Ian Clayton’s Story

“The magi were some of the sons of the first creation.”

Here is a quote from Ian Clayton.

“The magi were some of the sons of the first creation.”
We have had three kings that have come out of the east gate that have been walking around the earth, weighing the hearts of the sons of men to see whether there is enough on the earth for the Father to bring a release on the earth of what His desire has been from the beginning.  They came out of the east gate beyond the land of Shur.  The east gate is a trans-dimensional gate to a different realm where magi came from.  The magi didn’t come from the earth and there weren’t three of them.  There were more than three.  The church has framed it as three so you’d believe the lie, and they called them wise men so you don’t understand they were actually magi.  Magi means one who is really freaky who does magic things that the natural world doesn’t understand.  Like moving on animals and things and creatures and air, but not on camels.  Following a star that came out of creation moving into this dimension, they followed it out.  The magi were some of the sons of the first creation.

Comments, observation made regarding Ian Clayton, on a thread chat line

Ian Clayton’s Pastor, Mike Connell, From BayCity Outreach Centre, Hastings, New Zealand 
Gives testimony of Ian Clayton’s life

17 June 2014 at 16:15

“Jeremy: I’ve been hosting 22 sermons of Ian Clayton on my website (Mike Connell Ministries), which are a matter of historical record, as he is a former member of our congregation, Baycity Outreach Center (in Hastings, New Zealand). He left the church about a year or so ago, along with a fairly substantial following. Noting the level of controversy here (which we’re all well aware of), I’ve decided to unpublish all his sermons (including 4 videos on youtube/vimeo), but these can still be made freely available to anyone on request, for whatever purpose.

Ian was originally saved out of a very strong occult background, so his walk has always been characterised by having one foot in the supernatural, so to speak, but since he has not been under Mike’s ‘covering’ for some time, it’s probably more appropriate to eventually transfer this content to his Son of Thunder website. 

I remember a few years back, he was having encounters in church where physical ‘diamonds’ (gems of the extra-mystic variety) were appearing in his hands as he worshiped – which is the kind of extraordinary sign/wonder that leaves others like myself thinking: hey, where’s mine? Guess I need to ‘push into God’ a little harder? So for me personally, the fruit of all that has primarily been feelings of inferiority (easily shaken off), but there’s no denying that he has a strong online following, who are very hungry for those kinds of stories. In fact his content has been consistently popular according to google analytics, and I will miss the steady traffic.”Jeremy Connell
Mike Connell Ministries

Anonymous16 June 2014 at 09:51

I am amazed by how little discerning comments there are about Ian Clayton – the guy Justin Abraham of COBH often refers. I have no personal knowledge of Justin Abraham but have sat through a full Ian Clayton conference in South Africa. What I can say is that there are many strange views espoused by this man. I will provide a few examples:

Trading: At Ian’s conferences when Ian says something that resonates with you instead of saying “amen” you scurry up to the front and drop money into a box (which presumably goes into Ian’s pockets). In my spiritual discernment I find this weird. Wasn’t the selling of blessings the very thing that Luther fought for in the reformation?

Obsession with DNA and Genetics – A lot of his teaching is on Genesis and the first part of Genesis. He makes statements about how God wants us genetically pure. The Nephilim feature a lot all of which sets the foundation for some his weirder pronouncements.

Mobile Telephone masts – They are part of an agenda to modify your DNA. 

Atlantis – It really exists under the ocean and the world’s leaders go there for two weeks to be indoctrinated.

The space program – exists to trade gold with Extra-terrestrial beings.

Hypnotic compliance – Ian manages to get the entire room chanting what he says are Hebrew praises to God as per what he says is authentic Jewish worship. It feels very strange and in my view is no different to stage hypnotism.

My prayer is that the truth will expose him and that the gospel that is so simple beautiful and profound will not become lost in this gnostic heresy.

Anonymous18 February 2016 at 06:02

Hello Rob,

Here is my take on this Ian Clayton business. First of all, when I first discovered Ian Clayton online, I believed him. Which surprised me, because when you think about it, his claims sound ridiculous. But, I watched a few of his videos with an open mind, especially when he pointed out times in the Bible when people were transported miraculously, even Jesus did it. And Jesus did tell us in His Word that we would do greater things than He did while He was here on earth. 

Anyway, after watching several of Ian Clayton’s videos, I began to notice that he rarely quotes from the scriptures or gives references as to where in the Bible he gets his ideas. AND many times when he does tell a Bible story or what book in the Bible the story may be, he gives the wrong book or takes things out of context or even changes the story to fit what he is talking about. 

