2 days go by and there it was, a blue oval light floating in my bedroom. The next night, a giant hunchback demon whom my wife saw.

I did tons of researched and found out that when demons want to communicate and appear to you (in an “amicable way”) they start by appearing as blue orbs.
If they’re mad the color of the orb is red and so on. The color doesn’t matter because in the end these orbs are NOT from God. I repeat, they are demonic for as “good” and harmless as they may appear to be.

In short, the blue light I saw and the hunchback demon were (evil) spirits that the Wicca witch had put into that Ouija Board and when I casted them out they followed me home (to perturb me and my family).

I then prayed around my entire house, walking into every room casting out all demons in the name of Jesus. While I was casting them out, the spiritual oppression was so great at times my eyes were tearing and at other times I could barely breathe. No exaggeration. That’s not to mention the demonic goosebumps going through my body the whole time.

But after a while, as I casted out those evil spirits and called down God’s presence I finally felt a change take place. Since then, I’ve never again had any problems as I banned those spirits in the name of Jesus to never re enter my house again.

What I’d say to you is think about possible “points of entry.” What have you done, seen on TV or where have you been lately that could have triggered these demons to perturb you.

Some things that serve as a gateway to demons into your house and life are:

– Horror movies
– Psychic readings/tv shows
– Demonic lyrics/music (i.e. Marilyn Mason et. al.) Remember a song doesn’t have to be rock to be a gateway. It’s about how you feel and the message it brings.
– Ouija Board (the worst)
– Involvement in idol worshiping (includes Mary – Catholicism), Buddhism, any form of witchcraft, magic, astral projection meditation etc…
– Constant cursing, fights (verbal and physical)
– Family members involved with demonic palm reading spiritual practices or religions mentioned above
– People casting (demonic) spells against you
– And sometimes demons simply force their way into your life as God permits them so you can see the level of real spiritual warfare that goes on. How much the devil hates us and conversely how much God loves us and that we should be drawing closer to Him.

Don’t be afraid but fight back and trust in God. Psalm 91.

Ask for help if you’d like, from your pastor or Holy Spirit filled friends.


*The Following Are New Age/Occult Web Sites -* Descriptions/Definitions/ Purposes Of Blue Lights *The information is new age/occult opinions, observation only!*

The Blue Light Cleansing Meditation


The blue light cleansing meditation generates internal heat that purifies and heals the body, mind and nervous system. Incorporating specific breath patterns and color visualization, this meditation also strengthens the immune system. Begin practicing for 5 minutes and build your way up to 15 minutes.

Seeing a Blue Light in Meditation



Every time I slip into a meditative state, there is this ball of blue light which appears over and over again throughout my meditation. It’s been only few months that I started chanting mantra and looking at the spiritual eye. While this has uplifted me and helped me be more calm, relaxed and more stable as a person, I am not able to understand what this blue light means. Does this tell anything about myself I do not know? Or Is it a way of communication between God and me? —Amrutha, India


Dear Amrutha,

Most likely, what you are seeing is a part of colors and shapes of the third or spiritual eye, which often appears to meditators, at the point between the eyebrows. It is a great blessing to have this happen!

When seen perfectly, the spiritual eye is a dark indigo (bluish-purple) circle or tunnel of light, surrounded by a golden halo of light. In the center is a tiny, silvery-white star of light. Eventually you will see it in this form.

You mention that seeing the blue ball of light makes you feel uplifted, calm, relaxed, and stable. I would suggest that you continue to meditate on it and enjoy these feelings.

Pray at the beginning of your meditation, that if there is any special or personal spiritual message for you from this light, it will be revealed to you at the close of your meditation. If you don’t feel or hear a specific answer at that time, keep asking through prayer when you meditate. The answer also might come later and at any time, not only when you are meditating.

What this tells you about yourself is that you are applying yourself to your meditation practices in a good way and in turn, God is blessing you with light. Be very grateful for what is happening for you! And yes, seeing light in any form it is a wonderful part of communion between you and God through meditation.


The Blue Pearl

“Death” is simply the name we give to the departure of the Blue Pearl from the body.Swami Muktananda

a.k.a. Blue Dot, Blue Sphere, Blue Disk, Blue Angel, Blue Flash, Blue Trails… the Blue Pearl [is] the subtlest covering of the individual soul….

When we see this tiny blue light in meditation,we should understand that we are seeing the form of the inner Self.To experience this is the goal of human life.

