Facebook Rants – Spiritual Detox

De·tox – a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.

Why A Detox?

As exciting, encouraging and exhilarating that much of the current ‘prophetic talk’ is, when the encroaching, degrading spiritual environment, of questionable, controversial, extra-biblical, subjective exp.’s and doctrinal error are never addressed, I worry!

When I hear about the next ‘move of God,’ the coming ‘revival,’ the ‘end time harvest,’ but nothing from Scripture about ‘the last days,’ I question what is coming.

Breakthrough, acceleration, advancement, open doors, new anointings, spoken about from undiscerning sources, that live in a spiritually inebriated environment, apparently unaware of spiritual darkness close at hand, I’m left wondering how and when the ‘no remedy’ of 2 Chron. 36:15-16 will appear!

How long can heresy that distorts the gospel, removing repentance, that leads to salvation, continue, unchallenged. How long can subjective, unverifiable, extra-biblical, untested, unquestioned, ‘spiritual encounters’ continue, before Scripture is relevantly applied to them, being tested and discerned.

“Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you with speculation / intruding/ prying into what he thinks he has seen / investigating /going into minute detail. Such a man is puffed up without basis by his unspiritual mind, and he loses connection to the Head,” Col.2:18-19

Strong’s Greek #1687: speculate / intrude into 1) to set foot upon, enter, set foot on, intrude, pry into, to intrude on, intrude into, frequent, haunt, invade, make a hostile incursion into 2) a. to go into details in narrating: absolutely 
b. to investigate, search into, scrutinize minutely:

How long will bizarre ‘spiritual’ behaviour, be accepted, in the light of Scripture admonishing, sobriety, alertness, self control, good reputation without. In light of many urgent messages to discern, evaluate, judge, test, consider, how long before we hear, “Enough, there’s no remedy?”

The sound of unrestrained excess, in the camp, is louder and more pleasing, from those dancing around their ‘golden calves,’ than the sound of sound minds urging Biblical warnings, or perhaps they’re just not listening. Ex.32:18-19

“Where there is no prophetic vision / revelation / divine guidance, the people cast off restraint / run wild / order disappears, but blessed is he who keeps the law / listens to, follows, obeys, divine instruction.” Prov. 29:18

Will we be a Manasseh or a Josiah generation? Either way; “..understand this…in the last days…will come perilous times. scoffers..following..their desires, wandering off into myths.”

“For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.” Mat.24:24

There will be a Divine response, Scripture reveals it. Let us look to Scripture for truth, in these last days, and examine every thing, all utterances, all practices, all beliefs, all exp.’s, all teachings, all activities, our Christian world view, our eschatology, may everything, be tested, by the sure Word of God.

My Spiritual Detox Journey

The topic of spiritual detoxification, or cleansing has numerous sources and applications. I have never read any, nor do I have any in mind. What I am presently experiencing spiritually just reminds me of a physical detox.

I cannot say exactly how or when it began to unfold, other than the fact that I started to ask myself questions and research my spiritual views and exp.’s, particularly regarding charismatic and prophetic areas, along with doctrinal discrepancies that I observed in increasing measure in the life of the Church. Encroachment of universalism, (everyone has ‘christ’ living in them), other liberal theology, and new age influences were my original primary focus. 

The more research I did, the more questions I had, as I delved into the back ground history of people’s lives, ministries, and movements, as well as considering and evaluating other people’s observations and conclusions regarding specific issues, in the light of Scripture. 

As my friend Jackie acknowledge above, regarding the painful with drawl in a sugar detox, a spiritual detox can be very painful as well! Yes it’s painful to consider that one may be seriously wrong about some things once held dear, views, practices, beliefs, activities, even associations, friendships, ministries, (whether relationally, ideologically, or identificationally). It’s even more anguishing when one’s identity is wrapped up in something that is now being questioned, when one’s life is consumed with something that is now possibly error. 

Some people’s souls and flesh, will be so entangled in their erroneous views, exp.’s, activities, practices, ministry focus and associations, etc. that their denial will be their downfall. There are tremendous soul ties and fleshly and spiritual addictions holding people captive, disabling their will to consider their error, blinding them to the truth that God is extending grace to them to acknowledge. 

A few months ago a prominent Christian leader, acknowledged being in denial for a number of years, about the secret, immoral life of another prominent figure, that they felt they should have acknowledged and admitted years early. 

This reality is being repeated over and over again, in many ways, in leadership, corporately, and individually. Wrong identity in ministry focus, soul ties, the power of the flesh nature, demonic deceptions and seducing spirits, are holding people captive. I’ve had my share of anguish and pain in this, my detox journey, and only in the last little while felt ready to communicate observations, conclusions, and challenges. My prayer, desire and focus, in sharing my detox journey is that; 

“…God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth, and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will.” 
2 Tim.2:25 b -26 

I heard a missionary to Mexico, years ago say; “Ramifications are eternal.” (Wayne Myers) The decisions many make to willingly, albeit, painfully, reconsider if they’ve been believing, embracing, entertaining, promulgating, or promoting a lie, or denying, ignoring the truth, their decisions will have eternal ramification. 

This is why I persist, to presents facts and evidence, both Scripturally, and factually, that will give the Body of Christ the opportunity to observe, consider, and decide for themselves what is truth and what is error, “searching the Scriptures, to see if these things be so,” 
Diligent observation, by the grace of God, is helping me to see. 

This is my spiritual detox journey, will you join me?🤠

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