Also, notice how, every once in a while, he will make sounds. These sounds are just “out of the blue”. In one of his videos he commented on the sound he had just made, claiming that he is a man and has to make sounds sometimes because he gets tired of speaking English all the time. What?! My guess, especially after reading that he was once deeply involved in the occult, is that he has a demon or two that need to be removed. He may be under demon influence. 

Anonymous28 September 2017 at 11:50

Hi Rob,

I only stumbled across this blog spot tonight while searching “false teachers”. You are 100% correct in everything you have written. I attended Bay City Outreach in NZ when Ian was there. The first time I heard him teach (for want of a better word) my spirit cringed. I discerned immediately that he was a false teacher. I told a friend the same day what I had discerned and she agreed that Ian was “bad news”. When he gave sermons he would sound angry and frequently request validation from the congregation about what he was saying. Furthermore, he had an awful sarcastic tone that grew more intense when he thought people weren’t coming into agreement with him. He often twisted scripture to suit his agenda — usually out of context, and his old ties to the occult were obvious. When he was made redundant from Bay City Outreach along with a few other pastors — it was a huge relief for me and several others. Good riddance to a false teacher and all his deceived followers. You are NOT MISSED! Rob, may you be richly blessed for having the courage to write TRUTH 🙂
Clayton, Ian.

Danger Rating

 Ian Clayton is a New Age mystic who practices some very occult activities, and uses the ministry name Son of Thunder. He gets a Danger rating for the risk his teachings pose to undiscerning Christians. Associated with and tours with other mystics, including Patricia KingJason Westerfield and Justin Abraham, who are also heavily into the occult.

Ian Clayton – How To Build A Galaxy

Ian Clayton – Kingdom Travel

Mike Parsons with Jeremy Westcott  https://freedomarc.blog/tag/ian-clayton/

Ian Clayton has met someone who is over 300 years old, still alive

“There is a difference between eternal life and living for ever. The only reason I would die is if there is a record of sin within my DNA. I do not need to die, and neither do you. But we do need to undergo transformation by applying the body and blood of Jesus. Ian Clayton has met someone who is over 300 years old, still alive, but transformed and transfigured; translucent and shining. There are others too, and they do not look like you and me.” 

On September 7, 2013, COBH (Company Of Burning Hearts – Cardiff-based-Wales) held their local monthly ‘Engaging Heaven’ meeting. What follows is Bro. Steve’s very revealing first-hand report of his experience of this meeting:

At this time he (Justin Abraham) mentioned a friend of his called Ian Clayton who is another Mystic…you can find him on their blog and on Youtube. Apparently...according to JA, Ian Clayton can “travel through time” and regularly does so “to the USA where he spends time with a 250 yr old man”. He has also “been hurt while time travelling to Iraq and helping a family over a wall escaping from a bomb”…and even more worryingly…”is able to change his shape (this is called shape-shifting) and recently time travelled to China where people didn’t know he was British (as he had changed to a Chinese person)...

Pre-existence, Pre-Mortal Exp. Immortality

Ian Clayton-Who are You video-Pre-existence-beginning of video to 44 sec. ‘When we are released out of heaven as a spirit being, to come into the earth, to bear witness on the earth of heaven, we get amnesia about what we were really like and what the knowledge we had was in heaven, but gradually as the Lord begins to unlock us or even people who don’t, we all have this intrinsic thing in us that there is some form of truth that we need to get involved with.
Pre-Mortal Experience.Clayton believes the third “light” portion of our DNA contains is our heavenly record or scroll, tied to our spirit, character, and soul. We developed many qualities in the pre-mortal experience. God knew us well there, before we came here. He said to Jeremiah, “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations” (Jer. 1:4-5). top p.10 end notes

Immortality Changing our DNA Consuming the Sacrament More Frequently Ian Clayton believes that we can return to God’s more light-filled DNA via intention – via more frequently consuming the symbols of our Lord’s flesh and blood in the Sacrament. He believes it is a useful aid to living forever (the ultimate healing) as promised by our Lord in scripture. p.9 end notes
Clayton contends that consuming the emblems of our Master’s sacrifice more often, with proper intent, righteous living and repentance, may speed the process of our DNA returning to God’s divine, three-strand DNA. Note John 6:51, which states, “I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.” These verses are not just about living again after we are resurrected, but living forever now in mortality via translation.top p11 end notes

Ian Clayton & Enoch

(On one of Ian’s visits to heaven he meets with Enoch on the side of a river in heaven): Enoch looked at me and he said, “Now you can relate and identify with the Father because you have been in His nature and His character, because His nature and His character are in the River.” I did not know what else to do, I just shouted, “Yahoo – Hallelujah! This feels so good – in fact I do not want to go home!” (But I have a job to do, so I had to come home).