[The Blue Pearl] is tiny, but it contains all the different planes of existence.

– Swami Muktananda (1)

Several years ago in a cosmology class we were discussing the subject of lights in the head. Seeing light in the head is not new to meditators or people who are clairvoyant. People report seeing white lights and some report seeing blue lights. I’m in the group that sees the blue lights!

Once I could name the experience of seeing the blue light, I started to notice when it came. It would come of its own accord. One doesn’t invoke it. The blue sphere appears both in my head and with my eyes open. Sometimes it will come when I’m meditating or working in a group situation like a healing gathering. Other times it will flash in my consciousness or field of vision for no seemingly apparent reason. One never knows when the Blue Dot will come or whether it will appear to be inside or outside the head.

Now that I’ve been working with it for some cycles, I see the Blue Dot as an affirmation of a truth and that something spiritually significant has happened, or that I’m on target with my thinking.

A few times when the Blue Dot has come up in conversation, I’ve discovered that other people also see it. Once when I was meditating about a person’s new business enterprise, the Blue Dot flashed. I thought it was a wonderful sign that she was blessed in her venture. When I told her about my experience, I learned that she too sees the blue sphere and has come to call it the Blue Angel.

The first place I discovered any in-depth discussion of the Blue Pearl is in the Siddha Yoga literatureSwami Muktananda (1908–1982), the great Indian saint who introduced Siddha Yoga practices and meditation techniques to the United Sates, gives a detailed description of the significance and of his experiences of the Blue Pearl. At one point he described how it expanded in front of him, engulfed him and carried him to other worlds. He was very clear that it was a good thing and a sign of awakened Kundalini. Muktananda referred to the Blue Pearl as a physical manifestation of the soul. He said that seeing it in meditation is like seeing the soul.

The Tibetan master Djwhal Khul, speaking through Alice A. Bailey’s volumes on the ageless wisdom teachings, also makes reference to the “Blue Disk” in four specific places ~ each time in the context of a meditation visualization exercise.

Within the darkness of the soul, prisoned within the form, a point of light is seen. Then there arises, all around that point, a field of deepest blue and this becomes irradiated by the soul, the inner sun, shining within a brilliant field of blue. The points of light become the many lines or rays of light; these lines then merge and blend until the lighted Way appears. One is the light, the light upon the Way. One is the Way and always walks thereon. (3)         

D.K. tells us about the point of dark blue, or a small indigo disk, which appears: “This is, in reality, the exit in the head through which the soul passes out of the world of phenomenal existence, and it is the symbol of the path or the door into the kingdom of God.“ (4)

Celebrated thirteenth century Indian Mystic-Poet-Yogi Jnaneshwar Maharaj (1271–1293) says the Blue Color is a great and holy pilgrimage center. “This radiant and scintillating and sublime Blue Color can be seen directly in meditation. If we want to see such a great and wonderful thing, our way of life and our habits must be the purest and the most holy. Then only we become worthy of it. Our association, our words, and our thoughts should be full of God. He who has seen the Blue Color is the most blessed of all human beings.”

Meaning of Blue Orbs


The appearance of a blue orb can have different meanings to individuals. Some people believe it is a spiritual message while others believe it is related to their fifth chakra or that it is a ghost.

Visitation of Angel or Spirit Guide 

Orbs can range in size from small to large. Many people believe that a blue orb is an angel or spirit guide. The orb is considered a spiritual omen or form of communication. This blue orb theory embraces the messaging as one of spiritual guidance. Some people believe that spirit guides take on an orb form since it requires less energy output than a full-bodied apparition. Others are left wondering what a blue orb is.

Seeing Flashes Of Light – Spiritual


Angels are always ready to guide and assist us through the hardships of life. They are always looking upon us from above and waiting to get a signal from any individual down on Earth so that they can get into action and perform their duties to please God. Like we see humans, we can also see Angels but of course, that requires a little bit of focus and concentration. Find out more about the meaning of seeing flashes of light spiritual.

What does seeing an angel mean?

Can you see angels? The first thing that we all are aware of is the fact that angels are spiritual beings. The techniques to start seeing angels will be discussed shortly. However, as a starter, you must know that seeing flashes of light spiritual is a sign that you have seen an angel. Although they can take physical form and guide it, it does not happen too often. In fact, in most cases, the presence of an angel is only felt by the energy that our body feels.

Your angels can appear to you in many ways, but their presence is never an accident. A flash of spiritual light might carry more meaning than you realize, so it’s important for you to consider what it represents.

