My Spiritual Detox Journey

I’m not a cessationist, anti-charismatic basher. I’m a supernatural loving, believer in the whole counsel of God, examining all things by Scripture, and holding fast to what is good.

Practicing a detox requires, not only eliminating the bad, by abstaining from what is unhealthy, but by ingesting what is good and healthy as well. The truth of Scripture is health to our entire being. It aides in the detox process, by assisting the elimination of the bad that has been consumed.

The Holy Spirit uses the Word of God He inspired, to work with us in our detox journey. Some of the seemingly ‘outlandish’ statements I may make are a part of my spiritual detox journey. ‘Out with the bad air, in with the good!’ I continue to re-iterate, that it is facts and evidence, I endeavour to present as I journey, facts and evidence confirmed, and established thro’ the truth of Scripture.

‘Seeds’ planted all along the path of the Church, will continue to produce and provide poisonous seductive ‘tares’ to the unsuspecting, undiscerning, Scripturally, careless, and illiterate.

Tares have infected many charismatics as well as many others, that have partaken of their ‘forbidden fruit,’ ignoring the admonitions of their Creator, to remain with the bounds of the spiritual life He imparted, instead listening to the ‘shining’ adversary, in his taunt, “Has God really said?”

The cry for ‘more Lord,’ from hearts unwilling to ‘examine all things’ by the truth of Scripture, how ever that is justified, by ignorance and willfully, has infected and poisoned the Body of Christ with deception and delusion! I have traced many seeds and tares of deception back to their sources. Research reveals clear evidence.

What ever ‘more’ God has for us must come thro’ the confines of Scripture, correctly applied, correctly read and understood, correctly in line with the full body of revealed truth, not isolated texts, with possible ‘hidden meaning.’

The ‘waters’ have been muddied, not only in charismatic pools, but in many streams. Unfortunately, many will continue drinking from polluted waters, and find themselves among the ‘unified brotherhood of humanity,’ believing ‘the lie.’ The Word of God will keep those who ‘love the truth.’ This is my detox journey!🤠♥️

Spiritual Detox Principles

Not every thing we eat will be our favourite foods. Some, just because their good for us. Some take longer to digest. Some affect our digestive systems differently. A side bowl of plain Greek yogurt with mixed fruit, occasionally, along with a beautiful multi-coloured salad, is nourishing wisdom for our our health. We cannot subsist on one food only, it will cause imbalance in our body. Early morning walks are not always exciting, esp. when up late, yet ‘godly discipline is profitable!’

The days upon us are demanding we pay attention to our diet, and our entire being, spirit, soul, and body. Remember, the detox analogy, is first and foremost directed to the spiritual life.

Ask your self, what am I eating? Examine your diet, your health. Ask the Lord if you need a ‘spiritual detox,’ maybe even a physical one! Even our environment can ‘pollute’ without intentional ingestion, esp. with current electronic information every where! Out with the bad, in with the good!

“Pay careful attention to yourselves… declaring the whole counsel of God.” Acts 20:27

“to make the word of God fully known…Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” Col.1:25,28

We are what we eat! Eat well my friends, not just gorging on favourite foods.
“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom,” Col.3:16

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