Click to access Justin_Paul_Abraham_Beyond_HumanGospelHeralds.com_.pdf

Ways To Activate Stepping Through The Veil

Justin Abraham –My friend Ian Clayton teaches a very simple way to activate stepping through the veil. Ian says, take a physical step forward into the realm of Heaven 7 , move your body and believe you are actually stepping in and back out of Zion. Imagine each time you do this you are crossing dimensions. Engage with Heaven by faith. Through practise your spiritual senses will be activated. You will begin to have new experiences. This is the law of honour and focus. It is how Enoch started his journey into Heaven, through simple child-like faith. Eventually God took Enoch there permanently. Enoch is now ever-living in an expanded glorious state. Don’t you want that?! Have a go today. Just take that small step. You belong in Zion!”  

Adam Made Of Gold Dust

Biblical Truth for Apostate Days July 3, 2011 · 


Ian Clayton takes this monatomic gold which is nothing less than sorcery. Brandon Barthrop sells it here on his website. Ian also teaches Adam was made of gold dust and that believers should seek bi-location out of body astral projection experiences.

Concerns About the Bride Ministry DID Support Group 


While going through the classes, Daniel started a support group for the SRA survivors he and his group were counseling, and asked if I would be one of the admins to help encourage others, pray for them, and to help keep a peaceful and safe environment. I agreed, and quickly began to love those in the small group. I was totally unequipped to counsel, but I knew the one thing I could do was to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. I felt very blessed to be part of this group and took praying for those in the group very seriously.

Unfortunately, however, throughout my time in the “SRA support group,” I witnessed first-hand some of the manipulation, backbiting, and lying that brought heartache to some of the survivors in that group. My spirit was grieved, and I began to seriously question what I saw happening. I blamed “the enemy” for sowing discord in our group, but little did I know at that time, was how deeply this enemy had infiltrated the camp directly through the leader, Daniel Duval.

Falling for Deception

I became friends with one of the other admins in the DID support group, and we would share video teachings to encourage each other. One video she shared with me was by Graham Cooke, and from there, I stumbled upon a video by Ian Clayton on healing. In my naivety, it seemed so appropriate to pray for healing in the way Clayton said, through going into the “courts of heaven,” especially since he quoted a lot of Scripture. So I shared it with her. I also shared a similar video with one of the SRA survivors who was in the group.

 I want to stop right here to repent and apologize for sharing these videos. I ask forgiveness to all I have hurt by sharing these videos, and by opening a door that should have been left closed. Please forgive me.

Ian’s Courts Of Heaven-Past ‘Saints’ Show Up

Most of what Ian Clayton said made perfect sense to me in the beginning. I thought that he was so much more spiritual than I (having greater spiritual authority), and I fell into the trap. One thing that drew me into his trap, was that he professed an intense love for Jesus. But little did I know that he had a different spirit, he served a different “Jesus,” and the Scriptures he used to back up his teachings were Scriptures that were being twisted and used incorrectly. It was revealed much later that when going through these so-called courts, past “saints” would show up (Abraham, Noah and so on) in these “heavenly courtrooms.”

It’s so easy to hide a lie among layers and layers of truth. His Word teaches us it is an abomination to seek dead spirits, and the Bible makes no exceptions!


Apparitions of the dead – ‘new age quantum spirituality’ – (genetics-spiritual & physical DNA alterations)- time travel- trans-location – multi-dimentional realm exploration – ‘spirit man-order of Melchizedek’ ascension development – pre-existence – pre-mortal – immortal – divine capacity to create galaxies – shape-shifting – “The east gate is a trans-dimensional gate to a different realm where magi came from.  The magi didn’t come from the earth! “-Ian Clayton

The false light needs to put stripped off, so that the darkness beneath is revealed!

2 thoughts on “Ian Clayton’s Story

  1. We also wrote about Clayton’s so-called “Gateways” in our book: https://carolynandloren.com/resources-ecw/book/section-three-some-teachings-and-practices/iii-other-christian-occult-teachings/#gateways.

    I also wrote more generally about my experiences with those “gateways” here: https://carolynandloren.com/2018/03/19/qa-gateways/. There are some interesting comments in the comment section that are worth taking a look at, imo.

    At any rate… just a couple more links for you to look at, if you want. 🙂

    I appreciate you compiling these things and putting it all in one place as an easy reference for those who are trying to warn others against heretics and demonic doctrines.


    1. Thank-you Loren. I missed your comments here last night. I was thinking about your references here. I read about them earlier this year. I appreciate the help. What Ian is exp’ing is so clearly explained in your book. I like to find reasons and understanding as to the why’s and how’s of things that transpire. More pieces to the puzzle keep coming together. It’s not a pretty picture, but truth is not always glamorous, but so essential! Thanks again. God bless. Daryl

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