Your Guardian Angel can help you learn what these angel signs mean so you can continue to grow spiritually.


Of course, if depictions of Archangel Michael often appear in your life or you keep seeing depictions of figures that are alike archangel Michael, it is also a sign of the angel’s presence, guidance and protection. In metaphysical system of angelic colors, Archangel Michael is associated with the blue light angel ray.

Archangel Michael’s presence

Archangel Michael ‘operates’ in a blue light angel ray, to say so.

He is the leader of angels, known for the strength, bravery and his never-ending fight against evil. He would enlighten you and help you go through the most difficult phases in your life.

People often pray to Archangel Michael to give them strength not only to overcome actual problems, but also their deepest and the most devouring fears.

Archangel Michael would always stand for those who seek help to resist temptations, who love and praise god’s word and mission. Several crystals are associated with blue light angel ray, so they could also be associated with Archangel Michael and his divine powers.

Those are blue stones, such as sapphire, aquamarine, turquoise and blue topaz.

Blue light angel ray is in close association with throat chakra. This chakra is located on the neck.

Spiritual people believe it could channel blue light angel ray, which may be very helpful in certain situations and, of course, for overall well-being.

This channel and the angel light helps healing problems associated with teeth, thyroid gland and larynx problems. Mentally, blue chakra helps people be wise and improves creative thinking.

On a spiritual level, this chakra channels faith, invokes truth and help people realize all the majesty of the divine power.

Blue light angel ray, the ray associated with Archangel Michael is the most radiant on Sundays, so it could be a good day to pray to this powerful divine guide and protector of the faithful.

Meditations On Inner Lights

The Blue Light Can Be An Invitation To Do Spiritual Travel

Contemplating inner lights can be a method of leaving the body.Those who are familiar with meditation on the energy center usually known as the spiritual eye located between the eyebrows may be familiar with the cobalt blue light that sometimes appears in the inner field of vision. It usually appears as a amorphous blob of light slowly changing shape with blue concentric circles emanating from it slowly. The circles expand hypnotically resembling something akin to broad smoke rings expanding from a central source.

This kind of light (whether blue or another color) can serve as a focus of meditation either while sitting in disciplined meditation or while dosing off to sleep.

On occasion, the light can draw the traveler out of the body and he or she will be instantaneously flying at a fantastic rate of speed through a powerful force field following the light. It seems that the light recedes as the traveler moves towards it with its center still radiating the rings. Such experience demands a tenacity to hold on to the center of concentration since the powerful forces can be distracting. If the traveler is able to maintain concentration, the scene will tend to shift to a stable environment like a dream environment. However, unlike a dream, the traveler will be fully conscious and able to direct the experience from that point.

The point here is to illustrate the importance of meditation on these inner lights and to know that the appearance of imagery of this sort can be a form of “inner invitation” to do spiritual travel.


Seeing Flashes Of Light Spiritual – What Are They?

Have you seen flashes of light regularly? Perhaps they appear in the corner of your eye, or even right in front of you!

It is a growing phenomenon among the spiritual community, and there are a couple of different explanation

They all seem to have something to do with spiritual upheaval, rising vibrations and the spirit world.

*THESES LATTER HALF WEB SITES AND INFORMATION, REMEMBER ARE NEW AGE/OCCULT OPINIONS ONLY! They clearly reveal the occult source of angel orbs and blue lights!*

Flashes Of Spirits

What is not under dispute is what the flashes of light are.

Almost everybody accepts that, just like the spirit orbs that often appear in nature and places of intense energy, these flashes of light represent spirits briefly appearing in our world.

It is supposed that seeing flashes of light must mean that a spirit is trying to contact you.

It seems more likely if you experience the flashes wherever you go. If the spirit is following you around, then it is likely they are after rather than just anybody.                                                                     

You might want to try to contact the spirit. It is best to go to a medium for this if you are not well versed, but you can do it yourself if you are confident.

In most cases, when a spirit is trying to contact you personally, it is probably going to be someone you know – perhaps a lost loved one or even a beloved pet. But sometimes you might be asked for help to cleanse the area so that they can move on. Doing so would be excellent karma and great for your aura.

Star Seed Orbs


Theses latter half web sites and information, remember are new age/occuLT opinions only! They clearly reveal the occult source of angel orbs and blue lights!

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“Death” is simply the name we give to the departure of the Blue Pearl from the body.Swami Muktananda 

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